How satisfied are you with your bank?

A recent poll shows that consumers are increasingly dissatisfied with banks, and credit unions report a recent influx of new customers. Today’s Question: How satisfied are you with your bank?

  • Clark

    I am very satisfied. Appears unless the banks allow the LOSERS and FREELOADERS of OWS to pull out free money, they are evil. For those of us who earn a good income, pay our bills on time, don’t make poor spending decisions, large U.S. banks offer services that save consumers time and money.

  • Phil

    I am satisfied since I moved to a small local bank. The large ones are no longer interested in serving working people.

  • Steve the Cynic

    I haven’t had a bank account for about two decades. Credit unioins are the only way to go, and I’m greatly satisfied with mine.

  • liza schwab

    I am extremely unhappy with my bank. With them taking away free checking (oh it is still free if you maintain a $1500 minimum balance…with no interest accruing.), almost no interest for savings and them holding our wires for 2-3 days, even though the money is a WIRE, holding our business checks for upwards of 5 days, even though our business account has a rather large amount of money in it…yeah, over it.

    moving all personal stuff to a credit union. Unfortunately have to keep business there.

    I think banks shot themselves in the foot and started the demise of Americans in debt when they took away good interest earning savings accounts. As late as the mid90s i still had a savings account that earned decent interest. I actually just found my old bank book from 1993 and i was earning 7% interest at the beginning of the year and by the end, it was only 4%. Now, my childrens savings earn .2% and .5%, that is ridiculous.

    Bring back decent earning savings accounts and people will start holding their money in banks, banks will have more cash on hand and less debt, as will Americans in general.

    Hard for me to convince my children to save money in a bank when all it does is just, sit in a bank instead of their piggy bank.-

  • Steve the Cynic

    Naturally, Clark is “very satisfied,” since he’s an admitted financial services executive. His nearly libelous description of OWS protesters misses the mark entirely. The problem isn’t that banks make a fair profit by the useful services they provide, but that they make excessive profits through economic parisitism.

  • Mark

    If clark is representative who the big banks desired customer is, it’s no wonder I have no desire to do business with them. I would rather be a LOSER and a FREELOADER then a BIGOTED, FASCIST REDNECK PLUTOCRATIC SHILL. But that’s just me.

  • GaryF

    Wells Fargo CALLED ME and asked us if we wanted to refinance and lower my mortgage rate a few years ago. A big thumbs up to WF.

    TCF does a good job with my personal banking except for the point they only have two(now recently three) cash machines in the whole Mac Groveland/Highland Park/West 7th/Merriam Park Neighborhoods in St Paul. One at the bank on Ford Parkway(Which is frequently out of order), one inside St Kates, and one on Marshall Avenue. But I’m not the money person in my house, so I don’t call the shots on who we bank with.

  • Brent

    Personally, I have had my money in the same bank since 1988. I have generally been satisfied with their service.

    When I have gone through rough patches, they have covered the checks – and charged me a fee for over drafting. Fair enough. And I am grateful they paid the people to whom I had accidentally written the checks.

    I have both a checking and savings account, and while the interest rate on the savings is not great, I guess I haven’t seen a lot better out there.

    My bank has done what I have been looking for – held my money so that I could write checks against the amounts there, held my money in a savings account earning interest (albeit low), and has given me access to those funds as I need them.

  • Though my small bank has changed names three times in 9 years, I still believe that small is the name of the successful game. In several family crises this small bank has acted in large and helpful ways to smooth the waters for us.

  • Chuck

    I’m extremely happy with my bank – USAA Federal Saving Bank. Free checking, free atm and debit – extremely good services all the way around.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Calm down, Mark. Whatever Clark is, he’s not a fascist. Nor have I seen any evidence in his posts that he’s a bigot or redneck, and since he’s part of the plutocracy, he’s technically not a shill for it. Truth is important. Let’s leave the words-mean-what-I-say-they-mean attitude to the likes of kimMN.

  • Philip

    Wells Fargo = not.

