Do strong performances by American soccer teams capture your interest?

Though Americans lack the soccer traditions of other countries, the U.S. team is playing well in the Women’s World Cup. The U.S. defeated France today in the semifinals. Today’s Question: Do strong performances by American soccer teams capture your interest?

  • Jamison

    I’ve always been interested in Soccer, so I like it when one of our teams does well enough so that we can get decent TV coverage here in the states.

  • Jolene


    Please refer to Chuck Klosterman’s rant-essay on soccer, as it perfectly describes why Americans will not (and should not) fully embrace the sport. And I fully agree.

  • Chuck

    Yep – it is especailly nice when they win under pressure and show grace while winning.

  • uptownZombie

    Nope. But neither does Baseball, Basketball, Football, horse racing, dog racing, ….

    Not my lifestyle. Not to say none of those are specifically bad, they just don’t interest me.

  • John DeWerd

    Sure, it captures my interest, but where do I watch it? Except during the Olympics, when was the last time we saw a major soccer game on anything but a cable sports network? Even the cable networks seem more interested in broadcasting the “sport” of competitive eating or other “pseudo-sports” over US Professional Soccer.

    In the early 70’s we were told that by the time we were adults Professional Soccer would be as big in the US as Major League Baseball or the NBA.

    I suppose it was foolish of me to believe this, since it came from the same people that told me we would be measuring everything in meters and liters by now as well.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Not really. I’d rather play games than watch them.

  • James


    “Professional Athletes” in my option are all drug using, wife beating, brats with more money than brains. I would rather be forced eat glass than watch them.

    Once again this pertains to Minnesota how?

    Where does MPR get these questions… or better yet why do I care?


  • Steve the Cynic

    So, DTOM James, how may wife beaters do you suppose there are on the US women’s soccer team?

  • Rich

    Title Nine Baby ! No matter what the sport or activity.

    Our daughters should have positive role models to inspire them..

  • Zeke

    Don’t take yourself too seriously James. :^)

  • CF

    I have no interest in soccer. To begin with, soccer is un-American. It’s a sport for the Europeans. You want a real American sport, watch NFL Football. Now that’s a sport for real men.

    Secondly, I find soccer to be the most boring game to watch. Considering a blow-out victory score is 1:0.

  • Adam

    Some folks apparently can read into the question to unearth the true meaning of it. Your killing me James!

  • Philip

    I used to be a big fan when the MN Kicks were around. I never really got back into it again after they folded.

  • Steve the Cynic

    I agree with CF, that soccer is un-American. Too much finesse; not enough violence. It’s NFL football that teaches real American values, like, if there’s someone standing between you and your goal, the right thing to do is knock ’em down and run ’em over. Of course, there’s one American value that football doesn’t teach: me-first individualism. Football still requires teamwork. On the other hand, un-American is not a synonym for bad.

  • Cara

    ANY performances by USA soccer teams capture my interest, and that women’s victory over Brazil (also one of my favorite teams) was absolutely stunning! I’ve been playing and watching soccer since the ’60’s, way before title 9, when an enlightened European coach teaching at a private boy’s summer school in Connecticut (where we were visiting my granny!) held games for the town kids on Saturdays. I see what a strong impact playing and being coached in sports has on little girls’ confidence levels. Soccer, in comparison to US football or basketball, allows kids of all sizes to participate and succeed. Fine performances from the national teams gives great support and role models for the game. Tune in, the USA / France women’s game is starting!

  • Jon Eclov

    Emphatically Yes; I am interested. But the question presumes that we have little tradition of the game here. In fact the U.S. Women are historically the strongest team on the world stage EVER, having won two World Cups, and having never finished worse than third. They have won three of the four Olympic Gold Medals offered. They are simply the most successful women’s sports entity of any kind in history! And the U.S. Men have also become very good, qualifying for every World Cup since 1990 and simply owning the Mexicans in any game that really matters. Soccer is most assuredly an AMERICAN sport, played by more people that just about any other, because a lifetime sport–I played until 50–and it is at least as old as any other in this country, certainly older than American football or basketball. But somehow it threatens certain nativist elements in our society who have no notion of its American traditons.

  • ben

    NOT really, unless I’m playing IN the myself game or have a personal friend on the team, I don’t follow sports much.

  • Kevin VC

    Anything Underdog grabs my attention.

    Soccer was one of the games I did enjoy as it had odd rules that made it a test of thinking as well as physical.

    No hands?

    Except the goalie? (What? He gets to cheat??)

    I use to be into it more when we had the Minnesota Kicks. I recall Ron Futcher always winning the games and getting into trouble with the refs.

    But then the millionaire owner screwed up the finances…. and they closed shop. Nothing to do with game attendance or money being made by the team, it was unrelated personal ownership that got them into hot water.

    Vanity…. There ought to be a law against it, and not only in the bible.

  • Shane

    Who cares.

  • Steve

    I don’t know this is fair question?

    I like many sports and support the US in all national contests. I find soccer much better than most pro sports. I don’t remember having to pay for soccer stadium with public money for one.

    Any American team playing for American captures my interest.

    Well steroid abused baseball and football would not!



