What do you think of the Mondale-Carlson effort to end the state government shutdown?

Former Gov. Arne Carlson and former Vice President Walter Mondale have established a blue-ribbon panel to help resolve the state government shutdown. Today’s Question: What do you think of the Mondale-Carlson effort to end the state government shutdown?

  • Hiram

    The Mondale Carlson is sensible, high minded, and rationale. In other words, it has no chance at all of succeeding.

  • Jim G

    It is an idea that should be tried. Unfortunately, the fanatical GOP leadership and their minions will trash any attempts of true leadership in this state. They refuse to compromise and are showing that they are incapable of any leadership that doesn’t include destruction and vandalism of moderate ideas and institutions.

  • Luke Van Santen

    Every little bit helps, esp. when one side of the current negotiations is so entrenched in an unsustainable and unrealistic ideology.

  • Rich

    I voted twice for Mr. Carlson. I’d do again in a heartbeat.

    Tax systems based on consumption are more stable. Lower the rate, broaden it to include more services.

    We’ve had a tax reform commission in 1987 that stated the same thing. Governor Pawlenty had one that reported back a few years ago that said many of these same things. Yet they just get ignored. the political process hears this and says fine, and then goes back to our “kitchen table” economics

    I suspect that Mr. Carlson’s panel will say many of the same things that previous “Blue Ribbon Panels” have said. And watch this panel’s conclusions be ignored the same as the others.

  • Zeke

    I agree with Hiram and Rich.

    When an open primary law comes into the marketplace of ideas, donate to and vote for it. There’s nothing in Minnesota that will get worse if the parties get weaker and their bases less basic.

  • Donna

    Very Good. These are statesmen who love and cherish Minnesota. They just want to help. But the two tea party heads, Koch and Zellers are not to this caliber not even close so they reject this kind of help. This is what the legislature is missing true statesmen (and stateswomen) who put the people and the state ahead of politics. It’s gone down hill starting with Pawlenty and keeps going down. Very poor, I will be campaigning to out these two in 2012.

  • John

    It doesn’t matter what Arne does.

    The Republicans always call for lower taxes, while the Democrats say we should tax the rich more and cut taxes on the poor and middle class. The truth is, taxation today means nothing when the real U.S. budget deficit is now more than twice the government’s total tax receipts. Taxation is used to distract U.S. citizens as the Federal Reserve prints trillions of dollars out of thin air, stealing from the incomes and savings of all Americans.

  • david

    Does anyone with any real experience in politics, including Mondale and Carlson, really believe these “know it all” tea baggers will listen to anything anyone else has to say beside their uber-religious, magical thinking puppet masters?

    Shame on you people that voted for them/this! Last I heard these wack-jobs were trying to get stem cell and abortion legislation into the budget negotiations. Give it a rest you morons, that has no business in government, much less critical budget negotiations.

  • Rich

    @ John

    Prioritizing and cutting spending is an important part of balancing the budget, but so is raising revenue.

  • Jackie

    Good team, two men who had the people in their hearts not politics and prestige. But….I don’t suppose the republicans [just because they are the ones who haven’t given even an inch] will even listen. To bad, M and C could help and I am sure Dayton is willing to accept this experienced help.

  • Philip

    In these types of situations I am reminded of an Army joke:

    What’s the difference between the Boy Scouts and the US Army? The Boy Scouts have adult supervision.

    Perhaps with Carlson and Mondale now standing up there will be a little adult supervision.

  • Steve the Cynic

    What do I think? Thinking is out of fashion in the state capitol, having been replaced by strategizing. I’m sure Mondale, Carlson, et al., will come up with good ideas, but they’re likely to be rejected out of hand by closed-minded ideologues.

  • GaryF

    It’s a joke. A leftist and leftist.

    The state elected a governor and a legislature, they need to do their jobs.

    From what I’ve gleaned from different media sources, Governor Dayton, is not the sharpest knife in drawer when it comes to negotiations.

    Git R Dun

    Mr Mondale and Mr Carlson, go home, you are not elected.

