Who would you like to see emerge as the winner in the Iowa caucuses?

It’s the day of the Iowa caucuses, where voters will finally begin to get their say in the race for the GOP presidential nomination. Today’s Question: Who would you like to see emerge as the winner in the Iowa caucuses?

  • Clark

    Mitt Romney. I believe he is the one republican who is not too far right so he can defeat our current clueless community organizer president. Romney stated it best. Obama’s entitlement society where today almost half of society is on some form of government benefits and the same half pay no federal income tax. Freeloaders for obama!

  • Ron Paul has been largely ignored by the media and this would force them to take a serious look at him and his policies. I support him and his candidacy.

  • Scott M

    Ron Paul of course.

  • Emery

    Elections are decided in the middle. If the Republicans choose an extreme candidate, they can hardly be surprised if independents plump for Mr Obama, or look to a third-party candidate.

    It is a sad commentary that this late in the day “the right Republican” does not even seem to be running yet.

  • Alison

    Anyone but Romney. The rest of them are all cookey enough to have no chance against Obama.

  • Alison

    I can’t decide whether to be angry or laugh at the fact that Bachmann is losing votes to those who think a woman shouldn’t be president. It’s kind of amusing and fitting to see part of her demise be the discriminatory BS of religious conservatives.

  • another gasbag

    The only Republican candidate with integrity is Huntsman. All the rest are dancing to the tune of the religious right until the primaries are over. Who knows what they really stand for? It’s a circus.

  • Rich

    Over the years, both the Democrats and Republicans have shown an astonishing ability to work hard at alienating their traditional base. The Democrats used to be the party of the working man, and that included loggers, miners, and farmers as well as factory workers. By pandering to big-city leftists, they eventually drove all those groups reluctantly and tentatively into the arms of the Republicans, who at least indulged them with anti-immigration, anti-free-trade, anti-environment, and pro-family-values talk. The great Republican dilemma has always been how to get enough bodies to win elections while still being the party of the rich. The great solution was to become the party of Jesus and bring the fundamentalists in as a voting bloc.

    Now it’s the Republicans who seem determined to drive away their traditional supporters. The polls consistently show that any anonymous competent Republican could beat Mr. Obama, and yet after a solid year of looking hard for one, the Republicans haven’t been able to find one to offer the voters. All we’re given, in terms of candidates with any serious party backing, are slick politicians and buffoons. The party desperately needs a Teddy Roosevelt, but none is forthcoming. Oh well; according to my friends in the liberal wing of the Democratic Party , Mr. Obama is ruling like a Republican anyway.

  • reggie

    IF, and it’s a big “if,” Michelle Bachmann goes away, we’ll all win, no matter who proves to be the most Christian/Morman, pro-“family values” (except when the “family” is different from the conservative Christian view), anti-immigration, anti-environment, anti-affordable health care, pro-paranoia, anti-government (except when it comes to control of women’s reproductive decisions), head-in-the-sand Republican vote-getter.

  • Duane

    Since it was the Iowa caucus that propelled Pres. Obama into the limelight and eventually the presidency four years ago, I would hope the Iowa Democrats, in their caucus tonight, would select Hillary Clinton instead of Pres Obama in an effort to make amends for their error in judgment.

  • Mary

    Ron Paul, the only candidate including Obama who truly wants to get us out of the WARS.

  • david

    bachman all the way!!!!

    Since the country has been cut up and sold off to the 1% with nothing left for the rest of us, and that 1% doesn’t want to take the responsibility of managing our resources past the end of this quarter’s earnings, may as well elect the craziest bastard out there and have some laughs on the way to our eventual demise.

    Sorry paul, you are kooky, but you’re just to boring to make the Daily Show every time you speak in public. Maybe a dual ticket?

  • Bill

    There’s only one that’s any different than the others, Ron Paul.

    He is by far the best choice.

    He knows the economy better than anyone, end the FED, end the wars, cut government spending, and he believes in the constitution.

