How do you rate President Obama’s handling of the economy?

President Obama’s approval rating has dropped again, and voters say most of the issues they’ll be thinking about in 2012 concern the economy. Today’s Question: How do you rate President Obama’s handling of the economy?

  • Clark

    F- and if I could go lower I would. Worst president in our history.

    When he first won election, he told the republicans, hey we won, you lost. Nice for a candidate who promised he would reach out to the other side.

    He is also a lying liar for his promise that if you have health insurance from your employer you will continue to have health insurance from your employer under obamacare. Another LIE

    According to the recent report released by McKinsey Consulting group, anywhere from 30% to 50% of employers will eliminate their employer provided health care and push people into the new government insurance pools, at a much higher cost, unless, of course your a free loading democrat.

    Rather then encourage economic growth obamma has increased regulation which has strangled any growth. At my company, all our expansion is international given our very low trust of obama and future regulations stipulated by Dodd-Frank.

    He was clueless in 2010 and he remains clueless today.

    For all you radical left unemployed democrats, good luck finding a job under this clown.

  • Sally Erdahl

    Overall a B-. He started his term with bold decisions that prevented the recession from becoming worse than it could have been. However, President Obama seemed to loose his nerve after the midterm elections, discontinued the stimulus programs too soon and began worrying too much about the deficit. Even in high school economics class we learned that deficit spending is good and necessary in times of recession. If anyone in politics were serious about deficit spending, why not look at the obvious? Get all of our troops (and support personnel) out of other countries, draw down the armed forces, and quit buying new war toys. Maybe we can expect our president to be a fearless leader after the next presidential election. Sal

  • Hiram


  • Donna

    Clark, drop you tea for 5 minutes, seriously, worst pres ever? Maybe if your only 4 years old. Least we forget about George B. Obama was handed quit a turd sandwich. I would give him a B. The funny thing, he’s no libral by any means, but the right still hate him. I would give greedy GOP a D for their help, they have done everything possible to keep the economy down. It’s all about the election. What would they have done different, give handout to business, one trick ponies, they did that under Bush, didn’t work out so well.

  • Rich

    It’s all summed up by the political divide between tax increases versus cutting services to fund the deficit.

    Cutting our way to prosperity was always a bad idea.

    The problem is long term debt, not near term. Laying people off solves the jobs problem? Cutting demand fixes the problem of too little demand? With the economy still in such bad shape, why take a chance at making things even worse?

  • Clark


    How long will the lefties keep blaming Bush? 10 years, 20 years. Oh I forgot, it was Reagan’s fault and that was 22 years ago.

    Obama is a lawyer but perhaps he should have taken a few math classes as his numbers and forecasts have missed the mark.

    His spending is not sustainable and we are headed for fiscal disaster.

    He has rewritten 75 years of contract law when he stiffed the bond holders of GM and Chrysler to help his big union friends.

    His political appointments to NLRB, AEC, FCC and FTC have done more to damage business climate then any president in our history.

    I would not expect to see improvement in employment until he is back in Chicago as a private citizen.

  • DMox

    Obama – B+

    America – F

    No president has control over the economy. The people do. When we pull our heads out of the sand and start making smart, but tough choices, we’ll get a better economy. Until then, we have the economy we deserve. Credit card debt is still ticking upwards. Housing prices are still flat & plummeting, yet just this weekend I heard a story on MPR about how great ARM loans are, and how lenders are giving them away!

    Isn’t the very definition of insanity when you do the same thing over and over and expect a different result?

    America is insane and our economy shows it.

  • Chris Oinonen Ehren

    Do you remember what FDR did to pull us out of the depression? The lengths that the new deal went to? Because what Obama was able to convince congress to do, to spend was piddling. Tiny. Tiny acts get tiny results. The government isn’t one man, the government is a committee, and the president is only the chair. If the committee is full of naysayers, fearmongers and footdraggers and people rooting against a recovery how much success can there even be?

  • GaryF

    Funny, back in the mid 1980’s my economics professors told us that Keynesian economics didn’t work.

    Then, the Obama Regime dives into the deep end of the Keynesian pool and we wonder why the economy isn’t better.

    Obama, the Keynesian.

  • GaryF
  • Duane

    I have been very disappointed in his leadership. He fails to instill confidence in and provide good direction for his administration. Many choices of appointments, support of various policies and decisions seems to be poorly vetted and lacking clarity.