  • Chuck

    I’m glad to see some former leaders offering to try and find a solution to the financial mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.

    I hope the current legislature and Govenor are big enough to set aside their differences and actually hear, and consider, the proposals.

  • GaryF
  • Paul- St. Paul

    My only hope that is if enough old school GOP’ers get a bit of visibility they might shame the know-nothings of their modern day party into -shudder!-compromise.

  • linda

    I think it is great but I don’t think the Republicans will listen. They hate Arnie Carlson and wouldn’t listen to anything that might be less than total capitulation on the part of Governor Dayton. I say give the Republicans their way and let people see what a terrible affect it will have on Minnesota. Where are the business leaders? why aren’t they saying let’s get back to work. Talk all you want about taxes but businesses will suffer when the populus can’t and won’t spend any money with so many out of work.

  • Greg K

    I think it’s great to get more ideas and possible solutions to the table. However, I believe that the Republican’s will balk. They have it set that it’s their way or the no-way.

  • Kyle D.

    With both sides so entrenched, and fully invested in their positions with the stakes that the shutdown has brought, an outside middle-of-the-road proposal might be valuable in helping to end the situation.

    Maybe. We’ll have a better idea of what the effort actually is when the group has done more than form. But there’s no guarantee that this will be any less theater than the weeks leading us to this point.

  • Peter


    If we really need to increase spending then ALL the taxpayers should pay up now just a selected few. If the “rich” feel they are under taxed, as Dayton would have us believe, the answer is simple, just write a check to the state.

  • Steve the Cynic

    “I say give the Republicans their way and let people see what a terrible affect it will have on Minnesota.”

    The Democrats did that in the first half of Pawlenty’s first term. It didn’t work. It was like saying “sic ’em” to a dog. Appeasing bullies only encourages them.

  • Josh

    I think it says a very sad thing about the voters that only people that have no interest in reelection can accomplish anything meaningful.

  • Kevin VC

    I saw Carlson last night on MSNBC, I found it interesting he was pointing out (without directly saying) that the blame for the situation was Palenty’s creation and that revenue must be considered.

    I use to not be a big fan of his, due to his conservative views. But this only shows how much the Tea Party has gone to the right extreme, fascist, and elitist Plutocratic ideals.

    I think his efforts with Mondale will bring a fresh view to how extreme they have gone. AND if any of them are really there to represent the people of Minnesota should rethink their actions.

    Trouble is they have been indoctrinated to this view it is to their very soul. We may have to take action at the poll.

    less then 27% go with the Republicans view, and the rest are in favor of Dayton’s plan. And their actions clearly show they are not listening, or do not care for the people are not their master. Money is.

  • Julie

    I am proud of both Carlson and Mondale for taking the initiative and doing what our elected officials have not.

    I hope the legislature listens to and acts on their recommendations. I was a republican but our current government no longer represents me. I believe we need to be fiscally conservative but open to tax increases to save the quality of our great state. I greatly oppose the current republican and Pawlenty thinking of borrowing from other buckets to sustain government vs. increase taxes. We need to take accountability and pay for our spending.

  • Cynthia

    Ditto Hiram, Zeke and Rich.

    While I have your attention, for news/op-ed departments interested in moving the conversation forward, look to their comments for meaningful stories to tell. And stop feeding the frenzy by uttering the words “entrenched” and “compromise” without more thoughtful and balanced analysis —- tell me where each side feels it has compromised; compared how deeply each side is entrenched. Put it all in one place.

    Finally, Tom Horner almost bluffed his way into sounding like a political consultant during yesterday’s Midday program, until he shamelessly plugged his next campaign in the final seconds. Next time, please find real consultants.

  • Lisa

    I have great respect for both Carlson and Mondale, and am grateful to them for forming this commission, as I am to the members of the commission who are working, at this moment, to find a solution. I thought this was a bold and creative move on the part of two elder statesmen who want what’s best for the state. I’m a die-hard Democrat, but Arne Carlson has become something of a hero to me in recent years for speaking out against today’s Republican and politicians’ inability to work together. We’re lucky to have both of these gentlemen leading in this way and speaking up in an effort to find a compromise. It’s going to be interesting to see what the commission comes up with, and how legislators will respond.

