After 10 years, how do you see the Afghan war?

The U.S.-led war in Afghanistan began 10 years ago today. A recent poll suggests that one in three veterans of the post-9/11 period considers the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan not worth the sacrifice. Today’s Question: After 10 years, how do you see the Afghan war?

  • Anna

    The Afghan war?

    A big f*cking waste!! A sham, scam and a “wham, bam thank you Ma’am”.

    People of the 99%, duped and dealt a losing hand. Wake up!

    Our time is now!

    Awaken from the nightmare. Awaken and breathe with the spirit of solidarity.

  • Kurt

    The original reason for going there was to capture or kill Osama bin Laden. He is dead.

    Come home.

  • lr


  • Zach

    Remember those 9/11 terrorists?

    All of them, except one, were Saudis, not Afghans.

    They were recruited through radical mosques in Europe and North Africa, not in Afghanistan.

    They got money for their mission from Saudi and Egyptian banks, not from Afghanistan.

    They learned the most important skill -flying airplanes- in the United States. Afghan training camps didn’t offer such courses.

    So, why did the US invade Afghanistan? Why Afghanistan?

    America wanted blood, not justice, not even revenge. It would have been unthinkable for the US to bomb Saudi Arabia or Egypt -our “allies”. A remote place with barbaric people was the perfect sacrificial lamb. Besides, there were rumors that Osama Bin Laden was spending some time over there…

  • Tim


  • Steve the Cynic

    If Emperor Bush and his sidekick, Darth Cheney, hadn’t gotten us distracted with their ambition to dominate Iraq and its oil, we could have finished the job in Afghanistan by now and have all our troops home.

  • Emery

    If the fighting ends, an awful lot of Afghans will lose the only job they know how to do.

  • William

    I believe that we are wasting a vast amount of money and, more importantly, the lives of our young men and women. All of the precious resources being spent in Afghanistan could be better used here to improve the lives of Americans and prove to the world that ours is the better way of life. I say this as a Vietnam Veteran who has already seen too many Americans lose their lives.

  • Sue de Nim

    I agree with the traditional “just war” doctrine (see, according to which, I think, the initial invasion was legitimate. However, once we deposed their government, we incurred moral responsibility for the governance of the Afghan people until we’d gotten a new, competent Afghan government up and running. Had we done that, we would have earned the admiration of the rest of the world, instead of the contempt they have for us after the illegitimate Iraq invasion.

  • GaryF
  • david

    Biggest waste of tax payer money EVER!

    But the oil company shill bush and the unocal company got their natural gas pipe line though. At a tremendous cost.

  • John O.

    I view it the same as I did when it started: Afghanistan is a piece of real estate that is largely inhabited by clans and tribes who have seen their country used as a battleground for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

    The old Soviet Union Red Army got chased out and there is absolutely no reason to believe that once the U.S. leaves, Afghanistan is not going to revert back to what it was. Bin Laden was found right under the noses of the Pakistanis and that piece of business was dealt with.

    With a floundering economy at home, there is no reason to continue to risk the lives of American and coalition men and women any longer and keep throwing money into this.

  • J Dre

    As a precursor to war in Pakistan. Must be resolved, not by immediate withdrawal, but bring troops home and disband military. Peace dividend now.

  • Chuck

    History has taught us nothing. Throughout history no one has defeated Afghanistan. Military leaders know that it is next to impossible to conduct war in such terrain.

    Tens of thousands of lives lost, including American, massive destruction of homes, entire villages gone, to say nothing of mines planted, water and air polluted. Huge cost.

    That such warfare produces few positive results is an understatement – the world is not a better place because of our fighting there.

    However, we did need to go after Bin Laden and I’m glad we did. The Taliban needs to be opposed and Al Qaida needs to be eliminated. I just happen to think that covert actions rather than military force produce better results.

    I have two nephews over there now – don’t want anything to happen to them.

  • Bob Moffitt

    There doesn’t seem much point in staying there any longer.

  • John

    Ron Paul is right, these wars do nothing but make more people hate US. We should bring our troops home.

  • Jim G

    Hopefully it will be a lesson we Americans will remember for the future: Once the dogs of war are unleashed, it’s very difficult to round them all up and put them back into the kennel.

  • Mark

    I like this. Finally people are starting to wake up and see the waste. Waste of war, wall street, and Washington.

  • 99%er

    Don’t let our children stand it alone. We all obviously want the craziness to end. Stop the war, stop wall street corruption and greed, stop the misinformation. It’s up to us grownups to stop by the government center over the weekend and police the police. It’s up to us responsible types to make sure everyone plays nice and our message is heard.

  • kimMN

    If the USA would disable Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal then we could leave the Afghan war..pure and simple..otherwise the radical Islamists in Afghanistan will take over the Pakistan gov and have access to these weapons.

    One must look beyond the way the war is described in the media just as MN should be smart enough to see the Wall Street Protest college kids are used to orchestrate exactly what Steven Lerner has been calling for over the past three months.

