Should Hmong veterans be granted the right to burial in American military cemeteries?

Hmong veterans of the Vietnam War are seeking the right to be buried in U.S. military cemeteries. The Hmong fighters served alongside American soldiers in the war, often helping retrieve U.S. airmen shot down over enemy territory. Today’s Question: Should Hmong veterans be granted the right to burial in American military cemeteries?

  • Eric

    Absolutely. After all, they were recruited by the CIA during the Vietnam war and fought Ho Chi Minh to a draw.

    I expect Iraqis and Afghanis to soon be included in this question of the day as well.

    Someday this war is gonna end…..

  • Philip


  • kou

    Absolutely, they fought for America and saved American lives. They need to be given the recognition that they have earned. Think about all of the Americans that were saved because of Hmong veterans. To not give them this honor would be a travesty.

  • Jim G

    Hmong soldiers were our allies in war. It seems only just they should be allowed a soldier’s burial in our military cemeteries. We have American soldiers buried in cemeteries overlooking World War II’s Normandy beaches. A lesson we could learn from the French, allow soldiers who have fought for your country the right to have a 6 x 3 plot of land for eternity.

  • Sara

    Why is this even a question? If they fought for the United States, if they were United States veterans, then they have every right to burial in American military cemeteries.

  • Alison


  • Laurie


  • kim

    Yes. This should be a no brainer.

  • jessi


  • Mark in Freeborn

    Of course they should. Am I missing something here?

  • Tou Ger Bennett Xiong

    I believe the premise of this question is rooted in the racist and discrimatory ideaology of the “separate but equal” doctrine–the idea that both Americans and Hmong soldiers equally fought and died for the same cause but somehow, should be buried separately based on their ethnicity. It also is a reminder that many still believe that one’s “Americanism” or patriotism is more base on where and how they were born and not how they died serving this country. To deny Hmong soldiers’ burial next to their American-born brothers is to screw these men over twice, once in life and again in death. Try selling this at your next military recruitment session.

  • Charlie Xiong

    Only in the US of A – is where we slave others for the benefit of the country.

    I call out to all intelligent US army, navy, marines that are not white Americans – you’re next – leave and find honor for yourself while you can..

    Don’t fight for a country that’s going to turn on you – once you stop beating…

    sad day to be a veteran hmong – — my hard work – pissed on….

    I’ve learned my lesson .. not again will me or my brothers, sons, daughter … will ever serve this country of FreeDom (even your life isn’t enough).


  • James F. Kondrick

    They served alongside us with honor. They should be buried along side us with honor.

  • YLee

    Defending freedom and democracy is what America is all about. If you ask every American whether they would go to war and die for their country for the sake of freedom, albeit you’ll hear a resounding “yes”. The same happens to the Hmong when the CIA came to Laos and said go and fight to defend your country. They all did and many many died. Is it worth the cause? Absolutely. It’s the right thing to do. Now should they be given the right to be buried at US military cemetery? Absolutely. If all of us knew the history of the Hmong people, this is should not even be a question.