  • Jeanne of Stillwater

    It has been years since I have had the opportunity to vote or not vote for Mondale or Carlson. I, therefore, feel the budget should be determined by the current legislators and govenor. For whom I have recently voted or not voted .

  • Eileen

    I am very much for this. I respect the both of them and feel that since they are out of public office and know their way around the capitol they can get both sides to come together to work on a fair compromise.

  • Owen

    Carlson is a RINO and Mondale is an unabashed tax and spender. Does anyone think a group of their choosing would do anything other than work to promote Dayton’s agenda.

    The budget presented by the Republicans is already larger than the last one and the largest on record. Government must not continue to grow and grow.

  • Laurie

    It is my impression that all reasonable and serious opportunities for resolving the present crisis should be considered.

    There is no reason to ‘fear’ any new or fresh or energized opportunities that might be revealed as a result of such meetings. Sincere, solution focused dialogue is in the best interests of the people of Minnesota now and for the future.

    Whatever solutions might come from such dialogue would still be voted on by elected officials. Let’s support the effort and listen carefully.

  • Allison

    I commemorate their efforts however I feel that they are going about it the wrong way. They are putting a panel together of business leaders, these people have their own agendas and I feel it will not lead to a resolution; they lean mostly conservative and therefore will only give perspective of what the GOP is pushing. I feel that they should put together a panel of mayors that is balanced, and hopefully can give our legislators a new perspective on local issues. It may give way to a resolution.

  • Mary

    Since the current leaders are acting like fifth graders, it only makes sense that the grown-ups have had to step in.

  • Bill Lipp

    I heard speaker Kurt Zellers respond to the idea by saying, in effect, “I don’t support it since they may recommend some sort of tax hike.”

    Where in the world did this guy get his idea of negotiating?

    If they don’t get off that track, I’ve cast my last vote for a Republican.

  • david

    Kurt Zellers? isn’t that the guy on polygraph constantly for bending, exaggerating, and out right lying all the time? He makes Michele Bachmann look honest.

  • Carrie

    Oh what the heck. It can’t hurt. Hopefully the Republicans will get off their “no tax increases” stand and go for SOME sort of revenue increase.

  • Steve

    I respect both men. But they can’t negotiate with the majority idiots in the legislature. The majority idiots don’t want to be Statesmen…they want their personal sick view of the world to infect everyone.

    God Bess Gov. Dayton! It is about time that rational thought showed up in MN

    The majority idiots in the legislature will cause Israel Bissel to ride again.

    Oh for the history challenged. He is the guy that rode from Boston to rally the colonists “to arms, to arms” to fight back a intimidation of the colonists by a ruling political party…

    What is the saying….Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition….. Are we going to get to that point?????

    America is not the same as it was… I’m scared!

    We can pray to God…but it will be up to us rational people to fix this.

    RECALL the majority idiots in the MN legislature

  • david

    I wish we could recall these idiots Steve. I’ve been saying that for months. Unfortunately I believe current Minnesota law only allows a recall election for malfeasance, and stupid isn’t illegal.

  • Duane

    I don’t feel these two will accomplish anything. I feel they are living in the past and are not in tune with the current conservative mode that prevails in much of the US. If Tom Horner, formerly a Republican, had not run as an Independent in the last election and gained 12% of the vote, we would have elected Mr Emmer and we would not have had the current debacle in this state. In listening to MPR on Tuesday and your interview with Tom Horner, never once did did I hear him take responsibility for the current impasse. I was disappointed this subject was not brought up in that interview.

  • Sarah

    Alas, if two sensible people like Mr Mondale and Mr Carlson could solve this shutdown, it wouldn’t have happened in the first place. I doubt they will successfully convince Republicans to give even an inch on the extremist no-taxes approach.

