When would you be willing to use deadly force?

Minnesota law allows people to use deadly force to defend themselves if they feel threatened in their home. Now a proposed expansion of that law would extend the same right to people in a car, tent, boat and other places. Today’s Question: When would you be willing to use deadly force?

  • Clark

    Don’t own a gun, never owned a gun and would prefer they were all outlawed. Therefore, appears I am forced into hand to hand combat with the perp.

  • Kurt

    Usually by about 9:00 in the morning.

  • James

    It’s a scenario I cannot contemplate in advance, so I guess I’ll never own a gun, so never, I guess!

  • Darren

    I heard this once from a police officer and it stuck: Motive, Proximity and Intent

    If those 3 conditions get met (or violated) by someone, I have the right to defend myself. So, yes; the use of deadly force needs to be expended into my car, tent, or my personal bubble that travels with me where ever I go.

    Still chucking about the question…would I use deadly force…as opposed to what? Hey mister outlaw breaking into my car…let me fight you with my pen and remember, the law states I can’t use deadly force, so I am just gunna poke you in your ear and hope you don’t KILL ME!

  • Gary F

    Having a carry permit, I need to be even more careful, seeing there is a segment of the population that doesn’t like the 2nd Amendment.

  • Gary F
  • Steve the Cynic

    I don’t imagine I’ll ever understand the logic behind the idea that the solution to the problem of violence is more violence. (Interesting, Gary F, that that surge in violent crime in DC comes after the Supremes shot down gun control there.)

  • Gary F


    D.C. is dragging their feet after the decision. Nothing has changed since the Heller decision because the Feds are unwilling to enforce the ruling.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Huh? What’s to enforce, Gary F? They abolished the existing law. You don’t “enforce” an absence of a law.

  • Sara

    I don’t own a gun, and I never will, but I could easily imagine using deadly force with whatever was handy if anyone tried to harm my children.

  • Gary F


    The obstacles to overcome in D.C. to legally purchase a handgun are staggering.

    The bad guys can pick one up in hours without the bureaucratic hurdles. The bad guys will always have guns.

  • Steve the Cynic

    The things people believe– sheesh! GaryF: has it actually gotten harder to get a legal handgun in DC? If not, you can’t logically blame the increase in violence on gun control. Maybe it’s Virginia’s lax gun laws that are to blame. Or, more likely, violent crime is due to other factors entirely.

  • Larry M.

    While I don’t have a clear answer to that question, I don’t think anyone really knows until a situation presents itself. I think gun ownership, should be a bit more like car ownership, that training and testing be required to use them and there be specialty training where further licenses can be obtained for special uses. I also think that gun owners should be responsible for the whereabouts of their guns and at least financially responsible if a gun they own is used in a crime. If a gun is stolen or even given away that should be reported or the gun owner could be held responsible.

  • david

    If someone is is going to inflicting harm on me or my family, my location or any law is going to be the last thing on my mind. I’m going to do what ever it takes to be the winner in that situation and I’ll deal with the consequences after.

  • Jim G

    I’m ruthless. I sit and and wait hours. It has to be a male, preferably with 8 or more points.Some have even tresspassed under the tree I’m sitting in. Then I shoot to kill, no regrets, 40 plus kills. Now, could I kill a man? It depends on how close he comes to my tree?

  • Jim James

    I am a shop owner, and i think i should be allowed to shoot at shoplifters. They are stealing my livelyhood and they do it with impunity because they know i cant shoot them. Its time this changes.

  • Jim

    I wouldn’t hesitate to defend my home and family with my guns.

    I have a conceal and carry permit but haven’t felt the need to carry yet, just want the ability to do so if I feel the need.

  • Gustav Sandborg

    This is a tough question, But one that ALL should think about if you are a responsible Law abiding citizen that carries a firearm or at least owns one or more.