  • I’m pretty happy with my credit union. They’ve treated me right, fees, rates and level of service has been unquestionably good. However, the trade off is that in addition to the usual problems with small credit unions (few offices, inconvenient hours, paying ATM fees everywhere) I have to deal with an outdated online banking system that thinks cell phones are only capable of WAP, only supports money transfers between your own accounts (no cash transfers to others) and thinks that the only money management software people use is Turbo Tax. At first blush, it doesn’t seem so bad until you realize that means that you can’t use any other software, including competing tax software, and semi-automated budgeting tools like Mint, or PageOnce, and has no plans to support them. It doesn’t help that no one at my credit union even knew that Mint or PageOnce existed…

  • Matt

    I’ve been with a larger regional bank for over 20 years, mainly because they were “convenient” inside all the grocery stores. But in that time, they never really did anything to make me like them, or embrace them as a bank, or make me feel valued as a customer, and on several occasions I was downright angry at them. Am finally switching over to a smaller local bank close to my house, no rules or restrictions and everything free.

  • CarlS

    My satisfaction level took a big dip downward when as the final straw they eliminated the interest paid on my account without notifying me. I have been a model and loyal costumer, maintaining a sizable balance for years, and bit by bit they have alienated me with dwindling services and interest rates. When I call them up with the possible intent of, for the first time in decades, taking my business elsewhere my first request is going to be: define ‘customer service’ for me. If anything it should prove amusing.

  • Mark

    Steve, I stand behind what I said. I’ve read enough of clark’s post to have a pretty good representation of his character. His views on the OWS protesters is closed minded and misinformed, thus he IS a BIGOT.

    I’m sure he got s cheep sexual thrill then oakland and the other fascistic tear gassed the protesters, violating their first amendment rights. Like all good American fascists the constitution only applies to them and everyone else with different views is unamerican, so the constitution does not apply.

    I’m guessing on the redneck part, but I know the type all too well. Redneck is a selective term, and I can say with 100% confidence if I met him, I would think him a redneck.

    I doubt he really is part of the plutocracy. He may have money, but not 1% money. As soon as the 1% fleeces the poor and middle class of their last cent, they’ll be moving onto him. Hope his big bank is there for him then cause no one else will be.

    And he is such a SHILL. Every post he has ever made is so partisan. And he obviously has little understanding of all sides of the argument, though I’m sure he thinks he does.

    If I wanted to cast unsubstantiated dispersion’s I would have called him a FAT FU**, because I assume from what I know that his circumference is greater than his height. But that would be libelous.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=5a886b2e1297de13&biw=1252&bih=716

  • Mark G

    I’m very satisfied with the very small town bank that has my checking and savings accounts. I’m very dissatisfied with the large bank that “manages” my home mortgage. Even though I have never missed a payment, I get late notices EVERY MONTH, sent via certified mail. I wonder if they even bother checking to see on what date they receive and post my payments. In fact, I believe they deliberately avoid posting my payments from time to time, in order to justify sending me a late notice. I have gotten into the habit of sending my payment several days before the actual due date….but this doesn’t seem to help matters at all.

  • Han

    I’m very happy with my credit union, thank you.

  • Jenn

    Lately, very unsatisfied. I have had a business account at TCF for over 6 years. Due to recent fee increases, I am in the process of moving to a credit union. They used to charge a flat $35 overdraft fee. They now charge a $28 fee for each DAY your account is in the negative. (up to max of 14 days- $392!) My business has never incurred an overdraft fee on that account but I think the change to that amount is exorbitant and frankly, I can’t believe it’s legal.

  • Ron

    Credit Unions only for us. Very satisfied with rates, variety of services and customer service.

  • Gregory of Saint Paul

    I opened my first bank account at the age of 15 at an institution then called Northwestern National Bank. They were most famous for having a ball atop their building that would predict the weather in accordance with the color it portrayed, and whether or not it was flashing. The bank’s advertising slogan was “We love to say yes!” and apparently they did. I did much business there, having checking, savings and loans with easy, friendly contacts. Then the bank changed to Norwest. Small fees began to appear. Nothing outragious, but different than had been before. It was tolerable, and I stayed with them. Then Norwest became Wells Fargo, and the extra fees multiplied. Fees for everything, including one for not keeping a minimum balance, while interest paid on savings (and at one point, checking) accounts evaporated. It felt like they were actively trying to drive me away, in favor of some more mamoth account on the horizon, as though I had somehow become an annoying gnat to be tolerated at best. At length, I was refused a loan even though I had had many auto and signature loans with them in the past and had repaid all of them before their due dates and had regular employment. After decades of being their customer, I felt insulted, and with the addition of what seemed to be fees for processing fees, I left the bank. I now am with a credit union, where clerks take time to chat, and transactions are simple and personable, and where loans are processed by someone with whom one actually has face-to-face contact, the way a human-scaled bank should be.(I’ve never been denied there, either.) There are no hidden fees and even the ATM charges nothing for credit union customers. I have never regretted leaving Wells Fargo. They have become something other than a bank for the common customer, now intent on mortgages and large accounts. That seems to be what has happened with the banking industry as a whole. The “little guy” has been brushed aside in favor of esoteric fiscal creations that profit only the elite. I love my credit union. As for the big banks, should they falter again, I hope that no one comes forward to try to save them. They have outgrown their purpose and even usefulness. In the natural course of capitalism, they may, and perhaps should, fail. And from their ashes, perhaps will emerge a banking phoenix that tells you the weather, or at least likes to say “yes” to its common customers.