  • Phil

    I think he is doing okay over all. This economy began tank years ago. Yes it does go back to Reagan with the deregulation of banking. Also we can blame Reagan for ignoring the importance of finding another energy source to power our industry. When he came into office he ripped off the solar panels that had been installed on the White House as a symbol of his allegiance to big oil. What happens, China jumps into the marketplace and starts sucking up the black gold causing the price to skyrocket. Bush did not help by going into a pointless war (Iraq) with no concern on how to pay for it. Suddenly Obama walks into the White House with an economy falling faster than Anthony Weiner’s reputation and people start saying, “Oh he didn’t fix a problem that has been building for the past 30 years on his first day.”

    This is a big problem, it will take years to get through and no President could have cured it this quickly. I think he is doing about as good as anyone could have been doing at this point.

  • I give him a B. The stimulus was too small, but that’s not his fault, it was as big as what could get passed.

    Some one like Larry Summers should never have been in the administration, he should be in jail, he was neither change nor hope. And those who predicted 8% unemployment should have been fired early last summer.

    Volker and Romer should have played a major role instead of minor roles.

    The President gets a B because had McCain been elected, we would be a part of Mexico by now, as far as Canada is concerned.

  • Larry M.

    Saving the automakers, stopping the economic free fall and the recovery of the Dow all great. Not passing Oberstar’s transportation package for long term job recovery, a major fail.

  • bsimon


    Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a student capable of straight As doing only the minimum to avoid failure.

  • Zeke


    I agree with Brian that Obama is capable of so much more.And that David also makes a great point. Obama’s economic team, better choices (Volker) were available….

  • Steve the Cynic

    I don’t rate the president’s handling of the economy. He has only marginally more control over the economy than he has over the weather. To either blame or credit the president for the state of the economy is only slightly less superstitious than folks in ancient times holding the king responsible for the sunshine and the rain.

    Why are the “job creators” not creating jobs? We’re told it’s because there’s too much uncertainty. Who’s creating the uncertainty? Obama? It’s the Gang Of Plutocrats that’s doing things like playing games with the debt ceiling and scaring the world with the prospect of an American default on the debt. They’re doing all they can to sabotage the economy so it doesn’t improve on Obama’s watch. That way they can appeal to people’s superstition in the next election.

  • Jim Shapiro

    B for effort, D for task completion.

  • GHayduke


    Clearly the President has a very active opposition that is determined to see him fail. I believe we’ll find the solution is closer to the middle and not on the political fringes

    If we want to raise the long-term rate of growth, we have to increase saving and investment, channel more public investment into education and basic infrastructure, and do everything in our power to promote scientific research and technological advancement. It’s not sexy and it takes a lot of time, but it works.

  • Eioljg

    So unemployment is lower than when Obama became president. The auto makers are doing much better, as well as some areas of construction. So some say that Obama has done poorly with the economy. Gas prices are up, as predicted long before he became president, but now we know that it is partly because of the financial sector messing around with this, plus the upheaval in the middle East. So some say that Obama is the cause of higher gas prices. Some blame him for not getting enough money in the stimulus packages. Oh yeah, he was the part of the government who voted on those bills; yeah, that’s right. And now the Republican governors, who are stripping and gutting state governments, are causing unemployment among government workers: yeah that’s right, Obama represents government, so he caused that too.

  • linda

    THe economy is far from where I would like it to be. Obama hasn’t had any support from the Republican congress. In fact, they have worked against every step Obama has tried to take. I wish infrastructure stimulus would have been on everyone’s dance card. Good jobs, good paying jobs. Businesses will do well when they have some customers and customers can’t spend without a job. I will support obama and all democrates because from what I have seen here in Minnesota with the Republicans they will do nothing to help our economy beyond cutting taxes which isn’t enough to get things going again. The wealthy just save their pennies and haven’t invested in new busdiness and jobs.

  • Sarah


    If any of the people commenting here actually had the chance to be president, they would find out how incredibly complicated it is to actually change something as vast as the U.S. economy. Anyone who thinks it’s simple and can happen quickly is entirely clueless.

  • John

    Ask me in 2012.

    Although I will say this: Politicians have learned that us voters don’t like to focus on subtle distinctions, so they make sure that their rhetoric fits a simple “all or nothing” paradigm.

    If only we were smarter collectively, we would do better.

