Some in Iran are blaming Israel and the United States for the assassination Wednesday of an Iranian nuclear scientist. The United States has denied any involvement, but some Western observers believe Americans are involved in a covert campaign to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. Today’s Question: What sorts of action to prevent Iran Read more

The primary campaign for the GOP presidential nomination is becoming a battle of super PACs. Groups with names like “Winning our future” and “Restore Our Future” are devoting millions of dollars to attack ads, free of the spending limits that would apply to them if they directly coordinated their efforts with the campaigns they support. Read more

Late last year, President Obama signed a defense spending bill that provides for indefinite military detention of anyone suspected of terrorism, including American citizens. The law has sparked widespread criticism from civil-liberties groups and others. Today’s Question: Was President Obama right to allow indefinite detention of citizens without due process?

President Obama laid out his vision Thursday for a leaner military more reliant on sea and air power. While his strategy would be aimed at maintaining overall military superiority, it would no longer require that the United States be prepared to fight two ground wars simultaneously. Today’s Question: What do you think of President Obama’s Read more