  • Regnar James

    Cash and barter.


  • GregX

    I am a credit union member and very happy with it. the online management tools are great, the staff are easy to work with, the rates are compettive and …. they don’t excessively market me. They don’t have to … I and most every other member that i know of , just go there first. That, I think, says a lot.

  • John P II

    I was contemplating joining the “move your money” movement for grand philosophical reasons for awhile but what pushed me to actually do it was when a WF branch mgr lied to my face. I suspect he was powerless to actually do anything to fix the problem, but he made the mistake of pretending he fixed it when he clearly did not and the problem was still occurring. I closed the account a few days later and laughed when he asked me to sign a form on which he had already selected the reason as “Other” instead of “Dissatisfied with Service.” I changed it and wrote an explanation but somehow doubt that form ever made it anywhere. Yes the CU is not as technologically sophisticated (yet) but the personalized, caring service more than makes up for that. I trust the people there; I do not trust the monolithic bureaucracy the big banks have become (and let’s not even get into their predatory fee schedules which thankfully I mostly avoided.)

  • kimMN

    @Mark..using more name calling, reference to another’s assumed weight to denigrate is such a cheap shot. Keep it civil or have the MPR moderator through your IPS address ban further replies.

    Now to the question of bank satisfaction: As long as the government allows the Federal Reserve Bank to dictate which small banks succeed by virtue of their capricious ratings in order to have the capital to make loans and as long as the President thinks he can best control this process with the hundred or so new added regulations , banks and credit unions will have to make changes to minimize that negative impact. Most do not know that the Fed Reserve admitted to some manipulation of their favorites when doing stress tests on which should close.

    People are free to choose where they bank. Credit Unions seem to have the better service although ING has been flawless in service and transparent fees.

  • van

    I am not satisfied with the banks any more than I am with the total lack of transparency. We were promised if Barrack was elected we would have government transparency and no more business as usual in DC, no more lobby influences.

    Things must be pretty bad when Congress is demanding the President’s 2008 appointee for running Fannie and Freddie Mac mortgages to lose their bonus. I would be more satisfied with my banks if the government stopped manipulating them with so many new rules and conditions. Big banks can and should fail when they cheat. That keeps the rest of them honest and it gives us better choices for our banking needs. Don’t blame the banks unless or until they are free of government manipulation and control and then fail to measure up.

  • kimMN

    I think the Occupy Wall Street protesters would have the best answer to this banking question, since they are skipping school and some that have jobs are skipping work, it must be important to them enough to be well versed?

    Here is their sample of informed OWS protesters just before the National Socialist Organization and SEIU and Steelworkers unions and ACORN all lent a hand to keep the sit ins going.

    BTW, hopefully Minnesotans know what the NSO is and the countries it is involved in starting in Russia. These are the folks that want to overthrow governments and worship Adolph Hitler on his birthday..pretty sick but true. And still Obama supports OWS while taking hundreds of millions from Wall Street for his campaigns..doesn’t that seem odd.

    Here is the video address so you can test yourself.

  • Kim’sAuntie

    Dear kimMN , you’re the funniest dearie, but you best get some help. Go visit the clinic – they’re very nice people.

  • Mark

    KimMN, you need to learn to read dear, stop being a hypocrite and generally shut the hell up. Talk about your plutocratic shills. NO ONE is buying your crap. I can’t personally ready past the first line you type, and I’m sure any regular reader of here feels likewise. You’re wasting your time, don’t you have anything worthwhile to do?

    Here’s a novel idea. Since you and Clark have all the answers, how about coming down to the people’s square this weekend, bring some signs with your dubious views, and enlighten the rest of up on the error of our ways. I would welcome your wisdom, as long as I can see you keep a straight face while you explain it to me. If either of you don’t actually have the balls to do that, how about the next time you have a thought, keeping it to yourself?

