What’s your opinion of a libertarian candidate like Ron Paul?

Recent polling puts Rep. Ron Paul at the top of the field of Republican candidates in Iowa. His libertarian positions on foreign affairs, monetary policy and other issues place him at odds with his Republican rivals. Today’s Question: What’s your opinion of a libertarian candidate like Ron Paul?

  • really?

    He is great.

    Most people don’t realize that just like the left is opposite to the right, libertarian is opposite to authoritarian.

    At the moment we have both the left and the right in the authoritarian camp, it’s time to bring freedom back to the USA!!!

  • w

    What do I think of Ron Paul?

    I think he is the only one gets my vote.

    I think he is the only one who can restore America to its rightful place.

    I think he is the only one who can provide a better America for your coming generation.

    I think he is the only one who can defeat a buffoon of a president which we have got at the moment.

  • MarkP

    I think Ron Paul is the only consistent and truthful candidate and will truly serve the people if he is elected, not corporations and lobbyists. And the more main stream media they ignore and/or attack him, the more the people are realising how right he is on so many things, hence he is apparently leading in Iowa now.

    He is the only candidate I will vote for.

  • James

    He’s great.

    And if elected he will be a hug disappointment because the 2 parties in the house and senate will ignore him.

    The president has much less power than people think, unless he/she uses a lot of executive orders, like W did, and no one likes that either.

  • James

    Typo below. Huge, not hug.

  • BlahBlahBlah

    His clairvoyance led him to predict the attacks, the wars, the economic collapse, the housing bubble, the attack on freedom (NDAA and Patriot Act), the rise of inflation and he was the only one who could figure out what the federal reserve was doing (printing so much money and giving to the banks thereby reducing the value of the savings of the American people, i.e. robbing the people.)

    Ron Paul, who got all this stuff right, is now predicting a war with Iran, continued deficit spending that will lead to more lost jobs, a tougher economy and inflation that will spiral completely out of control.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate who can save the US and lead the free world back to prosperity. He is the only candidate who is honest and straightforward enough to be given any amount of trust by the American people. He is the only candidate worth voting for and whether or not he wins the GOP nomination people should write him in anyway. At least that way Obama will win and in four years when he has to leave the white house, decent hardworking Americans will have another chance to support a true and honest conservative to lead the country. If any of the other GOP candidates are elected they will be running again in 4 years and the country will have to wait another 8 years to get the chance to elect someone like Ron Paul. By then the country may well be mired in another long war in Iran, the debt may well be up to 30 trillion dollars, inflation may be out of control and it may well be too late.

  • Mark

    As long as the Ron Paul supporter(s) will be coming out in droves to comment today. May I suggest you all take a moment and contribute to MPR and become a sustaining member. Consider it a user fee.

  • Neil C.

    Just wondering.

    When the GOP runs out of candidates to be temporarily infatuated with do they start over?

    Will it soon be Michelle Bachman’s turn again?

  • Doug

    I’m sort of getting a kick out of watching intellectual giants like Perry and Bachmann complain about Obama’s alleged lack of competence.

    Or Gingrich complain about the immorality of Washington.

    Or Romney talk about the prime importance of having a consistent leader.

    Or Ron Paul insisting how the best way to create jobs is to fire government workers.

    Or Santorum continue to claim that the most important issue in America is whether people having sex are of the same gender.

    I mean, you couldn’t make this stuff up.

  • GregX

    Ron Paul is an overly simplistic libertarian. While he describes and promotes nice anecdotes about a better future ( fewer: -drug laws, -business regulations, -govt. agencies) – BUT his ability to connect them into a coherent societal strcuture always falls apart. For example – someone develops a new drug – but someone else copies it and sells it for cheaper. Well the drug, business laws may not exist to address it and the remdiation for the source inventor is to …hire a private entitty to enforce it. Which is a business cost. and suddenly every business is self financing all of the societal structure they need to “survive” because even if there is a US law or state law they can rely on .. there won’t be anyone to enforce unless they ( they agrieved) pay the full costs. This is just one anti-anecdote for the R.Paul universe.