    I would not have an issue with using deadly force wether its using my firearm, a knife, sharp stick, or a tickle me Elmo toy when iy comes to the safety of my family or my Property, I very much support the right of We the people to do whatever is necessary to protect ourselves from great bodily harm or death, I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. I don’t feel there should be ANY law from stopping us if the action is warranted, Now I don’t feel that it should be used just because your mad at the Mormons knocking during American Idol, or those Pesky Girl/Cub scouts fundraising during the mid afternoon movie, But the second you step in my House (which I lock even when I’m home) when not invited even through my sky light, Your not leaving standing up. I don’t feel also that if you live in Suburbia Hell with all those wonderful CookiCutter homes and you find someone drunk passed out on the couch as a reason to unload your Colt 1911 on said person. We should not as home owners or campers or people driving our cars to Work or the mall should have to live in Fear of being Jacked, robbed, invaded, Or Mauled by the Neighbors Really big dogs.

    And you Anti Gunners should have figured out by now, Not everyone with a Gun is a mass murderer awaiting to happen, Do you feel the same way about SUV’s flying down the highway? or on the City streets? there are More cars deaths in the US than gun Murders, I don’t see you wanting to ban them? Oh that’s right, Thats because YOU own one and it suits your everyday needs, Well my rifle provides food for my family and security for my farm. What say you to that?

  • Dave

    Common sence!! Allow your training, reading and practice to guide you. (note to all—-everytime you practice keep a log, time date weather distance and maybe the target)

    Now to answer this question. Know the threat and treat that threat as you feel is justified. FOR EVERY ACTION EXPECT AND EQUAL OR GREATER REACTION!!!!

  • I would be willing to use deadly force in order to prevent death or grievous bodily injury to someone that I felt a STRONG desire to protect from such death or injury. Furthermore, I automatically assume that anyone who is willing to rob me with a deadly weapon presents such a threat.

  • It must be awful to live a life of such fear that it warrants killing.

  • Gene R. Luth

    I would be willing, to protect my self, my family or others from anyone who wishes to do serious harm. Anyone breaking into our home, vehicle ect. I dont think is there collecting for the red cross. They are there to do harm. Criminals will always have firearms. Responsible citizens of our great nation should have the right to defend them selves, and others, from any and all serious threats.

  • I would be willing to use deadly force in order to defend myself or a loved one if I felt my life or theirs may be threatened or that great harm or injury may result. If confronted with a situation, as a slight, 110 lb. female, I would probably perceive that personal harm/death threat whether or not the attacker/aggressor had a weapon or not. I think it would be natural instinct/survival.

    I also think anybody who intends to use a firearm/deadly force better be properly trained and practiced.

    Twin Cities Gun Owners & Carry Forum (on FB)

  • Matt for free humanity

    Use deadly force logically and with common sense, like when your life is threatened from a violent criminal.

    Don’t make an epic mistake like Nobel Peace Price recipient and anti-war advocate, President Barack Obama, and assassinate 3 United States citizens (including a 16 year old kid) with no due process or formal court hearings.

  • lawrence

    Again, this expansion is veiled use of the race card by bigots who want Minnesota’s Caucasian population to fear imminent danger from persons of color in their neighborhood, in a campground, or at some entertainment venue. The truth is violent crime is down in Minnesota and most of the nation. More over, the majority of Minnesota’s people of color work for a living and, like Caucasians, are taking care of their families. Instead of focusing on this issue, expanding the use of deadly force, we ought to be coming together around the state to discuss the growing movement to criminalize, marginalize, and stigmatize Minnesota taxpayers based on race. It’s like the Civil War hasn’t really left us and migrated Northward.

  • CarlS

    When I feel threatened with imminent death, duh!

    I know there are criminals who think they have a ‘right’ to threaten someone with a deadly weapon if they do so only as a bluff. They can think that, but shouldn’t expect their victim to be so understanding and compliant. If someone points a weapon at me during a criminal act, they give up any right to be treated with restraint. And if I have the chance, I’ll do anything necessary to ensure my safety, even at the expense of the assailant’s life. If you’re an assailant and don’t like that, then don’t point a weapon at me. Again, duh!

  • Scott Slocum

    Deadly force is absolutely the last resort. It doesn’t matter where, except that you’ve got to be able to retreat to cover and shout out your intentions to defend that position with deadly force. If that works, then that’s all; no deadly force.

