Today’s commentary is a pair of articles, by a prominent liberal and a prominent conservative, each describing what he likes about those on the other side of the cultural and political divide. In the interest of civil discourse, we’re posing the same challenge here. Today’s Question: If you identify as either liberal or conservative, what Read more

Chief Justice John Roberts has said he has complete confidence in the Supreme Court to decide cases fairly and impartially. Court watchers point out, however, that the nine current justices tend to vote along a partisan divide, aligned with the presidents who appointed them. Today’s Question: How confident are you that the Supreme Court decides Read more

Employers are turning to social media for information about prospective employees. Some are asking candidates to log onto Facebook during job interviews, and a few have gone so far as to ask for usernames and passwords. Today’s Question: Would you be willing to share your Facebook information with potential employers?

Hmong veterans of the Vietnam War are seeking the right to be buried in U.S. military cemeteries. The Hmong fighters served alongside American soldiers in the war, often helping retrieve U.S. airmen shot down over enemy territory. Today’s Question: Should Hmong veterans be granted the right to burial in American military cemeteries?