    The world of grassroots organizing is scary when it isn’t astroturfed for you ahead of time, isn’t it you wussy shills?

  • Chuck

    The OWS demonstrators are lawfully assembling and expressing their grievances as is their constitutional right. Some financial institutions (banks, brokerage houses, investment firms, etc.) have made a practice of soaking clients who don’t have the muscle to fight back.

    Deregulation caused much of the problems we face today in the financial world.

    Give the protesters a hand – they deserve it.

  • Chuck – [The OWS demonstrators are lawfully assembling and expressing their grievances as is their constitutional right. Some financial institutions (banks, brokerage houses, investment firms, etc.) have made a practice of soaking clients who don’t have the muscle to fight back.] *** Incorrect, the OWS group is not lawfully assembling. Many of these demonstrators are breaking local laws by not getting permits for their demonstrations…they are monopolizing public areas which should only occur through permits. On top of that they have been rioting and attacking private property in Oakland. The OWS group has also been disobeying local laws to not have tents up as well as not leaving the public property as required by law at specific times in the evening. BTW, if you don’t like a bank don’t use them; nothing is stopping you from keeping your money in a safe at home.

  • Mark

    OK Jefferson you sudo-constitutional scholar, show me where it says in the constitution you wave around so dearly that one needs a permit from the government to protest that government when it’s not representing the people?

  • Josh D.

    I dumped TCF over a year ago. It was the final straw when I felt they tried to trick me into signing up to keep my over draft fees as opposed to simply denying the charge if I go negative. I never overdraft but it was the principle of it, and the final straw. Much happier with the credit union. My larger loans (car, house ect) are with banks though, and really I just send the money in every month and that’s it, both have fair rates and nothing to complain about there. Once you sign on the dotted line its pretty hard to dump the the bank that owns your mortgage–which is ironic considering how easy it is for them to dump you.

  • kimMN

    @Mark comment: The issue of the OWS affecting banks also includes affecting local business. Mobbing into a bank lobby is not a protected right in fact it is against the law. Vandalism to store fronts is also against the law. Those at OWS are disturbing working people’s lives when they can’t get to work or their employer shuts down for employee safety because of the OWS protesters acions.

    Secondly, the right to peacefully_ protest is not what is at issue when they are camping out occupying 24/7 on public and private areas, defecating on streets and throwing bottles at police.

    @ KimAunt comment; Thank you for finding it funny….. :)although I find it scary when radical violent groups are behind any protests.

    @ Mark’s threatening type of comment:

    Banks aren’t the problem or else the OWS would be Wisconsin Ave in DC to protest Fannie mae, but they aren’t there..why?

    Banks aren’t the bad guy, the bad guy is when government gets in bed with banks and big corporations and gives favors or special rules to their advantage. Clinton’s signing of the Community Reinvestment Act pressured banks to accept low to no interest mortgage loans. When the smart banks resisted, the Fed Reserve warned them it would affect their score needed for getting money from the Fed Reserve. Clinton signed a special act that allowed the Fed Reserve to offer banks a way around that low score by resisting common sense not to make these loans, all they had to do was make a donation to a 501.c group and their score number would improve. Does anyone know which group that was to get donations from banks in order for them to avoid a hit for not making bad loans? Ta Da___ it was ACORN.

    The mortgage balloon started and maintained from government REGULATION controlling their special interests. If in doubt, please write to Dodd and Barnie Frank and they can get you the direct act number and page to read.

    The longer OWS is active the worse this looks for the Democratic election outcome and the better it looks for the radical groups to instigate more violence..that is what most Independents are thinking. They are not thinking, ” kill the banks and destroy capitalism.” Michael Moore, the bad film producer is worth 12-15 million and he is at OWS..he won’t give up 75% of his money to taxes yet expects working people to do so. For the record, the 1% according to their numbers are anyone who makes ( not owns), but makes in yearly income over $323,000 That would cover most physicians, all the liberal actors and Moore, and a few school administrators and most of all Union top leaders!! Ah, the boy’s hyprocrisy is amazing.

    I like my bank and I like all the people that work there. Contrary to OWS, I don’t want to see them have to lose a day’s pay because of some protesters skipping school doing vandalsim…all told, OWS has done over 3,000 acts of violence against people and property, per the NCR weekly crime reporting system.