  • Jason

    The text book answer is that it’s okay to use deadly force when there is an immediate and credible threat and there is no clear path to retreat. While I do carry for my safety in the event of such a situation the best means of defense it to be aware of your surroundings. Criminals look to prey on easy marks that they can catch by surprise. Keep your head up, look around you to see who might be there, give a wide berth walking past alleys and corners, make eye contact and acknowlege anyone you come across (even people that you think may be possible threats) so that they are clear you see them. This communicates confidence which is something criminals don’t want to see in their marks.

  • GregX

    GaryF and crime statistics…. actually … gun control laws have NO EFFECT on crime rates pro or con. America alone among industrialized nations has a 10 fold excess of weapons. The largest factor in reducing violent crimes is abortion and contraception (Seek Steve Levitt Economic Studies) When you reduce the population of un-watched children in the teenage cohort (the primary participants in crimes of violence) then the crime rate goes down. So – in evaluating DC – we need to examine other things that are occurring — for example lack of abortion options, lack of planned parenthood, lack of stable families, that would foster continued large teen-age cohort.

  • Just as the law says: if I think my life is in jeopardy, when I have no other reasonable option, when lethal force is reasonable. It should go without saying that it can’t be an escalation of a fight to which I was a willing participant – one of many reasons I avoid all physical conflict at any level.

    Others said it above; lethal force is the SECOND-worst option. And the best option is to avoid it. And it’s a fact that having the ability to use lethal force is itself a good way to avoid having to use it; properly carried, it helps provide the kind of situational awareness and confidence that, as others have noted above, helps deter bad things in the first place.

    A female friend of mine from 20 years back, who’s spent a career working in some awful places in Minnesota, told me that some advice I gave her back then – “walk and act like you’ve got a gun, even if you don’t” – has served her very well. If you don’t look and act like a victim waiting to happen, it’s less likely to happen.

  • GregX

    Me – I don’t think deadly force is justified. Necessary .. maybe .. but justified implies some entitlement to use it as a matter of fact. I think every use of deadly force should require a full examination and trial. The problem is that use of deadly force appears to be whenever you “feel” threatened whether you can prove it or not and the presence of some kind of boom-stick or slitter-tool. Jim James – for example thinks his business is threatened by the inability to shoot customer-thieves. I can tell Jim – if I heard of shop-keepers shooting un-armed teenagers taking twinkies.. I’d think twice about going in his store for any darn thing. When I’ve asked friends with C&C permits about “draw-able” situations… they all cite the classics .. from the class they took. When I ask them how often they think they’ll wind up in those situations .. its just sheepish looks all-around. And When I ask do they have their guns strapped on 24/7 ..answer IS “nope.” So what protects them .. most of the time ? Common sense, a little wary-ness and a willingness to avoid confrontations by walking away before things get to phase “stupid”. No gun required.

  • Craig

    These laws provide legal protection for people who opt not to retreat from a threat, even when escape is possible. If there were a threat in our house (or tent, or car), and we could escape the threat, we would; even if I knew I there would be no legal ramification for harming someone. Conversely, if we were in a place that offered no guarantee of immunity from prosecution, and there were no escape from the threat, then the slim possibility of an overzealous prosecutor in my future, and the even slimmer possibility of an unsympathetic judge, would not enter into the decision to do harm.

    Self-defense is a common water cooler fantasy topic, and every once in a while, when public sentiment swells, politicians capitalize by writing laws that ride the sentiment but really have no impact on our lives. I wish they would spend their time on boring old governance.

  • Sue de Nim

    To paraphrase some ancient wisdom: Those who live by the gun die by the gun.

  • Rich in Duluth

    I can’t see a likely scenario where I would ever use deadly force. Think about it, do you sit there in the evening, watching American Idol with your shot gun leaning against the arm of the couch, in case someone breaks your door down?

    I see this issue as more conservative fear mongering to get us peasants to vote against our own interests. It’s about as necessary as voter ID.

  • Regnar James

    As a Minnesota State Permit to carry a pistol holder – I will use deadly force if necessary to protect my family and myself – whenever and wherever. If a “Castel” doctrine in passed it would only support the use of deadly force in a court of law.

    With my law enforcement back ground I have seen how brutal humans can be towards each other.