  • WinonaKath

    I am extremely pleased to see two of Minnesota’s senior statesmen – moderate, intelligent voices – step up to help the citizens of our state. Carlson has been a vocal critic of former Gov. Pawlenty’s budget tactics, Pawlenty was the master of kick the can down the road.

  • Glenn

    Carlson, “C’on Fritzy- it worked for me the last time!! Put a 15 year-old girl in their swimming pool and call the cops!!”

    The likes of Mr. Carlson are capable of ANYTHING!!

  • Neil

    On paper it seems laudable. Carlson is a pragmatic and results oriented person. Mondale strikes me as the keeper of our Minnesota values of commitment to a common good and progressive liberal ideals.

    At this point anything would be welcomed. The only way to move two immobile objects is an external force, and their panel results could just be that force.

  • David

    Sadly, the Panel is necessary. Perhaps an “old school” Democrat like Fritz Mondale, and an “old school” Republican like Arne Carlson, can not only come up with a reasonable solution to our state budget problems, but also can set an example for the all-too-rigid extremists in the legislature of how government is supposed to work; namely, through compromise.

  • Jeremy

    Refreshing: a bi-partisan group that will actually work together! However, Republicans have already dismissed the result before it’s known, so it will need to be Minnesota voters who get Republicans to move off their hard-line stance.

    And on a related note, I am tired of those in the media who, in their desperate attempt to be even handed, decline to report crucial facts about the shutdown: Governor Dayton moved many more times on his budget number and considered more proposals from the other party than the legislative leaders did. It should also be pointed out that the legislature is given the “power of the purse,” and with this power comes the responsibility to pass a budget that either a) the governor will enact into law or b) has two-thirds support from the House and Senate. The governor has been clear since January he would not enact a budget into law that did not feature a balance of cuts and new revenue. Nevertheless, the budget the legislature passed at the end of session had no new revenue and did not have the required two-thirds support to override the governor. The legislature did not fulfill their responsibility to Minnesotans – it is time for Minnesotans to hold them accountable.

  • Mike Allen

    While it is true that the legislature’s responsibility is to craft an acceptable budget, they FAILED at 12AM on July 1st.

    Having an external party panel suggest solutions to the legislature and governor for consideration seems like a reasonable solution to the problem.

    I don’t get these calls of “I didn’t vote for them.” Your representatives have to vote on any solution they come up with.

  • Greg Copeland

    Minnesota’s Good Olde Boys can not end this Shut-down.

    Only Governor Dayton gets to decide when this Minnesota Tragedy ends.

    Gov. Dayton can act TODAY to call our elected Representatives and Senators back to the Capitol. When He does the lights will get turned back ON.

    The only question is: How many more days will pass until Gov. Dayton acts to call a Special Session of the Legislature?


  • Nissa

    If the current politicians are supposedly the “best for the job” but not able to solve this problem, then either look to the past to those known to be able to solve such problems or look to the future, to minds of a later generation who think differently.

  • Carrie

    No point in calling a special session until the framework for a compromise is reached. That is if the Republicans ever decide to grow up and reach a compromise. Dayton already has done is part.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Kevin VC, just to be clear, those extremist Republicans are not fascists, any more than Obama is a socialist. In fact the radical libertarianism of the Tea Party is the polar opposite of fascism, going way to far in the other direction. Their ideology is bad enough; no need to exaggerate with overblown and inaccurate rhetoric like that.

  • mary ann miller

    If only someone had thought of Mondale and Carlson when the idea of mediation was put forward. No better mediators could possibly be found. If the Republicans reject this one, then I guess they are irredeemable.

  • Floyd

    The Court is giving us real guidance in this matter. Only those programs deemed essential are those that should be considered for funding for the next rwo years. If my state senator or representative vote for anything more than that, I recommend a recall vote. As for Mondale and Carlson, this is nothing more than a coalition of the Marxist Democrats and the remaining socialist Repbublicans. Shut the state down and keep it shut down! Maybe we can repeal Labor Day; make the state a Right to Work State; and begin returning our freedoms, once again.