  • Steve Thompson

    No one does the frenetic ramble like Ron Paul.

  • Rich

    Ron Paul seems to be saying that he would rather see nukes sold on every corner than another US war, which seems even more isolationist than his normal positions

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    , the non-partisan Libertarian International Organization

  • Chris Oinonen Ehren

    I think he’s whole buckets full of crazy, tin foil hat crazy. Have you looked into his beliefs on the NAFTA superhighway conspiracy? Except that it isn’t a conspiracy, its one map, badly misinterpreted, but he’s spun it into this wild eyed CIA puts things in my coffee fever dream. He was one of the few people to vote against the ban on crush/torture videos, because squashing kittens underneath your high heeled shoes is an important component of free speech. So apparently is being able to refuse to hire people based on race or religion or gender. He’s currently been groomed to look presentable before a national audience, but the truth is, under the surface, he’s a bubbling crock of insanity, and I don’t want him anywhere near the reins of power.

  • Ron Paul broke me out of my conservative box. Before, I was conditioned to listen for code words that signified a liberal perspective and to dismiss it.

    I would not hear of talk about anything being wrong with the military, that was the “good” part of our government.

    Now I’m ready to be an American first. The hardest part Ron Paul has is breaking through to all those conditioned as I was in the primary. We’re going to need like-minded liberals to switch over to vote for him to drag those still in the conservative Matrix out into freedom’s light.

    I can’t believe that I sound like a hippee now- but it is liberating!

    Peace out!

  • Hec Jervae

    Ron Paul is the greatest enemy of warmongering and totalitarianism, and the greatest friend of freedom and the Constitution. He is hated by the by both the Republican and Democratic establishment because he tells the truth and means what he says. Some of you leftie toads who frequent this site might want to consider jumping out of the hot water before it begins to boil.

  • Matt

    I disagree that his policies are overly simplistic. I think that people are confusing regulations with rule of law, which is understandable with our current government.

    Businesses are protected from harm by laws, not by regulations. Removing regulatory barriers doesn’t open the door to fraud and corruption. There are laws against that. Removing regulation and intervention promotes business expansion and prevents classic monopolies. People are ALWAYS protected from harm caused by others under the law.

    As far as James’ comment about the Executive… yes, they are SUPPOSED to be subservient to Congress, but Dr. Paul seems to be the only one who understands this. Look at the power grabs by the Obama administration, justifying the power to act unilaterally via UN security council resolutions (effectively delegating his responsibility to command our military to an international body), or powers he demanded by sections 1031-34 of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, allowing him alone to arrest absolutely anyone in the United States and detain them indefinetely without charge or trial, and even if you are found innocent by trial (which is a mandated military tribunal), you can still be detained. And this is for “terrorist” related activities such as, and I’m not kidding, using the internet, or owning more than 7 days of food, or checking your watch, or owning binoculars.

    And as far as the War on Drugs goes, I need only to direct the reader to any thoughtful exposition on Prohibition. Organized crime wouldn’t have existed without Prohibition. It creates crime, violence, and incarceration. That one takes some thought, but I came around after I looked at it from a historical and current events context.

    And Doug, when has Dr. Paul EVER stated the best way to create jobs is to fire government workers? He’s never said that. Ever. You are right, the elimination of a government department will eliminate bureacratic positions. But those jobs will spring up in the private sector, if they don’t already exist. Another misconception is that the government CREATES jobs. This is not true. The government can create WORK if it spends money on, say, building a bridge. The contractor may have to hire a few extra helping hands, but once it’s done, those “jobs” are gone, because they’re not actually jobs. The private sector creates permanent jobs, but it has to be allowed to do so by removing the government “help.” Just look at Obamacare… nobody wants to hire because they can’t afford to pay another worker and not even know what they are going to have to do about paying for their healthcare when the bill is enacted.

  • Lou

    Ron Paul is a man of principle that is a throw-back to the ‘America First’ isolationist attitudes that existed prior to America’s entry into World War II. He has stated his ideology clearly and people that support him know exactly who and what they are voting for. Even though I would find it difficult to endorse his political agenda, he does serve a useful purpose in the campaign and I am able to appreciate a candidate that remains true to his convictions.