    For those in the “live by the gun die by the gun” camp… good on ya. It will make you as a victim food for the criminals. At least it will help let the bad guys guard down long enough for me to get a good shot.

    I actively train to use my gun to defend myself, do I hope to kill someone –NO! am I ready – YES.


  • Lance

    For the safety of my family, I would kill or die. If you’ve got nothing worth dying for, you probably have nothing worth living for.

    @GregX, from the perspective of the fetus, abortion is a violent crime.

    @JimJames, weak baiter comment.

    @lawrence, where’d that come from?

  • Kevin S

    Well said Craig…

  • Philip

    If my family or I was threatened with great harm. I have never had a problem with the use of deadly force, whether it was in Iraq or here.

  • EAL

    A few quick thoughts. First, funny how those who oppose guns seem to forget that when this country was founded with a written declaration of independence. Yet to win its freedom, citizens needed to take up arms. Second, for those opposed to gun ownership, suggest taking a trip down to Stillwater and visit with hard core criminals and ask the question, “If you were targeting a neighborhood for criminal and/or violent actions, would you choose a citizen who is unarmed or armed?” All to say, gun legislation only keep honest people honest. The criminal element does not care and will find ways to create havoc on those unable to protect themselves.

  • Kirk

    I have always been, and always will be a peace-seeking man. I have never hit anyone, and would hope never to need to.

    That said, I would not hessitate in the least to use deadly force (obviously as a LAST resort) to protect my loved ones, or myself if necessary.

    As a LAST resort, I would also consider the use of DF to save the life of a child, or perhaps even an obviously innocent bystander. >> However, since the focus of the perpetrator in this case would not be directly toward me, I should think there would be many options far short of DF. –and yes, I would have to answer for it afterward.

  • Cowboy Dan

    “It must be awful to live a life of such fear that it warrants killing.”

    I would think it far worse to live a life that does not warrant defending, a life of such fear that I would not take arms to preserve it.

  • Gary F
  • Sue de Nim

    Re: Gary F, “For those in the “live by the gun die by the gun” camp… good on ya.”

    So, are you saying Jesus was wrong about that?

  • Regnar James

    @Sue de Nim… your cut –n- paste is off a tad. (Not GaryF… Regnar James)

    :are you saying Jesus was wrong about that?

    The Devil shall not be given my heart to satisfy him.

    I think Jesus would back me on that one.


  • Sue de Nim

    Sorry, Regnar James. All you rightwingers sound the same to me. So, I still don’t get your point. Was Jesus wrong in Matthew 26:52?

  • Wade

    Why do so many people believe you need a gun to use deadly force?

    It is kind of ridiculous to make up scenarios where someone would use deadly force. Being able to take a life is not an ability everyone has. Many that say they will use deadly force will freeze and some of the “peaceful” folks would do whatever it takes to protect a loved one.

  • Regnar James

    @Sue de Nim

    Isaiah 16:3

    “Defend us against our enemies. Protect us from their relentless attack.”

    I think Jesus is a defensive teacher. I would just point the gun,,, God would do the rest.


  • Wade

    One verse from the Bible, completely out of context, should not be used to explain the intent of God or Jesus.

  • Regnar James

    Wade, just roll over and show your belly?

    What would you tell your daughter to do?

    Scenario : Attempted rape

    Option A: Close your eyes and let him take you and hope he does not give you AIDS or kill you?

    Option B: Call 911 and wait 13 minutes for things to happen.

    Option B: Fight tooth and nail,,, use any and all means possible to stop the attack. This could include mace, tazer, or firearm.

    What would you do?


  • Sue de Nim

    Regnar James: Can you point to any place in the Bible where it says Jesus ever used deadly force? On the contrary, at a time of political unrest, when people were hoping for a messiah who would say, “It’s time to kick out those evil Romans; take up your sword and follow me!” the Messiah said, “Take up your cross and follow.”

  • Regnar James
  • Sue de Nim

    I missed it, Regnar. Where does that essay say Jesus ever used deadly force?