  • suzie

    Who knows – what can it hurt? And if they do come up with a viable solution to this mess , it may just shame the democrats and republicans into getting their job done. If this panel doesn’t cost us any more money – go for it.

    Does anyone have a dollar amount of how much this shut down has cost us already – both the actualy expenses and also loss of income?????????

  • Don

    It won’t work. In two words “Tony Sutton,” the Chair of the state Republican party. A man who does not govern but does know how to keep a tight rein on those who do. As it stands right now it is political suicide for any Republican to stand up against him. Most Republican legislators represent districts where Dayton’s tax increase would have no effect. No matter. Republican legislators no longer feel beholden to the people in their districts. Tony pulls the strings and plays the tune. You want to be a Republican legislator, you gotta do what Tony says, and Tony says no new taxes boys and girls. If that means no health care for the most vulnerable, don’t worry about it. As the current Republican Party leaders will tell any Republican legislator, “It’s not your concern. Tony knows what’s best. He’s the boss. Ya’ want to be a Republican legislator ya’ gotta do what he says. Ya’ know what I mean.” Our only salvation is our sure knowledge that as John Acton wrote to Bishop Creighton in 1887, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” It is only a matter of time before the winds of change blow Tony Sutton out of power. Who knows, it might be as early as the next elections.

  • Cynthia

    Jeremy said, ” I am tired of those in the media who, in their desperate attempt to be even handed, decline to report crucial facts about the shutdown.”

    In the absence of crucial facts, the rhetoric is taking over. The media’s coverage is adding to the growing sense of helplessness and hopelessness — doubts are growing that rationality and practicality and genuine negotiation like that offered by Dayton, Mondale and Carlson will eventually reign.

  • CF

    Here’s my solution to the breakdown in Minn. Gov’ment. It’s obvious that we are split right down the middle and that neither side will budge one millimeter. The only solution to a divided state… is a divided state!

    Let’s gather sll the leftist liberals, commies, homos, atheists, baby killers by choice on one side and all the conservatives, rich, libertarians, anti-union, public schrool haters on the other and split the state into North Minnesota and South Minnesota. Or perhaps East or West, what ever.

    This has come down to the same stalemate as it is in the Israeli-Palestinian divide and absent of God’s commandment that the patch of land belongs to Israel, the only answer as we humans are capable of creating is the Two State Solution. Minneapolis will be the capitol of the Conservative State of Minnesota and St. Paul will become the capitol of the Liberal State of Minnesota.

    Meanwhile the Indians will be asking, “we gave up our land for THIS nonsense”. As they laugh counting the money from their casinos.

  • Gabrielle Bliss

    I am glad that Mondale and Carlson have offered help but hear that the republicans have already said no. I am sad that they don’t understand the meaning of negotiations and truly hope their constituents remember how they hurt the state in the coming election.

  • cas

    It deserves a chance-it certainly does NOT deserve to be rejected out of hand as the GOP did. Zellers, Koch , Sutton and Co are really starting to look very, very bad at this point. I am thinking they are going to get totally crushed in the MN House elections in 2012

  • cas


    Why on earth would he do that without a comprehensive agreement? that would amount to caving in to dopey GOP demands. They have proven they cannot be trusted. No, this is another attempt to *play* to governor – they only strategy the GOP has had from the beginning. What they need to do is learn how to negotiate and compromise.

  • cas

    Pay attention Minnesota !! – vote for better quality MN House candidates next year. Save the state!

  • pragmaticlibertarian

    I started driving in my car and tuned my radio to MPR and this guy starts talking about Dayton’s acceptance of the GOP so called budget and I was thinkin, this guy is angry, he is making so much sense too.. everything he’s sayin is spot on truth. I said out loud in my car why doesn’t this guy run for governor? I would vote for him in a heartbeat! Then I realized that it was Arne Carlson talking. Seriously we need you back Arne!

    If you’re an Independent politician you gotta be lickin your chops waitin to hammer these clowns in the next election.