  • Sharon Bowman

    Obama inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression – if it were not for the things this administration has done, we would be in a Depression. Job creation, while dismal, is at least going in a positive direction – under Bush we were losings thousands of jobs every month and GDP was negative – we now have positive job growth and GDP – Obama has signed 17 tax cuts for the job creators – small business – and in spite of the opposition from the Republican party, he saved the auto industry and all those jobs, not to mention the jobs dependent on the auto industry. The Republican goal has been to see Obama fail and they are willing to tank this economy to do that. Obama is not King- he needs the cooperation of the Congress.

  • Mary

    I think that President Obama is doing the best he can given the state of the economy he inherited and the opposition he faces in Congress. The stimulus was too small (thanks to Republicans) but it kept us out of a depression. The bailout saved the American auto industry and millions of jobs. Congress is now afraid to put money into programs that will stimulate the economy and create jobs.

    Obama is wisely emphasizing education, research and development and the new, smart job sectors such as the “green” jobs that will be the way to grow the economy in the future.

  • Clearbrook

    Grade: D+

    Admittedly he could do worse. In his favor, he has finally stopped trying to point the finger at the last President. Drones out there still point at the past President, but that is to be expected of drones and that does not reflect upon Obama himself. Others have correctly pointed out that the President has very little direct effect, but he only has the bully pulpit and the ability to inspire and motivate. For as good a speaker as he is, especially with a teleprompter, he has been saying all the wrong things lately. So he has wasted the opportunity.

    Uncertainty is caused by hangups in Congress. Drones want to blame Republicans, but if you look at what Americans express waht they want in the Polls, it is the Democrats that are Doing what We Don’t Want. So if there is *blocking* going on from the Republicans, it is in response to our desire that the Democrats Socialist Agenda moves no farther forward.

    Fiscally, he is not in tune with the American Dream, but more in tune with Lenin and Mao. That does *not* inspire confidence in businesses and make them likely to hire. His socially Liberal Policies do little damage other than cause extra cost burdens at the Federal Level. So economically, those are not directly a financial problem. Congress, trying to throw money at everything *is* the problem, and *was* the problem in the Democrat controlled Congress for the last two years of Bush’s Administration. The fact is this: Obama has a great deal of power to shut down the spend like crazy members of his own party, but has decided (most likely for political reasons) not to do that. That is something he could do but has not. Should he actually move towards that, his grade goes up because he is actually doing something he can do. Otherwise, it sinks lower.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Again with the lie that the Democrats are socialist! Reagan was to the left of today’s Democrats.

  • De’Andre Binion


    The economy he inherited, I wouldn’t have wished on my worst enemy. The stimulus package was small compared to what we were facing. George Bush turned a surplus into a massive deficit. I hear people say Obama is spending too much money and that’s not true if you think about it. 1. He had to pass a stimulus from George Bush massive mistake of the tanking of the economy. Obama didn’t make it worse, he saved the economy. He was right to pass regulations on wall street to get those people who caused this mess in the first place under control. Health Care plan was a good plan not great because of the public option not being available but it’s a positive framework. Obama should be proud, his record is incredible. Not to mention it took Obama 2 years to find Osama Bin Laden and george bush couldn’t even get close because he wasn’t looking for em.

    Barack Obama is a solid and well-rounded president

  • Shane

    I think the unemployment numbers speak for themselves. Democrats like to say that he inherited this economy, which was true in the begining. But I also remember pretty clearly that Obama promised during his campaign that he could fix the economy and put us on a path to future prosperity. Well, we’re still waiting for that promise to be fulfilled, along with many others that he made.

  • Tyrone

    Worst President Ever….GET THIS BUM OUT OF THE OVAL OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim G

    Better than the Republican alternatives would. The GOP and their accomplices drove this economy into the gorge of George with their greed and leverage schemes. Now they are trying to torpedo the slight signs of recovery we have seen. For six weeks as the Republicans have threatened to throw our government into default we have seen the markets lose value. You can expect more of the same unless the House GOP leaders do what is best for the country and stop massaging their political message.

  • Peter

    I find it Ironic that when it comes to Obama he inhereted a mess from GEorge W Bush when president Bush had Dodd and Pelosi in charge of Congress (dumocrats) Congress spends the Money and makes the laws and does the regulations. Why is it BArny FRank and the Dems get no blame for the crash when they were at least 50% responsible. Wake up People Congress is the one who spends our Money. If Obam can blame The REpublicans for all his woes then GEorge W. Can blame Pelosi and Dodd for the crash.

