In six words, how would you describe 2011?

We’re just two days from the end of 2011. Today’s Question: In six words, how would you describe 2011?

(Inspired by SMITH Magazine’s Six-Word Memoir project and book series .)

  • Clark

    Obama -punish success, reward failure

  • kevin

    Wet then dry, oh my!

  • Phil

    A year between 2010 and 2012

  • Phli

    A year between 2010 and 2012

  • Randi Reitan

    shameful anti-gay amendment brought by Republicans

  • Clerk

    “The rent is too damn high” ;^)

  • Luke Van Santen

    Departing too rapidly, many shining memories.

  • Michael Maupin

    The summer fried, then fall occupied

  • Jolene

    Deployed. Fell in love with Ryan.

    Basic synopsis of my year, at least!

  • another gasbag

    Koch in tryst equals family values

  • GaryF

    Realizing big government is not sustainable.

  • thomas

    Dayton -Keep spending other people’s money

  • reggie

    Rich get richer, everyone else poorer.

  • Lou

    Osama bin Laden: We’ll never forget.

  • Brad Johnson

    Economy getting stronger, despite political gridlock.

  • Phil D.

    Rich encounter turbulence; poor not belted

  • GB

    goodbye Bro, layoff, turned 60, challenging

  • Hiram

    The year America’s failure became visible.

  • Amy

    Sadness, loss, grief. No silver lining.

  • Bill

    Zionist agenda, no criminal banksters jailed

  • GregX

    The new growth is flat. Proschai!

  • david

    Hypocritical plutocratic republicans destroyed the nation!

  • Mary

    Ron Paul hope for the future

  • Eric

    Thank you Obama for getting Osama.

  • Kyle

    American police state sweeps into place

  • JasonB

    Wish we had an Arab Spring.

  • suzie

    allowed to retire before laidoff, whew!

  • Erika

    Double mastectomy, chemo, baldness, radiation…resurection

  • Gail

    Faultless leader languishes on Hawaiian beach

  • Rick

    A few…

    I’m still breathing; 2012 be better!

    Closing time…you can’t stay here.

    More bickering, the show goes on.

  • patty

    politicians, embarrassing

    elections, scary

    choices, none

  • Gary

    Republicans obstructed, Europe teetered, weather ravaged.

  • Chris

    Working, re-tooling, opportunistic, in-shape, optimistic, winning

  • Mark

    Suffering the Consequences – Hairball in Congress

  • Tom

    no Osama, Jobs; yes tsunami, Kepler 22-b

  • Kim

    2011…Learned we are having another baby!

  • Chuck

    Politicians run amuck,

    unemployed outta luck

  • Bruce

    “We” are in this together!

  • Christen

    Love, marriage, baby carriage? (Well… almost!)

  • Steve the Cynic

    Congressional plutocrats take ball, go home.

  • Cara Norling

    Republicans equals rich, what about the rest?

  • Guthrie Horgan

    Just could not end quickly enough.

  • James

    We are out of Iraq!

  • James

    The year of the Packers.

  • DCM

    employed, healthy, loving family, great experiences

  • GregX

    American business has two trillion dollars!

  • Amy V

    Quit complaining and blaming. Embraced grace.

  • Bill

    Zionists controlled media, banks, and politicians

  • Larry M.

    Climate Change, political stunts, slight gains.

  • Lance

    MPR listeners can’t count to six.

  • Lance

    Politics and media – bread and circuses

  • Jessica E

    Despair? So 2010. We ROSE UP!

  • Joe Schaedler

    Government and economic quagmires, social protests

  • Caroline

    Wave, Protest, War, Greed: Hope Persists

  • vicki nyman

    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

  • Rowzat

    Toddler in daycare. I am sick.

  • Caitlin

    Glad I learned these lessons early.

  • Tony

    The worst year I’ve ever had.

  • Kirk

    Un-yielding political party holds nation hostage

  • ANN

    funeral,alone,unemployed years,fired again

  • Nancy Naylor

    old, oppressions, fall,

    new, revelations, arise

  • Kelly

    death of dictators, rise of protesters

  • KevinVC

    first year of the ninety-nine percent

  • Carmi Rae Bleifuss

    Recession is over? Depression gains foothold!

  • White Collar Crimes

    Elizabeth, liz, izzy, beth, betty, bet

  • ynot

    Better above ground than below ground

  • ScottF

    I don’t pay taxes – I’m rich!

  • Steve the Cynic

    Preposterous opinions never cease to amaze.

  • Ernie

    broke like a joke and snoring

  • Dave

    Totally outrageous opportunities to make money

  • Brandon Barclay

    Well, it’s all downhill from here.

  • melody

    Winds of change can feel strange

  • Hank

    What the hell happened over here?

  • Matt

    Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

  • Janet

    Empty nest, middle-aged love: Paradise

  • Dert McGert

    Commenters are idiots, yes I am!

  • August Cedergren

    could’a been worse, can’t complain.

  • Jack

    The best plant’s still not legal.

  • OccupyMN

    Occupy Together, Occupy Everywhere, Occupy Heart-Mind!

  • John Lund

    I became convinced our civilization’s doomed.

    Sooner, not later, sad to say.

    If the apocolypse doesn’t get us,

    climate change will do us in.

    Begin saying farewell to humanity.

  • Ko Ko Nose

    Occupy protesters are lazy people. Underminers of American dream. Labor unions should be rid of because they don’t help for the the country’s economy.

  • Ko Ko Nose

    Obama is good, but he is a friend of the lazy rather than the poor. He might have tried to be the best friend of the poor. But his policies to help out people who do not want to work and claim what they have not earned is damaging the country’s economy.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Some people just can’t follow directions.

  • Mark G

    Rich get elevator, others get shaft.

  • Henry

    Grow more hemp, hemp hemp hurrah!