  • Mark G

    I think Ron Paul is a refreshing change from the cut-and-paste Republican wannabees. I don’t necessarily agree with all of his ideas, but at least he doesn’t just spout the party line. Unfortunately, the Republicans would never support a Paul candidacy, and if he were the nominee, Obama would be re-elected because many Repubulicans would stay home on Election Day. It’s sad that so many Republicans are only interested in defeating Obama, and don’t seem to have any real interest, ideas, or desire to help the nation…..except for the mega-rich.

  • jpg

    I don’t agree with him on much of anything, but God love him for his principled stands! He has not been the flip-flopper of the day, trying to convince anyone that what they plainly heard him say last week just wasn’t so – that is so refreshing that it hurts!

  • Steve the Cynic

    Libertarianism is anarchy lite. As with the left-right scale, both poles of the authoritarian-anarchist scale are recipies for disaster. The opposite of one mistake is another mistake. If we become an un-governed Somalia in order to avoid becoming an authoritarian North Korea, what have we gained? Balance is somewhere in the middle. If you think letting everyone do whatever they feel like will automatically make everything better, you’re assuming something about human nature that is demonstrably false.

  • David Rogers Hunt

    URGENT MESSAGE From the Troops – “Support Us by Supporting Ron Paul”


    Unless America gives up it’s empire overseas, we will NEVER be able to solve any of our problems at home EVER.

    Ron Paul is the ONLY Peace Candidate.

    See to it, for our childrens’ future’s sake, that the only Candidate that addresses our continuous wars, debt expansion, and growing police state, is elected!

    “Some of us are trying to elect the one man in the past 50 years who has told foreign-policy truths in public life, and who doesn’t want to throw hundreds of thousands of kids into cages for victimless crimes. I suspect we are going to get only one chance at this. That may explain people’s exasperation at someone who would unjustly attack this man, while implicitly urging us to vote for one of the interchangeable drones we will otherwise get, all of whom will continue the lies, the bailouts, the cronyism, and the wars.”

    — Tom Woods

  • Larry M.

    While I find Ron Paul by far the most honest and ethical republican candidate, who is truly guided by his ideals and does not sway from them for political gain (with only a few exceptions) his philosophy is out of date and out of touch of a world whose technology and saturation of power for the wealthy is in need of some regulation. The societal cost of an unregulated heavy polluter for example can be devastating and even disastrous and the market will just not cure that, regulation is necessary. The Exxon-Mobile and BP oil spills are a good examples, if all those people hurt economically by the BP spill had to sue to get paid for the damage caused by BP the poorest could have gone bankrupt just trying to get their share by hiring lawyers and the court system would have been bankrupted too.

  • Big Johnson

    “As long as the Ron Paul supporter(s) will be coming out in droves to comment today. May I suggest you all take a moment and contribute to MPR and become a sustaining member. Consider it a user fee.

    Posted by Mark | December 20, 2011 6:34 AM ”

    Mark, trust in family for charitable contributions such as MPR’s sister Target, sister PBS and sister Science Museum and other related kin run businesses for profit and non profit alike.

    About Ron Paul, the question of the day and the comments posted have been persuasive enough to look further into his ideas.

  • Joanna

    I know there are people who are attracted to Ron Paul because of the strength of his convictions, especially when compared to the pool of Republican candidates today. But along with his principled opposition to the wars come his other equally principled stands: abolish FEMA, Medicare, Social Security, public education, the EPA, the Civil Rights act, separation of church and state, any laws protecting people from discrimination (because his view is that rights only pertain to an individual not groups). When a radical commitment to the individual defined as private property owner trumps all other roles for government, and is articulated by an individual who NEVER changes his mind about anything, then anyone who is not already in good shape is in even bigger trouble than we are now.

  • david

    I used to be a Ron Paul supporter, but as I researched and learned more about the man, I think his ideals are a bit out of touch with the real world. I absolutely do not believe that laissez-faire, unregulated economics would every work without dire consequences. The free market could never regulate itself when it’s run by greedy selfish corporate monsters.