  • Steve the Cynic


    I stand by my rebuke of your use of “fascist” to describe Clark. Hot-headed rhetoric from the left is just as bad as hot-headed rhetoric from the right.

    Words matter. Fascism (see the link) is a word with an accepted, technical meaning. It does not refer to just any old political idea one happens to dislike, nor is it a mere insult word. It’s an ideology of extreme nationalism, of collectivism, of subsuming the individual into the greater whole of the nation, of the supremacy of the nation one happens to belong to, of violent subjugation of every other nation that proves itself to be weaker than one’s own, and of loyalty to the “Leader” (il Duce in the case of Mussolini, der Führer for Hitler). The word is of Italian origin, and when Hitler translated it into German, he gave it the name that we translate as “National Socialism” (as opposed to economic socialism, which is a different thing entirely). No one posting on these pages has offered any opinion that is even remotely fascistic (though I must say, kimMN’s accusation that Obama is a fascist is especially ridiculous). Furthermore, I said Clark was a plutocrat, not because he’s in the “1%” (me may be, but I wouldn’t know), but because he has identified himself as a wealthy “financial services” executive.

  • Steve the Cynic

    “Keep it civil or have the MPR moderator through your IPS address ban further replies.”

    Wow! Has the moderator threatened to do that to anyone? I haven’t heard of any such warning being given, or of anyone being shut out in that way. Was such a warning given to you privately, kimMN, so that you know about such a possibility? Or are you guessing that it might happen?

  • Mark

    Steve, I typically agree with your post. You give well thought out points and criticisms worthy of giving some serious thought to. To bad many who really need to, do not since it doesn’t prop up their narrow minded little views.

    While your definition of fascism maybe be worthy of a civics text book, there is also common usage too. For instance Franklin D Roosevelt in his address to congress on curbing monopolies.

    “The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is Fascism—ownership of Government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power

    The second truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if its business system does not provide employment and produce and distribute goods in such a way as to sustain an acceptable standard of living.”

    That is EXACTLY what we in the OWS movement are protesting. Among other thing too yes, but the layers and levels of corruption are so distorted and convoluted of coarse the message may get garbled. We don’t have David Koch money to coach “activist” like the astroturfed tea party does.

    We can argue semantics till we’re both blue in the face, but if I’m attacked I will attack in kind. To bad clark doesn’t have the nuts to stand up for him self. I really would like to see either of those two sock puppets come down and enlighten us with their wisdom at the protest. I really do. I think they would be surprised at what they find, instead of what they see of faux news.

  • Mark

    And this is amusing and enlightening. It’s a conversation with clark, kimMN, GaryF, and others.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Mark, while I have great respect for FDR, he was not right about everything. He should not have turned away Jews fleeing Nazi Germany, or sent Japanese-Americans to concentration camps, and he goofed when he conflated plutocracy with fascism. There is some similarity, but they’re not the same thing. Other than that, you are exactly correct. Too much wealth disparity is inimical to democracy.

  • Joey

    One time last year Wells Fargo sent me a little letter telling me they’d decided to go ahead and change the interest rate on my credit card debt to 18%, and that by the way that was now the minimum interest rate for all future debt, except it could possibly go up if the prime rate increased. It wasn’t anything I’d done, they said, they just liked things better that way. Surely I would understand.

    And in fact I hadn’t done anything wrong. I had never missed a payment with them or anybody else.

    That was around the time I realized my bank was just stealing money from me and then using the money they stole to steal more money from my neighbors. Now I do all my banking through a credit union, and I don’t have that problem anymore. I highly recommend changing over. It’s really refreshing to work with an institution who’s goal is to keep communities in good financial shape, not to take as much money as they possibly can from as many people as they can get to trust them.

  • kimMN

    How can anyone be satisfied with their bank, not credit unions, just banks when the Obama administration lies so often and interferes with banking regulations? Then again, he has something to hide when they order the Hawaii Health dept commissioner to take a leave from work to avoid the subpoena…pathetic. Here’s the run down took from the WND:

    “There is obviously a case of fraud going on here,” says Ohio licensed private investigator Susan Daniels. “In 15 years of having a private investigator’s license in Ohio, I’ve never seen the Social Security Administration make a mistake of issuing a Connecticut Social Security number to a person who lived in Hawaii. There is no family connection that would appear to explain the anomaly.”

    Does the Social Security Administration ever re-issue Social Security numbers?