  • Peggy Joseph

    I’m still waiting for Barack Obama to pay for my gas, and mortgage.

    Oh-well I’m sure he is busy doin prezident stuff.

    I’m doin OK on welfare.

  • Edward Mayer

    A I think he has done everything he can to move the economy along. He certainly has not had the support of the Republicans nor

    some of his Democratic colleagues. He is the best we’ve had in a very long time.

  • SemiAutoAZ

    Worst president ever. Hope and Change? This guy has worsened an already fragile economy.

    He is not a president and is hardly a community organizer. He surrounds himself with people who have even a less of a clue how to run a government.

    One Big Ass Mistake America!

  • Hambone

    He is a bigger failure than Bush. Stop blaming the previous administration. Obama has had 3 years to address past mistakes and get America back on the right track, but instead has only made things worse by continuing with the Bush policies.

    We’re still in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now we’re raining bombs down on Libya and now we learn Yemen as well. Oil prices have doubled under Obama. Home values have continued to slide. Unemployment has risen. The debt has skyrocketed with the trillions in ‘freebies’ he has doled out at the expense of the nations producers.

  • Cin

    A+, For running his mouth

    F-, For running the country

    This guy has done nothing to support the very people that put him in office. Unemployment is thru the roof, deficit is thru the roof, and people are still loosing their homes. I would not wish what I’m going through, and a lot of Americans are going through on my worse enemy. Things in this country are not getting better. This guy promised change! What change? For the people in this country to go back and have nothing to show for their lives, nothing for their families. He shoot his mouth off about issues and topics he doesn’t understand. I witnessed how angery this country can get when it turns on a politician. Look what happened at the mid term elections. The reality is, that the majority of this country wants Obama gone. They expressed their anger in November. If given the chance to vote him out of office in November, he would of been gone already. I know it and most Americans know it. That is reality! It is very hard in this country to make a second, first impression. People in this country are already seeing what is on this guys agenda and they don’t like it. 2012 can’t get here quick enough! Bye! Bye!! Obama!!!!

  • Brent

    Why is it that republicans present facts and democrate present lies? I am reading through the threads and what detail facts are being presented that the economy is turning around? Why is it that insurance companies going to quit carrying health care once obamacare kicks in? So will more people be uninsured than prior to obamacare? Why is the unemployment rate higher now with obama in charge? All I can say is ask questions America and make the dummies think.

  • Steve D

    I agree with Steve the Cynic, plus I wonder whats with the banks and the big corporations? The banks are not loaning money to keep their cash reserves high. Make loans do not make derivatives of loans and there should be less fear. The corporations are on sitting on tons of cash, not paying dividends, not hiring, and not expanding. They will regret that after the Chinese and the Indians have passed us up and control all the cash. We need banks to loan and corporations to spend and hire to create Jobs. The President has the Bully Pulpit but he can not order the private sector to do what is right. I guess as the dollar continues to drop and the Asian markets expand we can sell our US stock and invest in international stocks.!! We are now out of recession and growing on this Presidents watch so we need to give him credit for that. Now quit worrying about the debt ceiling it is an artifact. Pass the US budget on time and then work on building an economy based on green jobs. It is not the President alone it is Congress and all of us. If you have a job work hard if you need a job do not give up, volunteer if you can and hunt for a paying job? Lets take this opportunity to build a better future and do it!!!!

  • Sherryl

    Mich McConnell’s major objective is for Obama not to be re elected and even the economy will suffer by sacrificing appropriate incentives in order for McConnell to get his goal. Tax cuts did not help 8 years in Minnesota or 8 years of Bush.

  • Ellen

    I would rank the president as doing a poor job handling the economy, as well as being a leader. He has not been employed in the public sector since….perhaps a high school job? Being that long away from the people that work to make ends meet, that are above the poverty level-just barely, that are too proud to take a handout from government, that have been unemployed or underemployed but not counted (small business owners whose business’ have closed or are barely functioning because they cannot claim unemployment) makes him unable to effectively present ideas and plans that will work in the private sector. He does not have the “real world experience” that would make him effective.

    I and many of my co-workers (I am a nurse) are working as hard as we can to keep our families above water since our husbands in construction related fields have not worked any substantial amount of hours in the past 3 years. We are grateful we have jobs with benefits, but even we are concerned about the long term effects of the nationalized health care issues.