    How come no one, including NPR will acknowledge Lerner’s recent anit-capitalism speeches? The SEIU unions created the Wall Street protests not to reign in corruption on Wall Street but rather, to cause chaos and build the Obama class warfare strategy for his re-election. For a grassroots action they sure have an organized front with their own newspaper, food, and medical clinics for the protesters. Only the idiots will get behind this march___ oops, and today nancy Pelosi speaks of her support of this.. and several Hollywood actors down in NY supporting the protests also got millions from the big banks to advertise for their credit cards!… funny.

  • kimMN

    derp….now I’m an expert in military strategy. derp…

    Maybe I should say dupe…. I’m a dupe….

    derp.. dupe…derp….

  • Max

    The war was a wasted opportunity to have grown a lot of hemp to make a lot of people fed, clothed, housed, informed, high and happy.

    Duped, fer sure.

    Wake the fracking up!!

    We are the 99% waking up.

  • Jim Shapiro

    They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.

  • Carrie

    The war was justified but then Bush didn’t finish the job. Just think of all the lives, money and time we could have saved if we hadn’t gone into Iraq. We might have been out of Afghanistan long ago. And maybe our economy wouldn’t be in such dire straits either.

  • Garyf

    Those who beat their swords into plows will plow for those who don’t.

  • Kim

    Those who protest against the war and Wall Street are spoiled kids..they have NO freekin’ idea of what they are protesting for the first three weeks until the Unions came in to work them up.

    Even Francis Fox Piven, the old hippie radical friend of Bill Ayers was there on camera to rile them into getting violent..she loves the idea of chaos so the government can declare martial law.

    The protesters area disgrace to our military. They don’t know that the now wealthy who started business on their risk of their own money, gave jobs, the same evil ? business owners that pay the majority of taxes that pay for their free tuition, free welfare food stamps, reduced rent, in some cities even free cell phones!! Spoiled stupid entitlement brain washed brats that have no clue of the world.

    If you want to know what our military thinks of Obama’s policies and Nancy Pelosi endorsing the protesters, listen to the applause when Romney spoke at West Point this week about the Obama leadership failure.

  • CC

    We’ve been meddling in Afghanistan for many decades, not just the last one. Who saw Charlie Wilson’s War? Always for our own ends, and never getting it right. All our actions seem to be breeding terrorists, not converting them.

  • CF

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Afghanistan War = Viet Nam War in EVERY aspect. After ten years in Veitnamistan the similarities are striking.

    *A large majority of veterans opposed to the “war”

    they fought in. (Along with the general public).

    * An “enemy” with no flag, borders, legislative body or president/dictator.

    * A “war” driven by pure politics.

    * Protests in the streets, (Wall Street), against the “war” and the

    military-industrial complex. What’s next, riots?

    * Another “Jimmy Carter” in the White House.

    * Unemployment, recession, inflation and

    debt-debt-debt! Ironically interest rates are unbelievably low, but just TRY to get a loan.

    * The end of an era in manned space flight.

    * A worthless Congress.

    * Constitution? Constitution schmonstitution.

    * A dollar worth less than the cost of the ink to print it.

    * A country that abandons its veterans, (unemployment, insufficient health care, metal health support, housing, etc.)

    * High, sometimes record high, gas prices.

    A nation that forgets, (or ignores) it’s history is doomed to repeat it. I think we have.

  • GregX

    As the primary cause of the current national and global economic problem. Baush Admin set the nations eyes on the wrong prize. We blew away world good-will toward the USA, blew up two countries, dumped billions of dollars on world class criminals ( Halliburton-KBR, Iraqi and Afgahni warlords, Military contractors, etc.) , put thouseands of US citizens in graves, and 10’s of thousands on the permanent Military health plan, broke apart families, small companies, …. as well as adding ridiculously backward Homeland Security agency which is both expensive and a doubling down on pure stupid.

  • chelsea

    “If the USA would disable Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal then we could leave the Afghan war..pure and simple..”


    I have never thought of the Afghan war as ‘pure and simple.’

  • derp…dupe…derp

    kim/kimMn is not so pure, but very simple

  • John

    Another War of wasted American lives and money. This was and the other Bush War, Tax cuts, and Investment corruptions have ruined our economy.

  • Steve the Cynic

    “…listen to the applause when Romney spoke at West Point this week about the Obama leadership failure.”

    It was The Citadel, not West Point. The distinction is important. The US Military Academy doesn’t host candidate speeches, due to the principle that the military is to be non-partisan. The “Kim” who wrote that line is clearly uninformed and not worth listening to.

  • jack Goldman

    There is no rational logical or military reason for American troops to be in Afghanistan. The war is a fraud, a smoke screen for nation building to take over the world. The only reason for ANY war is money, money, and money.

    No war has been paid for since the 1846 Mexican American war until today. The credit card bill is now $15 Trillion. Children are sold into debt slavery to pay interest only loans forever. This fraud and debasement can not continue.