    I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to abolish the federal reserve anymore. Instead I think it needs more regulation and transparency, and its decisions needed to be approved by congress and the president. That’ll slow down their printing presses.

    He seems hypocritical to me on some points. To be vehemently “pro-life” but anti regulation on everything else from business, EPA, drug laws, etc is just wrong. Leaving it up to the states would fail miserably, we tried that already. The abortion issue is settled, get over it and move on.

    I absolutely do agree with his anti-war monger views. Iran is not a threat, and it’s refreshing to hear someone say that. It’s even more refreshing to hear it from a Texan. It’s nice they all are not in the pockets of big oil. And it’s time to cut the apron strings with Israel. They are big kids now, they can fend for them selves.

    All in all he’s crazy, but at least he’s less crazy then bachmann…

  • A

    I respect him for being consistent in his beliefs and positions. I even agree with him on a few specific subjects, such as reducing our military presence around the world to name one, but I disagree with almost everything else he says.

    I am not in favor of dismantling the federal government as we know it or eliminating regulations that aim to ensure our corporations play by the rules. In this day and age the individual needs government (including the federal government) to protect his liberty from powerful interests beholden to no one but themselves or their shareholders.

    His ideas often sound good in theory but I feel would be much more harmful in practice than most people think. Ron Paul is simply too radical for me to ever consider supporting him.

  • Jon

    Federal libertarianism is not the same as overall libertarianism. Paul argues that States should be able govern themselves without overarching influences and mandatory adherence to top down laws and regulation from the federal level. Think the federal war on drugs against terminal cancer patients in states in which medical marijauna is legal. The agrument stems from the idea that the closer the representatives are to the

    constituents and regional issues the better these would be served/addressed.

    The things that concern me about Paul is he does not address the corporate colonialism that takes place on a global economic level. He does not address the fact we live on a planet with finite resources and yet we have a economic model based on growth.

  • Rich in Duluth

    Like most libertarians, Ron Paul has either simple or no solutions to our country’s complex problems. His main solution to most problems is to get government “out of the way” and let the market solve problems. I find this hypocritical and irresponsible for a person running for a government office.

    The market cannot provide the people with health care, support the elderly and needy, provide police and fire protection, national defense, or the infrastructure (highways, sewer, water, airports) that business and the people need to operate and live their lives. And, the market certainly can’t regulate itself. We need government to do those things because business cannot, will not, and should not do them.

  • Linds

    I am voting for Ron Paul or not at all. He makes sense and I trust him to make the moral and logical decisions as they need to be made, without overextending his reach.

    Many people state they have an area or two where they are not with the good doctor, but I can’t find any areas where I disagree – I am for competing currencies, auditing the Fed, reducing the size of the federal government, cutting spending, honoring the Constitution and Bill of Rights, civil liberties and personal responsibility, a non-interventionist foreign policy – including withdrawing from the current wars and not further antagonizing sovereign nations, and decisions about social issues being made on the state/local level.

    On top of having beliefs that are logical, routed in history and realism, and respectful to our rights as nation of individuals, Dr. Paul is an honest and consistent, experienced legislator who does not appear to over-sensationalize the presentation of his beliefs or be a puppet for anyone. He is a man who is true to himself and in doing so is a good representative for the whole of this nation.

  • Steve the Cynic

    “Paul argues that States should be able govern themselves without overarching influences and mandatory adherence to top down laws and regulation from the federal level.”

    If that view had prevailed in the ’60s, Jim Crow laws might still be in place in the South.

  • dm

    What do you think of “someone like Carrie Miller”?

    The contempt for his non-party sanctioned message just can’t be hidden by the media can it?!

    The more “people like you” ignore him, the more his message resonates.

    End the snobbery.

    His views will not end the social programs everyone clings to. It will just present some clarity in the form of contrast to our unspoken assumptions about America’s role in the world and in it’s citizen’s lives.

  • Nicholas

    Whether I agree with every stance Ron Paul holds is irrelevant. I support him because he is indeed the champion of liberty, of the bill of rights and of the internet.

