Does Minnesota need a law discouraging state government shutdowns?

A bill in the Legislature is intended to discourage state government from shutting down as it did last summer. The bill would require mediation before a shutdown and stop legislators from being paid while the government is closed. Today’s Question: Does Minnesota need a law discouraging state government shutdowns?

  • JR

    The legislators and Governor need to finish their work on-time and on-budget. That is what they are elected to do.

  • Steve the Cynic

    No. Minnesota needs voters who won’t elect intransigent ideologues who’d rather shut down the government than compromise.

  • Gary F

    Mediation? No. They are getting paid to work things out. We don’t need more government.

    Legislators not getting paid during a shutdown? You bet, and no per diem.

  • Rich in Duluth

    No. If the voter doesn’t like the grid lock in the legislature, vote out the incumbents.

    It’s up to voters to elect representatives who understand that they represent all the people in their district. Legislators don’t have a mandate to pursue only their own agenda when they win election. They still have to represent that minority who didn’t vote for them, which means compromise.

    Adults are supposed to know that and voters should enforce it in the next election.

  • Tom

    No. MN needs more legislatures who understand the concept of living within your means.

  • Philip

    It seems we need a law about everything, because people are not able to use good sense.

  • Mark in Freeborn

    Let me get this straight…..we need a LAW to make sure lawmakers get their job done? If so, we’ve officially arrived in Crazyland.

  • Gary F

    They need to do their job. Plain and simple. No, we don’t need a law that takes away their responsibility.

    If you don’t like what your legislator is doing, vote them out.

  • Jim G

    No, we don’t need a new law. Hold your representatives accountable, be involved, be aware, vote smart, and/or you deserve the governance you get.

  • GregX

    If they pass an auto-pilot government law like that and the governor signs it … it’s language better include their immediate dismissal from service and the elimination of all future legislatures. They will have successfully eliminated any need for their participation. Such legislation should be retitled “TO STUPID TO LEGISLATE”. Give them all t-shirts that say “I ARE STUPID”

  • GregX

    the law we need is the one that says in the event of the legislature and the governor unable to create and sign final budget by June 30th of any year, that (A) all legislators and the governor are mandatorially required to remain in the capitol complex 12 hours a day for possible meetings and votes until the budget is resolved. No vactaions, no return to business. Family emergencies allow 48 hour absence. Supporting evidence mandatory for longer periods. Abuse of family emergency leave subject to a fine of 130% of wages for the period. (B) Any legislator (and governor) whose district includes state employees that are laid off – also cease’s recieving pay and benefits – under the same terms as the regular state employees. (C) No legislator is permitted by common agreement and law from discussing any details of the process until a full agreement is signed and publicly announced.

  • Steve D

    No !!! This is a stupid idea period.

  • Euan Ireuan

    Yes, in the form of outlawing the prohibition of Cannabis/hemp. With the resource of the world’s most utilitarian plant made available to our ingenuity, the State need never shutdown again .



    Popular Mechanics

    February, 1938

    Note: There was so little public attention and notice to the need for a ban on marijuana, or the resulting legislation (Marihuana Tax Act of 1937), that the editors apparently did not realize that it had already been outlawed when they published this article.

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  • John

    No not really,

    We should just shut it down, then see what happens.

    My guess is nothing.

    Same with the Federal Government.

    I say leave the people alone.

  • Paul

    No, we should not need a law to further encourage them to complete their job. However a law to penalize the legislature and governor in the event that a budget is not finalized might require them all to face a mandatory recall election within 90 days.

  • Rich

    It’s clear that stupidity is shared equally by both parties. My dream was that the GOP majorities would not over reach and be able to demonstrate good governance.

    The party of “personal responsibility” has decided to avoid personal responsibility and govern by amendment. Oh and then there’s this silly proposal.

    Why am I not surprised…..

  • Kevin McColl

    I find it criminal when the state if shut down.

    I think the law should be any legislator who is in office when the shut down occurs is shuttled off to jail, not paid, and forced into a hot sweaty room until a deal is made.


    Hell, everyone else is suffering … why not them.

    (Oddly this is really not far from how the first constitutional congress met…)

  • Luanne

    OK, let’s see if I have this correct.

    Our elected officials (which party wrote/sponsored this bill?) feel the need to create a law which will compel them to do their work. Is this about right?

    You can’t fix stupid.

  • Solanales

    I agree with Luann, a previous commenter, on this one. It is a lame-brained piece of legislation… legislators should not be wasting their time and our money on this frivolous issue; they should be focused on getting along with their peers on the other side of the political aisle.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Next time there’s an impasse on the budget, lock the governor and the four legislative leaders in a room with a coffee pot and no rest room until they come up with a compromise.

  • Marbraday

    Steve the Cynic, add pot brownies and coffee cans to go in and we’ve got a deal.

  • Anita Martinez

    I’m a native and married an “out-of-towner” from Albuquerque by finding him in the personals.

    But a co-worker from Milwaukee, who I knew through our church, said she really needed help from natives like helping her fix something in her apartment or whatever and Minnesotans are just too aloof. She organized a social group at church called “The Out-Of-Towners” group and she said I could join them because my husband was from out of town. She has since gotten married and moved up to an executive level in her job and works all the time so I don’t see her any more. We used to go out for lunch every so often when working together.

    I do understand the Minnesota Nice! I’m trying!

    -Native Minnesotan Anita in Minneapolis

  • Steve the Cynic

    “…and coffee cans to go in and we’ve got a deal.”

    But that would defeat the purpose of ramping up the urgency for the negotiators.

  • Marbraday

    Humility will bring more to the table than urgency Steve, we’ll still have them locked in there, come to think of it, shrooms should be thrown in as well.

    It’ll take less than 72 hours for sure.


  • Duff

    Lets just pass a law that says – – If the state budget is not passded on time, then all elected officials that are involved can NEVER HOLD A PUBLIC OFFICE AGAIN. No state, county, city,or township, or anyting else. All this does is to hold them accountable to DO THEIR JOB.