  • Regnar James


    Exodus 22:2-4:

  • Sue de Nim

    Last time I checked, Regnar, Jesus wasn’t mentioned in the book of Exodus. How about Matthew 5:44 and Luke 6:27,35? Besides, Exodus 21:7 assumes it’s okay for a man to sell his daughter into slavery. Do you follow that, too?

  • Regnar James


    I hope you never break into my house:-)

    God’s peace.

  • Randy

    “Though defensive violence will always be a ‘sad necessity’ in the eyes of men of principle, it would be still more unfortunate if wrongdoers should dominate just men.”

    -Saint Augustine

  • Trp

    I don’t think anti’s will ever figure it out. Rose colored glasses? Gated communities? As another poster said- humans can do some pretty messed up stuff to one another. I believe in protecting my person, family- and even you anti’s if the need arises. Hopefully it doesn’t. Reading through last weeks precinct highlights doesn’t leave me very hopeful, but it’s the same every week… *Note- these are not law abiding permit holders.


    Assault 2—w/a Dangerous Weapon

    James Ave N & Lowry Ave N Saturday 4/21/12 0015hrs 12-118906

    Officers responded to the report of a stabbing & observed a large crowd of people. V2/female, 17 yrs, stated her finger had been cut. V1/male, 23 yrs, appeared to be dizzy & disoriented. V1 had an approx. 4” cut to the side of his torso. V1 stated he had been drinking & appeared to be intoxicated. V1 stated a female stabbed him at the above location & he didn’t realize he had been stabbed until after the incident. Other officers stopped AP1/female, 17 yrs, & brought her to the scene. V1 was unable to ID her as the person who stabbed him, due to being intoxicated. A witness who was not intoxicated stated that AP1 did stab V1. V2 got her finger cut when she got between AP1 & other arguing parties. AP1 was booked in JDC for PC Assault 2. Victims were transported to the hospital for their injuries.

    Assault 2—w/a Dangerous Weapon

    2nd & Broadway Ave W Saturday 4/21/12 0942hrs 12-119257

    Officer was dispatched to check the welfare of an adult male who was believed to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs & wandering into traffic in the above area. Officer located a male matching the description & realized that he was a suspect from an earlier 2nd Degree Assault. This male, AP1/50 yrs, was transported to the Homicide Officer for an interview & then booked in HCJ for PC Assault 2. See companion case #12-110993.

    Assault 2—w/a Dangerous Weapon / Damage to Property

    16XX Plymouth Ave N Saturday 4/21/12 2321hrs 12-120018

    Officers were dispatched to the above location on shots fired & an officer needing help. V1/male, 45 yrs, was stabbed by AP1/ male, 51 yrs, & stated that AP1 had been involved in another physical altercation with an unknown party. Allegedly, the unknown party displayed a handgun & AP1 got irate. When V1 went over to calm AP1 down, AP1 stabbed V1 in the chest with a folding knife. V1 backed up at that time & received a minor wound to his chest. AP1 also trashed the upper level ballroom, causing extensive damage to tables; chairs; food equipment; etc… AP1 was booked in HCJ for PC Assault 2. Officers also recommended that AP1 be charged with Felony Damage to Property due to the damage. V1 received medical attention on the scene.

    Assault 2—w/a Dangerous Weapon / Flee Police in a Motor Vehicle

    Dowling Ave N & Morgan Ave N Sunday 4/22/12 1910hrs 12-120794

    An officer radioed that an SUV with Florida license plates almost struck him while traveling at a high rate of speed. Officers in another squad observed the vehicle & followed it. When the suspect vehicle stopped, officer approached on foot, & the suspect in the heavily window-tinted vehicle put the SUV in gear & accelerated at a high rate of speed. The squad chased it for a while until it traveled in excess of 100 mph & officers lost sight of it. Another squad later pursued the suspect vehicle & when they tried to initiate a traffic stop, the vehicle fled & finally crashed into a tree. See companion CCN 12-120826.