    He alone is willing to discuss how our rights, not as Americans but as human beings, are being trampled by the war on terror, the war on drugs and a faulty monetary system.

    I know many of his opinions are “unconventional”, but his opinions on the above issues are so right, and so important, that all the crazy talk is easily forgiven.

    As President, Ron Paul would have the power to end America’s military rampage single-handedly.

    Millions of children in the world will become acquainted with war if we don’t stop.

  • Owen

    I’d like to vote for him, his pro-life anti-choice position prevents me from doing it.

  • Shane


    For someone who claims to be an “independent” I have yet to see you post any truly independent ideas. You pretty much tow the DFL party line. You might also want to look into spell check…

    Steve the cynic,

    Just to make sure we all have our history correct, what political party was the biggest supporter of jim crow laws?

  • John

    Ron Paul is the only candidate I’ve ever given money to in my life.

    He is well educated, logical, practical, and he doesn’t flip flop on issues.

    He’s against all wars, and I love his monetary policy.

    There is no reason to have a TSA or Homeland security!

  • Steve the Cynic

    “Just to make sure we all have our history correct, what political party was the biggest supporter of jim crow laws?”

    The Democrats, of course. I’m sure glad they’ve changed since those days. I’m not glad that the Dixiecrats who left in disgust over the civil rights reforms of the ’60s were welcomed into the GOP. Nor am I glad that the Republicans have changed from their stance during Reconstruction, or that they’ve abandoned TR’s anti-plutocratic views.

  • KJ

    Ron Paul is about principles and individual liberty and not about himself and personal power. He is a scholar with a deep understanding of economics. He has written extensively about the economy and liberty (and not about himself.) He is a veteran who has experienced war. He was a doctor who has experienced our health care system firsthand. He has a holistic belief system that not many other politicians have. He has been unwavering from his principles and has delivered a consistent message over the years, often on his own and against the establishment. Just listen to his House floor speeches. He forecasted the housing bubble because he could see the malinvestment; he cautioned against going to war with Iraq. Once you get Ron Paul, most other politicians seem to have an undeveloped understanding of things, or they’re bought and paid for. Ron Paul is a true statesman, constitutionalist, public servant and a great role model for us all.

  • david

    shane stick to the subject and answer the question or go away. No one is interested in your sock puppet trolling.

  • Carrie

    Ron Paul seems to be genuine and he does have some good ideas. However, he’s too extreme for either Demcrats or Republicans to really support him. People need to listen carefully to some of the departments he would like to abolish. I think we’d have chaos if he were elected. He tends to be a little wacky. He won’t get the nomination but I wouldn’t be too surprised if he runs as a third-party candidate. That will take votes away from the Republican nominee (Mitt) and Obama will win re-election by a little more comfortable margin. Fine by me.

  • Jon

    Steve the cynic,

    It is not the 60’s, he is arguing this point now. Times change. there are positives and negatives within any system. We need to have flexibility built into all systems. Top down may have been a way to progress then, but we are seeing more and more that it is not working now.The political and economic systems are not attending to any of the problems. They are simply dealing with symptoms.

    In any natural system, there must be disturbance before there is any real innovation. That is the problem with both the Bush and Obama bailouts. They simply propped up the current system, not allowing enough disturbance to bring forth real innovative economic change.

  • Philip

    Oh, we’re doing the opinion thing again. Very well.

    Vote for Pedro!

  • John P II

    I like the emphasis on individual liberty and civil rights that libertarian candidates (we’re talking about libertarian Republicans right?) bring to the discussion, mainly because it helps offset the crazy Republicans who hear voices from heaven. The debate usually focuses more on economic issues though, because that’s how you get elected, and there I think the libertarian desire for a completely free market system is misguided.

    I do respect Dr. Ron Paul for being the crazy uncle at the holiday table all these years, filling the children’s ears with truths they really can’t use.

  • Joanie Jet

    MPR has deleted all the psts from a “kimMN” and a few others that gave conservative opinions…so when did MPR start censoring?

  • Peter R.