    Hate can not be destroyed by hate. Only love and forgiveness can conquer hate. No Christian nation can launch offensive wars. America has repudiated Christianity to embrace the Old Testament and forever war.

  • Steve the Cynic

    “Hate can not be destroyed by hate. Only love and forgiveness can conquer hate.”

    I agree completely, which leads me to wonder: are you the same “jack Goldman” who was posting bigoted anti-Jewish rants on these pages some time ago? If so, when did you see the light?

  • CF

    “Hate can not be destroyed by hate. Only love and forgiveness can conquer hate.”

    All you need is love, yada yada yada, all you need is love, all you need is love, love. Love is all you need.

    Yeah right. Sure mac, sure. Anyone who thinks “love” will solve all our problems is as stoned or tripped out on LSD as the Beatles where when they wrote that gibberish. And those a$$holes protesting on Wall Street are equally delusional.

    As much as I disagree with the war in Vietnamistan, a stupid war started by an idiot President, let’s get off this 1960’s hippie love-love-love BS. It’s a failed concept. We all know humankind is inherently sinful in desperate need of a Savior, which is why we have wars in the first place. Even ones started by the most inept President in the history of the US.

  • Steve the Cynic

    “We all know humankind is inherently sinful in desperate need of a Savior, which is why we have wars in the first place.”

    Actually, CF, we don’t all know that. Lots of folks are in denial about the inherent sinfulness of humankind. The way you phrased that, though, sounds like you’re looking to Jesus Christ to be that “Savior.” (Am I wrong about that?) And didn’t he teach something about love and forgiveness being sort of essential for his followers? I think it’s true that “only love and forgiveness can conquer hate.” That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen any time soon, but it is the only way. Trying to beat the hate out of each other is certainly not likely to succeed.

  • CF

    @ STC

    The Law is written on our hearts. You can’t tell me that every man doesn’t know that lying, stealing, murder, theft, adultery, etc is wrong. Afterall, have YOU ever been lied to? How did you feel?

    You say, “lots of folks are in denial”. May be. But think of it this way. Say the doctor tells you that you have terminal cancer. You can deny it, but that doesn’t change the fact that you have terminal cancer, does it?

    Need I say more?

  • Steve the Cynic

    CF, I wasn’t disagreeing with your assertion that humankind is inherently sinful. I’m disagreeing with your assertion that “we all know” this. Every time I hear someone say, “people are basically good,” I’m reminded that lots of folks really are delusional, ignoring the evidence of their senses. What I am further disagreeing with you about is your disparagement of “love,” especially if you’re claiming to be a follower of Jesus of Nazareth (the real one, not the one people have appealed to in support of such abominations as the crusades and the inquisition and American imperialism). If love isn’t a good thing, what is?

  • kimMN

    A recent poll suggests that one in three veterans of the post-9/11 period considers the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan not worth the sacrifice.

    Really??? Which poll was that? It was conveniently not mentioned. Either the poll doesn’t exist or the sample size was skewed and smaller than Obama’s ability to create jobs; i.e., small as in Obama’s three years and unemployment is 2 pts worse__ than when he took office..ouch_

    So, maybe those spoiled misguided students at the protests that Nancy Pelosi and Obama verbally support will come up with their next great Anti-capitalism idea as they use their cell phones and iPads created by capitalism to waste the days away? But, do the protesting students _know_ that the CFC records show Obama received three times the $ donations from Ta Da!!!! Yes, WALL STREET than what the GOP received. And would Steve Jobs of Apple have created this huge techno advancement if the Obama’s policies of punishing those who exceeded $250,000 a year were in place back then? Nope_.

    The continued Afghan war today is also partly a result of Obama’s failed policies. Just as he spent more than all our past Presidents COMBINED and he did it in less than 2 years!!!!

    Jimmy Carter sleeps well these days because he can now say at least he wasn’t the worst President …Obama wins that title, sad but true.

  • Occupy Together
  • Steve the Cynic

    “Jimmy Carter sleeps well these days because he can now say at least he wasn’t the worst President …Obama wins that title, sad but true.”

    Do you really think either Obama or Carter is worse than Warren G. Harding, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Franklin Pierce, William Henry Harrison, Millard Fillmore, Ulysses Grant, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor and Richard Nixon? Oh, right. Schools don’t teach history any more, being too busy teaching to the NCLB-mandated reading and math tests, so you probably haven’t heard of those disastrous administrations.

  • Bill

    You people invaded Iraq Because you thought there was weapons of mass destruction. There was none. It was an excuse to kill sadam an get there oil. When you leave another ruler will fill his boots. Nothing will change. The strongest tribe will rule.

    You manipulated other countries like Canada to get involved because our Harper government is as crookett as yours. You did that because you convinced our country and others that bin laden was hiding out there and all along you new where he was. You people just thought you could do one better than Russia who fought there 10 years and got no where just like your country and ours. And then you say our oil is dirty. At least we did not kill thousands of innocent people to get.