    Assault 2—w/a Dangerous Weapon / False Name or Info

    26XX Oliver Ave N Monday 4/23/12 0120hrs 12-121089

    Officers were dispatched to a shot spotter activation call near the above area. Officers were flagged down & observed V1/male, 25-30 yrs, sitting on a chair screaming in pain. V1 had been shot in the leg. V1 provided his name & address to officers while EMS personnel attended him. V1 stated he had been robbed of his wallet & keys & then was transported to the hospital via ambulance. After some treatment, V1 shared that he was on his way home from a club when he was approached by unknown S1/male, who accused him of being someone else & shot him. V1 walked away from the scene & was helped getting to his porch by a passerby who also called 911. Wound was non-life threatening. Officers ran the name provided by V1 & the photo did not match. When asked his real name, V1 refused to answer. Officers suggested that V1 be charged with false info.



    17th Ave N & Girard Ave N Tuesday 4/17/12 2040hrs 12-114913

    Officers were dispatched to a Robbery of Person call & looked for 3 described suspects without results. Male & female Victims, both 22 yrs, stated they were walking home from the store when they saw 3 males, 18-25 yrs, standing on the above listed corner. S1, who had a handgun in his hand, told them to get on the ground, & asked where the “weed”was. He then searched their pockets, looking for money. V1/female, stated her cell phone fell out of her pocket & AP1/male, 22 yrs, took it. Victims ran to use a neighbor’s phone & all 3 suspects fled. Other squads detained several suspects who matched the descriptions of the robbers. Victims were brought to that location & V1 positively ID’d AP1 as the party who picked up her phone & stole it. Two other parties detained were not involved in the Robbery. Victims were not injured. AP1 was booked in HCJ. The phone was not recovered on AP1.


    7XX 42nd Ave N Thursday 4/19/12 2124hrs 12-117369

    Officer responded to a Robbery of Person call & met V1/male, 43 yrs, who stated he received a phone call from a male who asked if he was still cutting hair. V1 stated he was & that he would be back (to the Barber shop). When V1 was in the alley behind the shop, he noticed S1/male,25-35 yrs, near the dumpsters wearing a hoodie up. V1 continued walking & as he rounded the corner to the front of the shop, unknown S2/male, 25-35 yrs, demanded his money. V1 told him he had a family & to please not shoot him. S1 came from behind & hit V1 on the side of his head with a semi-automatic handgun. During a struggle, V1 lost his jacket & his pants leg ripped. Suspects fled w/V1’s jacket & a set of keys. V1 feels the suspects fled because he yelled “The cops are coming.” K9 checked the area without success. V1 refused medical attention. The jacket & keys are valued at $60.


    Golden Valley Rd & Penn Ave N Saturday 4/21/12 2126hrs 12-119919

    Officers were dispatched to the Handy Stop, 2600 W Broadway, to meet V1/male, 38 yrs, who had been robbed. V1 returned home to Robbinsdale after the Robbery & then advised 911 he would return to Minneapolis to make a report. V1 stated he had been sitting in his vehicle at the above intersection when 2 unknown males, 21-30 yrs, approached & S2 punched V1 in the face through the open driver’s side window. S1 then pulled the door open, pointed a handgun at V1, & demanded money & valuables. S1 pulled V1 out of the car & tried to take the keys out of the ignition, but only managed to get the key fob. V1 handed his wallet & cell phone to S1 & the suspects fled on foot. V1 was not injured. Loss included ID; credit cards; keys; & an EBT card.

    ROBPER / Assault 5

    51XX Irving Ave N Saturday 4/21/12 2206hrs 12-119940

    Officer was dispatched to 51st & Humboldt Ave N in regards to a Robbery of Person. V1 & V2, females, 14 yrs, stated they had plans to go to the movies & they were going to stop by OT2’s house at the above location to get some money. Once there, there was a large group of approx. 10-15 people. S1/female, (known only by her 1st name), 15-18 yrs, punched V1 in the face, causing a bloody nose. V1 stated another female, S2, 15-18 yrs, hit V2 in the face, bruising her eye. S1 took V1’s cell phone valued at $400. Both victims were threatened with bodily harm if they called police. Victims refused medical treatment, per their PG’s.