    Paul has a better chance than any other Republican candidate to beat Obama. Comprised of fiscal conservatives who want to stop borrowing money from China to hand to Pakistan, to establishment Republicans who would simply prefer him to Obama, to Democrats outraged at the continuing behemoth military budgets, renewal of the Patriot Act and passage of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, Paul’s base of support in a general election would be large and diverse.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Mike

    I am a big Ron Paul supporter and I have to say, I am a little upset that he doesn’t seem to get a fair shake in the media. People don’t seem to understand his positions because they are not “politics as usual” and because of that he gets labeled a “crackpot” or a “crazy old man”. To me, this is just another form of bigotry. Yet this form of bigotry seems to be acceptable.

    Disagreeing with a candidate’s policy is one thing. But name-calling and dismissal of a candidate based on a lack of understanding is inexcusable.

    For those who believe we need our policies and regulation at a federal level, remember No Child Left Behind, The Wall Street Bailouts, and The War on Drugs.

    For the people that think his ideas on the free market are out of touch with modern society, I would argue that, because of the internet and social media, we are more interconnected than ever, which makes for an even more efficient marketplace.

    Do some research and make up your own mind. Don’t let media bias make your mind up for you.

    Oh, and I wasn’t talking about you, MPR. Keep up the great work!

  • Lynne

    My problem isn’t with a Libertarian candidate, per se, my problem is that Ron Paul is an on-the-record racist. “Order was only restored in L.A. (after the riots) when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks,” is just one of *many* direct quotes from Dr. Paul. If the racism doesn’t getcha, the “compassion” the good doctor has for his fellow human beings might. Re: People with AIDS, he said they, “enjoy the attention and pity that comes with being sick.” His political positions are irrelevant to me when he makes statements such as these about the people he’s supposed to represent.

  • Mark – [As long as the Ron Paul supporter(s) will be coming out in droves to comment today. May I suggest you all take a moment and contribute to MPR and become a sustaining member. Consider it a user fee.] *** As long as you pay taxes you are already paying for NPR and MPR. When MPR and NPR stop receiving government subsidies then I will gladly contribute but until then, the way I look at it, I’m already paying for my local public radio station.

  • Lynne – [My problem isn’t with a Libertarian candidate, per se, my problem is that Ron Paul is an on-the-record racist. “Order was only restored in L.A. (after the riots) when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks,” is just one of *many* direct quotes from Dr. Paul. If the racism doesn’t getcha, the “compassion” the good doctor has for his fellow human beings might. Re: People with AIDS, he said they, “enjoy the attention and pity that comes with being sick.” His political positions are irrelevant to me when he makes statements such as these about the people he’s supposed to represent.] *** Nice, using partial quotes is very deceptive…why only show part of the quote instead of showing the full quotes? I’m sure there’s all sorts of embarrassing Obama partial quotes but I won’t use them because that’s the lowest level of politics. Grow up, Ron Paul has said he would walk with MLK Jr. to fight racism, he is against racism in all its forms but he simply does not believe government should impose racial quotas on private businesses.

  • George

    Ron Paul is the answer for 2012 America.

    END the wars (Bring military spending back to 2005 levels, saving the Veteran’s pensions and healthcare).

    Allow states to keep prohibiting pot, or regulating it and using the money saved on prisons to educate and prevent use – treating it like a health problem.

    Restore civil liberties by repealing the patriot act, not censoring the internet, and repealing the indefinite detention of americans act.

    Preserve social security and medicare for the people who are going to depend on it.

  • James

    LYNN –

    RON PAUL didn’t write those racist newsletters. They were associated with him and he should have never allowed that to be printed. However, anyone that knows him will tell you he doesn’t have an inkling of racism in his body and looks at people as individuals and not collective groups.

  • Johnny D

    For all the people that thinks he wants to eliminate medicare and social security – do some research. He is the only one who wants to help preserve these programs and avoid austerity.

    The rest will just slash and use it as leverage to get their other agendas through.

    He has said multiple times he wont cut it. He thinks it would be evil to do that to people who have grown to depend on it.

  • JS

    Ron Paul is a man of integrity, honesty and consistency. He is the only politician I’ve ever given money to, and he is the only candidate that will make positive changes for our country. He is also the only candidate that stands for liberty and the constitution.