  • Kiko


    Your lack of knowledge about soccer is very visible here. Calling NFL a real men sport and discrediting Soccer tells alot about someone who probably never played soccer in any level let alone at competitive level. I’ve played soccer all my life and even played professional for few years, I can also say it takes a really talented athlete to compete at the highest level. Statistics show us that only about 5-10 players out of 800,000 will ever play at professional level should tell you that it ain’t a walk on the park. Now, your assumption of calling NFL a “real men” sport where you have practically multiple teams within a team tells alot. For instance, a wide receiver may take part in few plays and then take a loooong water break. oxygen or whatever while watching his team mates do the defense or while the coach takes a time out. In Soccer there is no such thing as break, ONLY one break which is the half time break and all the players are on the field for 45 minutes non-stop, now that is what I call athletes. Everytime I hear a 300lb men run 10 yards and back to oxygen tank being called an athlete makes my head spin. But again what can we expect from a nation that calls a sport that is played with hands 90% of the time “Football” instead of “handball” or “throwball”?.

  • George

    Anytime the US can show the kind of tenacity and skill that the women’s soccer team displayed in the game vs Brazil a message goes out that we can compete with anyone and win.

  • John

    Not interested in Soccer.

    I’m interested in how is the USA going to gain its independence from Israel.

  • CF

    @ Kiko

    OK, let me rephrase that, soccer is a sport for pansies! Soccer players couldn’t survive a tackle by a 350 lb defensive lineman. And you must have agreed that soccer is un-American. No wonder nobody follows it.

    On any given Sunday, (in season), walk into any bar and real the Americans are watching NFL football on TV. Football is played in blinding snow, pouring rain, sub-zero cold and searing heat. Have you ever played under such conditions? It takes a real man to play in weather like that.

    On Monday morning at the office does anyone talk about the Minnesota Whatever soccer team, (if we even have one)? Of course not, we all talk about the Vikings and/or the Packers.

  • T

    CF, is just showing his ignorance and attempting to be inflammatory. His opinion is just that, an opinion and highly shallow.

    I have little interest in soccer, but follow even more obscure sports just as mountain biking, cc skiing, endurance racing, etc…I guess I’m pretty un-American because I don’t hang out in a bar, filling up with empty calories, driving drunk, “arm-chairing” the world of sports, especially football (biggest eyeroll I can muster after a 30 mile ride this am through beautiful Memorial Park in Red Wing. Ahh sweet flowing singletrack!).

  • Kiko


    You are throwing terms such as “un-american”, what is american by the way. Unless you tell me that you are a native american(indian) we are all IMMIGRANTS believe it or not and I’m pretty sure the natives did not invent “throwball”. To answer your question, YES I did play it in sub-zero weather or above 120 degrees in Africa for your info. So please next time you talk about a sport do some research first. Soccer is called for a reason the greatest game on earth. Plus let me ask you something, if the MN Vikings wins the Superbowl, would you call them “World Champion”? That’s another non-sense that is only an “american” thing. We call the Packers or Dallas Mavs “World Champion to make us feel good even though they played another city in the US. But if the US women team win this World Cup, they are the real world champion because they won against, Japan or Sweden and not the Miami Heat. Please CF go and travel around the world and you would understand why the rest of the world is laughing at people like you.

  • Carrie

    I’m not all that interested in soccer but I do think it’s great when an American team does well in any sport. I wish I could get into the sport like the rest of the world but I have to admit I find it sort of boring.

  • Tod

    Also don’t care.

  • Lisa Pole

    YES! The whole family is enjoying watching the soccer games (albeit after they happen via OnDemand). My 8-year-old daughter is especially interested!

  • Al

    Nope. Watching sports doesn’t interest me. Even less so now that so many athletes are doping and constantly trying to stay a step ahead of the testing agencies. How can you trust any professional athlete?

  • Kat

    Nope. Not interested in sports — football, soccer, Olympics, whatever. Winning or losing does not make me more or less interested.

  • Dean Grace

    This Women’s World Cup has been a great display of skill and athletecism in a very close competition. I’ve enjoyed every game I’ve had a chance to watch. The U.S. team certainly reflects the kind of spirit we like our athletes to display. By the way, in Duluth, a city long associated with hockey, five times as many kids play soccer. Our adult recreational league includes over two dozen teams including both men and women’s clubs. So much for it not being part of our culture…

  • Audrey F.

    Huh. The criterion of a “worthwhile sport” ( an oxymoron, by the way), is whether it’s a sport for real men.

    And a sport characterized by large men knocking each other down and all piling up on top of him is a sport “for real men””

    God, the delicious conjectures this entry brings to mind. An embarrassment of riches!

    All of them too obvious to waste further space on. I’ll leave you all to enjoy it in the privacy of your own minds.

    Chortlingly yours,


  • Jason

    Yes, because I’m not ashamed to say that I am a fair weather fan. I make no allusions to being a true supporter of teams because I really don’t care if they win or lose. I watch sports for entertainment, and have long since given up on investing myself emotionally in their successes.

  • Bon

    I have tried watching the soccer matches but they are rather boring. They also need to put rules in place to stop the acting and fake crying that they are hurt.. Hockey had to address this problem a few years ago and Soccer needs to do it now. All teams do it but the teams from Japan and Brazil seemed to do it the least. I was pulling for the USA team but cheered when the Japanese won. I would say It is a good sport just because it gets people off there duffs and running like crazy which is good exercise no matter what level it is on. I would never buy a ticket to go to a game.