    “Never,” Daniels told Corsi. “It’s against the law for a person to have a re-issued or second Social Security Number issued.”

    Daniels said she is “staking my reputation on a conclusion that Obama’s use of this Social Security Number is fraudulent.”

    “A person who wants to hide their true identity often picks up the Social Security Number of a deceased person, thinking that nobody would ever look into it,” Daniels added. “I think it was sometime in the 1980s that Obama decided to hide who he really is.”

    There is no indication in the limited background documentation released by the Obama 2008 presidential campaign or by the White House to establish that Obama ever lived in Connecticut.

    Nor is there any suggestion in Obama’s autobiography, “Dreams from My Father,” that he ever had a Connecticut address.

    Also, nothing can be found in the public record that indicates Obama visited Connecticut during his high-school years.

    An affidavit filed by Colorado private investigator John N. Sampson specifies that as a result of his formal training as an immigration officer and his 27-year career in professional law enforcement, “it is my knowledge and belief that Social Security Numbers can only be applied for in the state in which the applicant habitually resides and has their official residence.”

    Daniels told WND she believes Obama had a different Social Security Number when he worked as a teenager in Hawaii prior to 1977.

    “I doubt this is President Obama’s originally issued Social Security number,” she told WND. “Obama has a work history in Hawaii before he left the islands to attend college at Occidental College in California, so he must have originally been issued a Social Security number in Hawaii.”

    Read more: The birth certificate please! Subpoena to be delivered

  • Steve the Cynic

    Occam’s razor, kimMN. Ever heard of it? If Obama was not born in Hawaii, how did his birth announcement appear in not one but two Honolulu newspapers within two weeks of his birth? If it’s a conspiracy, it must have begun way back in August 1961. Why would conspirators go to such trouble? It makes no sense.

  • CF

    I like my bank. While I live in Minnesota, my bank is located in Texas and Nevada. I don’t need a “local” bank. Afterall with the Internet, what’s “local” anymore. I hope soon the concept of a “local” bank will go the way of the rotary-dial telephone. Such institutions are pathetically obsolete.

    I almost never write checks anymore. Heck, I consider a box of checks a lifetime supply.

    Deposits? That’s easy. Ever heard of a scanner on your PC? If all else fails, mail it in or snap a picture of the check with your cellular telephone.

    My bank refunds all my ATM withdrawal fees, (up to a certain reasonable point), and certainly doesn’t charge me a fee to use an ATM card!

    My savings, so-called “checking”, credit card and IRA accounts are online and I can access them day or nite. My computer is my “local” bank. That building uptown with the word “BANK” on the sign out front is as obsolete as tubes in a radio.

    The best thing about my bank is NO PEOPLE, just computers. Need to replace an ATM card? Simple. Just the click of a mouse. I’ll take mice over bank tellers anytime.

  • kimMN

    Steve the cynic_

    RE: banks and birth certifs.

    Obama had a CT social security number issued years after he would have had a Hawaii soc sec. number for his work.

    Some like him and some hate his policies but if he is not nor ever was legal to run for President, the forces running his election surely didn’t care after he made it to the Illinois Senate. The fact he refused to show his Birth Certificate for over 2 years and that Dem. Hillary Clinton brought it up as an was not FOX who brought up the possible falsehood, it was Hillary on a TV interview that questioned his birth citizenship. The second fact is that the admin has still refused to allow anyone but ONE chosen NBC reporter to see odd that is, is it from space or what? seriousy, if it was truly valid he would not have had to hide it for all these years. I think they forgot how this was developed, they forgot he had a CT social secutiy number but never lived there, when he ran for President. In short, they screwed up. He also would not had to hide his college records. Saying , asking him to show what other candidates showed in documents, is racist and that defense is so blatantly dishonest of them…but when they think most Americans are dull sheep, they give it a shot to fool them. I think those days are gone..

    a few faked so called newspaper articles announcing an unknown child of no more star status than any other child does not negate the fact of his contrary SS number, and according to a family friend who married a man from Nigeria while she was a resident citizen in Hawaii in the 1960’s, his birth certificate reads Father’s race: Negroe___ it does not read African. BTW, African as was Obama’s father so listed, means he was from the continent..I think who ever created the fake Birth Certificate forgot to add American following the word African_ It should have be written as “Black or negro… The term “African American” was a new term created after the civil rights act was passed, which BTW, most educated black americans today will not use that term.