    Remember that document?

    It’s being butchered by the Patriot Act, the TSA , ObamaCare, and now the National Defense Authorization Act. Our country is rapidly advancing toward a police state, and Ron Paul is the only candidate that will reverse that trend.

  • Donna

    First off, he’s not a Libertarian candidate, he’s a Republican candidate. 2nd, I can’t for the life of my figure out why students support this guy, one of the first things he will do is cut any kind of Federal help for college students, he has said this many times. I worry about our youth supporting this guy.

  • Donna M

    DONNA –

    Where did you get this information?

    He thinks that eliminating FEDERAL student loans would cause college costs to go down, however he wouldn’t make this a priority.

    College students think for themselves and don’t want people telling them what to do.

    AKA SOPA, NDAA, Prohibition (that doesn’t work). They also want a FUTURE!

  • Steve the Cynic

    “It is not the 60’s, he is arguing this point now.”

    So, states that want to reinstate Jim Crow laws should be allowed to do so?

  • Tom

    Steve the Cynic –

    He is for individual liberty for all – but that is a valid question about states’ rights.

    Yes, he would let states have more freedom but would ABSOLUTELY get involved if anyone in a state tried to take rights away from anyone.

    Read LIBERTY DEFINED for more info.

  • kevin

    although ron paul is the only republican canidate who speaks with any shred of knowledge on foreign policy, he is a homophobic bigot who has no business serving any public office. the rest of the republican canidates are bat sh*t crazy. obama is a corporate tool. don’t vote. occupy!

  • T S E

    Kevin – Where do you get this information?

    He is the only one of them (Including the incumbent) who won’t go after states that do what they want to do with gay marriage. Although is is personally for traditional marriage – he thinks the govt should stay out of people’s personal lives.





    RON PAUL 2012

  • Ann

    There are many parts of Ron Paul’s proposals that make sense. His drawn down regarding some of the foreign military bases is a good start. There are also elements of his foreign policy positions that I also agree with. His position about ending the drug war is another step in the right direction.

    I don’t believe him to be a crack pot or an extremist of any sort. I just don’t believe that he has a path forward to the presidency. Although I do believe he has a very well organized campaign in Iowa and could very well win Iowa.

  • Rodger


    End wars, draw down defense, keep out of forign messes. End drug war. Keel civil rights


    Wants US out of the UN. Doesn’t believe in community (or campassion). Thinks the environment can be cleaned up by sueing each other. No fed oversight on corporations.

    More hates than likes.

  • Bohemian Club

    “When MPR and NPR stop receiving government subsidies then I will gladly contribute but until then, the way I look at it, I’m already paying for my local public radio station.

    Posted by Jefferson | December 20, 2011 3:40 PM ”

    Yes, Jefferson, they call that double-dipping.

    Nice link by the way; I thought F-F-F meant something entirely different or at least it did where I grew up. It’s al lovely painting of the Brothahood, those Freemasons. Someone wrongly and foolishly tried to tell me that Freemasonry was rooted in the previous century.

    What a lovely club.

  • Kevin VC

    Libertarians are right in BOTH parties are screwed up and taking it on the side.

    True libertarians would also say lobbyist need to go from Washington, not be protected…. given exception and privilege to power of our government..

    What they are often confused about is the regulations government does.

    If you make it a crime for lobbyists to have more access to leaders and thus shape policy in ways normal everyday main-street people are not allowed then you are setting a regulation.

    There are things they got right, but they need to understand what they are asking for at times is regulations, and that is where they have been hijacked by the GOP.

    Ron Paul has some whacked out ideas, and yet honest good ones. In congress he may have purpose, but I would not vote for him. He does represent a segment of the population, just not most of it.

    Never mind a lot of what he says is… well…. wrong on so many levels. At least he is not as disconnected as the other GOP candidates.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Like other political ideologies, libertarianism is based on a good idea that, if taken to its logical extreme and adhered to strictly, causes more problems than it solves. Save your doctrinal purity for your religious views, and leave it out of the government that’s supposed to serve all of us.