  • jon

    Ron Paul.

    I’d love to see a debate between Paul and Obama. Their fundamental Idea of what government should be is radically different (both Obama’s perceived position as told by republicans or democrats) and I think a presidential race between the two would lead to a much more valid discussion about what the federal government should and should not be, and the midterm elections in 2014 would probably align themselves with prior presidential election.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Of those with any chance of actually getting elected, Mitt Romney is definiately the least worst. He’s shown himself to be open-minded enough to change his opinions from time to time, so he might be more pragmatic than any of the others. The rest of the crowd (except maybe Hunstman, who has no realistic chance) are all blinded by ideology.

    But of course, my opinion is irrelevant, because we’ve got this ridiculous system where a highly unrepresentative sample of voters (Iowa caucus goers) get the first shot at having an influence.

  • Alex

    Michelle Bachmann. Hopefully, it will make her stay in the race long enough to not be able to run for her seat.

    Plus, she is the most entertaining.

  • Lou

    The winner of the Iowa caucuses should be reasonably irrelevant since it is a select few that participate in a small midwestern state but the media has turned it into a major political event. I would expect that Romney, Paul, and Santorum will be 1, 2, and 3 but not necessarily in that order. I would think that Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann would drop out of the race after poor showings and I would not be surprised if Congresswoman Bachmann would resign her congressional seat and accept a position with Fox News to cover the campaign and election.

  • Chuck

    My opinion is meaningless. Iowans will make their decision know. Hopefully, 3 of these losers will drop out. Maybe our congresswoman will realize that we Minnesotans are paying her to represent us.

  • John P II

    Bachmann! I’ve always wanted to see a miracle.

  • Mark G

    I would like to see Mitt Romney win the Iowa caucus, because he’s really the only sensible choice for the Republicans. All the other candidates are marginal at best, and although I’m no Romney fan, at least he isn’t a total whack-job like so many of the others in the race.

  • James W. Wilson

    None should win or become president until such time as they can state clearly what they would avocate and above all how they would GET IT THROUGH CONGRESS. We aren’t a dictatorship.

  • Alex

    Ron Paul. The political process has become ossified; he’s the only one with half a chance to clean things out. It would be a rough four years, but no worse than Andrew Jackson.

  • Carrie

    I guess if we’re forced to pick one of these losers to win, it might as well be Romney. He’s the least scary of the group. That’s probably why the GOP doesn’t like him all that much.

  • Joe Shaffer


    (with the field of republicans, if they pick anyone other than Romney then Obama wins)

  • John

    Ron Paul

    Once people see the truth that Obama and Bush are one in the same. Obama/Bush, more war, less liberty, more corporate power, more TSA/ homeland insecurity, bail out banksters, more aid to Israel……..

  • Fred

    Ron Paul. Let’s not be the world’s bully any more and learn to live in peace.

  • Steve the Cynic

    The Republican Party might as well nominate Ron Paul, even though he could never win. He’s going to run as an independent spoiler if he’s not nominated, so no other Republican can win either.

  • Philip


  • david

    I second Pedro

  • suzie

    Well, to be totally frivolous, don’t know if I want some one in the White House with the first names Mitt (like in a baseball glove) or Newt (a kind of salamander). But maybe there will be a real “miracle” and a write-in candidate of real substance, intelligence, morals, and honesty will emerge from what we have been given.

    I do, however, feel sorry for the good citizens of Iowa. The good news is that maybe they should be making some good money in good and services from all the candidates, their handlers and lackeys and from the crazed media people. But to have to put up with that circus for months and months – well one might want to secede from the union.

  • Peter

    Ron Paul, the champion of the Constitution. Stop borring money from China to give to Pakistan and the ISI!

  • Mary

    If Ron Paul wins, the mainstream media will downplay Iowa’s results; If anyone else wins they will continue to do what they have been doing, ignore Ron Paul’s extensive following.