Should the fishing opener be held early this year?

The start of this year’s walleye season is scheduled for May 12, but some legislators hope to move it ahead by a week because of the early spring. Today’s Question: Should the fishing opener be held early this year?

  • Pat

    No. Let the DNR get the ramps and docks in place, and take time to train the summer workers so that our lakes are better protected from invasive species!

  • Moving MN Opener to the same weekend as WI Opener…not a good idea. Try moving Mother’s Day back a week…mine said it was ok.

  • Jim G

    Fishing is open. You can catch your crappie, sunfish, eelpout, and sheepshead. But the walleye opener is special, because this ritual is planned down to the last beer bottle. Reservations were made a year ago. Don’t spoil our fishing opener just because someone in St. Paul has spring fever. Next they’ll start talking about closing schools early so the kids can sell bait. Don’t upset the fish cart, we need cooler heads than legislators to make these important decisions.

  • Gary F

    I don’t fish on the opener, so I don’t really care.

    1. If the DNR says its OK and they are staffed up and ready to handle it, and it’s OK for the fish spawn, sure, why not.

    2. I also agree with Jim’s comment.

    3. But, I do know a bunch of moms out there that don’t like the idea of walleye fishing opener always falling on mother’s day weekend, but bite their lip and keep quiet about this conflict. You know, your mother carried you for nine months, wiped your face and butt about a million times, stayed up late waiting for you to come home, fixed a million meals, many of them you didn’t eat, and you slammed your bedroom door yelling and telling your mom you hated her. Go fishing early, and spend some time with your mother.

  • GregX

    Yes – I suggest 1887 -there were ample fish, clean water and almost no traffic. You might also want to try going back to the Silurian for some saltwarer fishing.

  • Steve the Cynic

    “Should”?? What do you mean, should? Why is everything a moral issue? These politicians keep trying to impose their morality on us, and I’m sick and tired of it. Abortion and contraception, gay marriage, gun control, mandated health care, ticket scalping, and now this! Where will it end?

    (Just kidding!)

  • kennedy

    If it were an especially cold year, would the legislature consider moving the opener one week later? I doubt it.

    I suggest our legislators spend their time on other issues. Or maybe, given that our state government was judged corrupt, they should do nothing.

  • tedd b

    YES, why not if the lakes are ready whats it going to hurt, nothing , so why not open it a week early and get summer going, by helping out the resorts, bait sh, and all the other busineseswill will profit from it, The MN DNR will still have more time than a normal year with ice out so early to get ready what needs to be don, and who cares if it does fsll on mothers day, a true fisherman doesnt let the tail wag the dog anyway, and who cares if you made plans a year ageo your reservations will still be set for that weekend, and if you dont like that change em. Anyway be safe have fun and good luck when ever you do hit the watet

  • Mary

    No. That will really screw up a lot of peoples plans. Most people who fish the opener plan it moths ahead of time if not a year a head of time. Also the resorts have already planned their staffing and getting ready for the opening. This isn’t a very well thought out idea.

  • john dell

    come on people have some fun let it happen and a few people can make some extra money in this bad economy if you do not want to go do not go. what can it hurt finally a good idea from the people we pay to run our great state

  • Nathan

    What would it hurt to open early. spawning has started early this year and the dnr has plenty of time to get the docks in. Most ramps are county or city owned anyway. If the resorts dont wanna open early dont, its your loss. To the people complaining about there reservations, there still there and u can still have your own opener. I dont go fishing on opener to drink beer I fish! so it would be nice to open a week early so i can do my hobby which dont involve lifting a can after every cast. A true fisherman would be excited about this opportunity, doesnt happen to often. And im sure mothers across the state would be very happy if there sons and daughters would spend time with them on their weekend.

  • David S

    Please don’t move the fishing opener!! It is a tradition much like the MN gun deer opener. Now, I suspect those who do not work would welcome the change, while those wo do work would object. They would object because most people who work have to schedule their vacation time with their employers months in advance. People ordinarily cannot change plans with such short notice. Moreover, people have contacted and reserved sites/rooms at various campgrounds, resorts, hotels, etc. What a hassle to attempt to change those plans now, and what an imposition on the campgrounds, resorts, hotels, etc. who would have to handle the changes.

    No, on this short notice, changing the fishing opener does not make sense. Going back to the MN gun deer opener, what would people say if, about a month before the gun deer season, there was a proposal to move the season up one week???

    Let us leave a good thing alone!!