    Broadway Ave W & Irving Ave N Sunday 4/22/12 1600hrs 12-120671

    Officer was dispatched to a Robbery of Person & met V1/female, 32 yrs, who stated she was walking with her kids when unknown S1/male,18-25 yrs, walked towards her, pulled her purse off her shoulder, & ran. V1 stated another male pushed S1 down. V1 stated a Chevy Tahoe pulled up & unknown S2/male, 18-25 yrs, jumped out & grabbed V1’s purse. Both S1 & S2 then fled on foot. V1 stated the male who attempted to get her property back from S1 left the scene. V1 was not injured & refused medical. Loss included a $250 cell phone.


    29XX Logan Ave N Monday 4/23/12 0000hrs 12-121027

    Officer was dispatched to a Robbery of Person at gunpoint & met V1/female, 21 yrs, who was holding an ice pack to her cheek. V1 stated she got off the bus at 29th & Fremont when she observed unknown S1/male, 20-30 yrs, walking with another male. S1 then began following V1 & was trying to talk to her. V1 told S1 she just wanted to go home & did not want to talk to him. S1 grabbed the bag & tried to look inside. V1 resisted & S1 put a semi-automatic handgun to V1’s stomach as he ripped her bag off & the belongings fell on the street. S1 grabbed V1’s cell phone & V1 began to scream. S1 punched V1 in the cheek & fled. V1 was seen by paramedics, but refused service.


    WEAP—Carry a Weapon w/out a Permit / Receiving & Concealing Stolen Property

    9XX Broadway Ave W Tuesday 4/17/12 2310 hrs 12-115050

    Undercover officers observed a group of 4 males outside the Olympic Café. AP2/22 yrs, was seen meeting up with a male & taking out a plastic baggie containing suspected marijuana. The unknown male exchanged currency with AP2 for the plastic baggie & drove off. AP2 then got into a Jeep Cherokee & drove off. A marked squad stopped the vehicle & a baggie of suspected marijuana along with a gun were recovered. All 3 parties had access to the gun & were booked in HCJ for PC Weapons. The other AP’s are: AP1/20 yrs, & AP3/20 yrs.

    WEAP—Carry a Weapon w/out a Permit / Forced Entry Report

    29XX Newton Ave N Friday 4/20/12 1618hrs 12-118277

    A search warrant was executed at the above location & officers on a warrant team approached the dwelling. The back door was locked & officers announced their presence as they forced entry into the house. One adult male, S1, 45 yrs, was secured. Misc. items were recovered & inventoried.

    WEAP—Carry a Weapon w/out a Permit / Terroristic Threats

    8XX Sheridan Ave N Saturday 4/21/12 2250hrs 12-119990

    Officers responded to a suspicious vehicle in the area of 8th & Sheridan Ave N. Remarks were updated en route, stating there was a person with a gun. Officers determined that the person with a gun entered the above address. All occupants were called out by officers & taken into custody. V1/female, 28 yrs, & a witness ID’d AP1/male, 34 yrs, as the person with the gun. V1 informed officers that AP1 shouted at her & threatened to kill her & her kids if she didn’t get her brother out there. AP1 was booked in HCJ for PC Threats & Felon in Possession of a firearm. No injuries.

    WEAP—Carry a Weapon w/out a Permit / Terroristic Threats

    35XX Oliver Ave N Monday 4/23/12 1824hrs 12-121757

    AP1/female, 25 yrs, told V1/female, 34 yrs, that she was going to shoot her. AP1 had a gun on her person & V1 felt she would kill her. Officers arrived & located AP1 waiting in her vehicle in front of V1’s home. AP1 was removed from the vehicle & placed under arrest. AP1 had a gun holstered to her hip & was booked for PC Weapons & PC Terroristic Threats. AP1 & V1 are ex-girlfriends.

    WEAP—Carry a Weapon w/out a Permit / Loiter w/intent Narcotics

    8XX Lowry Ave N Monday 4/23/12 2030hrs 12-121870

    Officers received information that AP1/male, 15 yrs, would be delivering a handgun to the above listed location. AP1 arrived with another male AP2/17 yrs. AP1 looked around the parking lot & never went into the store at this location. AP1 acted as if he was looking for someone he was supposed to meet. Officers stopped the 2 AP’s & recovered a gun from the waistband of AP1. AP1 was booked in JDC for PC Weapons. AP2 was cited & released for Loitering.