  • Steve the Cynic

    Where do you get this bullshit, kimMN? I don’t know which is more bizarre, the crap you post, or the fact that you apparently believe it.

    By the way, what are your thoughts about Area 51 and the Roswell incident?

  • kimMN

    @Steve the cynic_ your comments sound more and more like a man who found out his wife is cheating but has yet to admit it so he blames the private investigator for bringing the facts to him. Why does Obama have a CT social security number and never disclosed it before?

    Every one else can show their birth certificate and have a history to back it up, but when our President refuses to show any documents for nearly three years, refuses to release his undergrad Occidental and Harvard school records and refuses to release his medical records whoile McCain did and he had cancer no all says as they say in the press, ” if the truth looks better than what is reported, then open it up..but if the truth looks worse than what is reported, best to deny and avoid it.”

    How does one trust an administration that appoints people like Van Jones, Holdren, Holder and Anita Dunn? Jesus, Annita Dunn states she looks to Chairman Mao (China’s mass killer) as her role model..she meant mostly for his communist stance however, just as bad.)

    Anyone who thinks its a small issue has never bothered to read their histories. Here’s the latest great move by our radical in chief:

    “Obama Czar Giving China U.S. Technology



    A congressman says he’s alarmed that President Obama’s science “czar,” John Holdren, apparently has been collaborating with the Chinese even though Congress specifically prohibited that activity in a bill signed into law by his boss, Obama.

    The accusations from U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf. R-Va., came this week in a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.

    The committee was listening to testimony about China’s espionage in the United States and “the violation of the law by the director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy.”

    Wolf noted he opposed the idea that the U.S. should work with China in any way regarding that nation’s space program.

    “The Chinese space program is being led by the People’s Liberation Army, and to state the obvious, the PLA is not our friend as evidenced by their recent military posture and aggressive espionage against U.S. agencies and firms,” Wolf said.

    His concern was raised because NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden had scheduled a trip to China to talk about cooperation between NASA and the Chinese army, and Holdren made multiple trips to China for weeks of meetings.”

    Nothing reported above can be honestly refuted..facts are there from their own speeches. The liberals were tricked in the 60’s to join the Progressives for their revolution from within, now the Progressives are pissed that Obama has let them down in some areas of policy…and they are ramping it up with OWS and more is planned for more violence..check back in 6 months or less to see this come true with the unions leaders behind it .

    So forget the banks, these are the small issues_ Minnesotans, ARE YOU REALLY BETTER OFF today than you were $4 trillion ago?

    If Obama is doing class warfare, then why does he accept the most $ from Wall Street than all the other past candidates??? Is Libya a success when the Muslim Brotherhood has now flown its flag over their government buildings this past month? Is losing and misappropriating stimulus funds, some 2 billion are still unaccounted for, with Energy dept loans helping job growth or lowering electric rates? Nope___it made it worse.

  • Steve the Cynic

    “…your comments sound more and more like a man who found out his wife is cheating but has yet to admit it so he blames the private investigator for bringing the facts to him.”

    Don’t be absurd, kimMN! That comment presumes I’m somehow in love with Obama. Actually, I supported Hillary Clinton until Obama sewed up the nomination. Anyway, your latest post is still nothing but innuendoes. Be careful; two can play at that game.

    So, tell me: Why was Bush’s military record swept under the rug? Were you equally suspicious of the Bush administration’s ties to Haliburton and the big oil companies? Were you equally critical of the torture and other war crimes perpetrated at Cheney’s direction, with Bush’s approval? Did you cast a skeptical eye on the “information” used to persuade Congress to go along with invading Iraq? Were you upset when Bush didn’t wait for diplomacy to play out as he’d promised, but took us into that quagmire as quick as he reasonably could, and then botched the occupation so badly that it descended into civil war? Weren’t you at all bothered by Karl Rove’s underhanded election tactics? Why haven’t the current crop of Republican candidates repudiated those abuses? And how about the Koch brothers’ and Rupert Murdoch’s ongoing behind-the-scenes manipulations? Aren’t you at all suspicious of their motives?

    See, and I didn’t even have to go to a partisan web site to find those. I just searched my memory about what I’ve heard on the NEWS over the years.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Oh, and if someone were to spend millions of dollars doing opposition research on you, kimMN, what might they find that they could twist to sound worse than it really is?

  • kimMN

    ” Oh, and if someone were to spend millions of dollars doing opposition research on you, kimMN, what might they find that they could twist to sound worse than it really is?”

    Posted by Steve the Cynic | November 6, 2011 5:02 PM

    YES, exactly! Politico did that tactic to Caine and admitted they did not first talk to the complainant. No details either…sad.

    I didn’t vote for McCain and I didn’t for Hillary or Obama..none were fully honest.

    The issue today is that the administration is getting the public to complain about the banks while they ignore and hide from their involvement. Barney Frank and Dodd’s bill was a ruse to again hide their own dealings with banks and Fannie mae. Everyone who has followed the news and seen the nu,mbes from Fannie and read the acts, knows these things.

    As to OBAMA, the facts remain that he refused to disclose data that others routinely did and the big fact that it was Hillary who brought up his in question citizenship. At first when I heard of the birth certificate story, I dismissed it as another conspiracy story until recently when the whole picture was presented. The killer fact was about discovering his CT social security number given for a Hawaiian resident who would have had a social security number 2-3 years earlier and___ his selective service number matching the CT state origin.

    He played the race card to avoid showing his certificate for years until Trump made him find a way out with I assume fabricating a certified copy, now they want to see the original microfiche record of his birth. L:ater, per court order, the HA records commissioner was supoened to provide the access to his original certificate to group but at the last minute, she conveniently had to be away on leave and not available to do it? Come on_ really.

    Isn’t it odd that the hospital where he supposedly was born had NO record of his mother ever being admitted and no billing records either? My spouse’s birth records , born in the early 60’s, shows these records in fine detail. Come it so hard to believe that he had his controllers arrange a selective service card and a different social security number when he needed to run for Illionois Senator? They didn’t plan he’d make it this far and when he did, they didn’t know how to undo the false documents so they refused to submit and actually, to this day they still refuse access to his original birth certificates. It was Obama who went on the air to say Hawaii wouldn’t release his original records earlier due to state law…oh please, that is patently dishonest. Tell me our President of the USA can not demand Hawaii release his records or his records from occidental college either? Oh please..

  • Steve the Cynic

    When the Republicans in congress think the evidence is convincing enouth to start drafting articles of impeachment, I’ll believe those charges are serious. Otherwise, it’s all speculation and innuendo. And when you start distancing yourself from the Koch brothers and their ilk, I’ll believe you’re really looking for information, not just ammunition.

  • kimMN


    Unfortunately you are scared to look at these events and instead rather say, “I’ll wait till Congress does something.”

    . I noticed you wouldn’t address the facts on his social security numbers and selective service registration or that his mother’s name never shows on the non protected data at the hospital where Obama was supposed to have been born…so, those small little issues must have been created by terrible republicans before Obama was elected as a state senator??? Really?

    How did they know he’d become a president (with ACORN’s fraudulent voter registration__ how many charges have been brought against ACORN now??) Thanks to Congress and state attorney generals) Are you upset that hands of the “Midwest Academy” and the Joyce Foundation backers all set up his campaigns???? I am sure it was not all Bill Ayers doing. ha.

  • kimMN

    Do the banks feel more control from Soros or the Koch brothers? Which is worth more?

  • kimMN

    A recent poll shows that consumers are increasingly more dissatisfied with Obama’s policies affecting MN than they are dissatisfied with banks. Obama’s approval rating across five polls shows less than 46% approve pf his policies and less than 15% approve of his economic acts..not to mention i is now past 900 days since the Senate has passed a budget! Meanwhile here are 15 jobs enhancing bills all ready passed in the House with Dems approval as well, these bills are sitting in the Senate because Senate Majority Leader Reid is either senile or devious not to let them vote on it!,

  • Steve the Cynic

    “I noticed you wouldn’t address the facts….”

    What facts? You alleged some things, but didn’t give any authoritative reference. You assert that these “facts” prove that Obama is hiding something but don’t say what it is, or what it has to do with Obama’s legitimacy as president. I have more important things to do than chase down and verify every slanderous rumor some ideological hothead comes out with. I’ll leave that to those who can do something about it. And if the opposition party’s leadership isn’t making a big deal out of it, why should I waste my time with it? Furthermore, to my mind, whatever Obama’s misdeeds in office are to date, they’re insignificant compared to the war crimes committed under the Bush-Cheney administration.

  • Steve the Cynic

    But since you got me curious, I googled and found this article near the top: [click here]. and are really good sites, kimMN. I highly recommend them.