    More and bigger government is not the solution, and I agree with a previous post that all Americans need to do their part. Offering more government programs, rebates or more money to large corporations/Wall Street is not the solution.

  • Steve the Cynic

    “Why is it that republicans present facts and democrate present lies?”

    Any thinking person has to reject the premise of that question. Lies come from both sides. All ideology is bullshit.

  • Jason

    Well, I’ll make this easy: If I were a self-proclaimed Democrat I would give him an A, and if I were a Republican it would be an F.

    That’s pretty much what the responses will be for a situation the president really has little he can affect. You can lessen some of the pain in the short term with stimulus packages but real, long term improvement is up to market forces as a whole. That’s something the president has little control over.

    Questions like these tend to only polarize opinions and result in people saying nothing more than my-guy-good or your-guy-bad.

  • Steve the Cynic

    But here’s the real question: Why are we so fixated on the economy? We talk as though wealth is a synonym for happiness. We treat the Economy like a god that has to be appeased by following its rules so that it will be kind to us. We even refer to the “invisible hand” that we expect to provide us with boons. As long as we keep trying to measure well-being in dollars, we’ll never be content.

  • John


  • Lawrence

    The Great Recession, now 3 years old, Obama inherited, looks and feels like a Great Depression. Unfortunately for Obama, voters don’t want the federal government to spend more money to create government jobs, even though, right now, the federal government, unlike our business community, is the only employer, if given approval, that can hire millions of unemployed workers, quickly and sustainably, without worrying about going bankrupt in this economy.

  • Lawrence

    The Great Recession, now 3 years old, Obama inherited, looks and feels like a Great Depression. Unfortunately for Obama, voters don’t want the federal government to spend more money to create government jobs, even though, right now, the federal government, unlike our business community, is the only employer, if given approval, that can hire millions of unemployed workers, quickly and sustainably, without worrying about going bankrupt in this economy.

  • Duke Powell

    He gets an F.

    And that doesn’t begin to describe it. President Obama told us prior to his election what he was going to do. He has done what he said he would do – now the American people have to live with the consequences.

    The guy is a fool.

  • Neil

    Why is the US economy struggling despite historically low interest rates and historically high deficit spending?

    1. There is a housing and commercial real estate surplus that needs to be worked off before there will be real demand for new construction.

    2. There is a consumer debt problem that needs to be worked off before there will be real demand for new cars, toys, etc.

    3. Baby boomers are aging and simply need to save for retirement. They are finished as demand drivers. The next generation needs to step up!

    4. The federal government is tapped out. They simply need to start living within their means.

    5. The world is flat. And there simply are not enough “new economy jobs” to replace the “old economy jobs” that have moved to Asia and elsewhere. Until this imbalance is addressed, unemployment will be high.

    6. America has a competitiveness problem. $20+/hour labor, environmental regulations, high business tax rates and shareholder desire for excessive profits is a tough combination.

    7. Energy is a global commodity which is in relatively short supply. Prices are rising as a result. All “big energy” projects have critics (nuclear is scary; coal heats the planet; oil heats the planet and makes a mess of our shores; renewables are not cost effective, etc. etc.) so we don’t make the investments we need to keep prices down.

    8. Most people seem to assume that it is America’s right to be economically supreme. It’s not a right. It’s something that happened as a result of an entrepreneurial spirit, good government, wide open spaces, abundant natural resources, cheap energy and the decimation of most of our competition not once, but twice during the 20’th century.

    Looking back at this list, which issues can the government impact?

    Not #1. Not #2. Not #3. Not #5. Not #8.

    Maybe yes to #4, #6 and #7. But these are not the sort of issues that Democrats or Republicans like to address.

    Obama gets an “A” for nipping the recession in the bud. He gets failing marks otherwise, but so will every other President, as there are no simple answers.

  • JP

    Considering the train wreck left behind by George W. Bush and the constant opposition by republicans who cater only to corporate interests, Obama could be doing worse. Republicans want to steer the entire world economy onto the rocks just so they don’t have to pay taxes.

  • TM


    The issue with Obama is he is handling things backwards. He prioritized Health Care reform and Gays in the Military ahead of Job Creation. Providing funds that shielded Banking, Auto Industry, and Wall Street moguls from their foolishness, does not help either. He should have put those funds towards improve our crumbling roads, the development alternative energy, mass transit, and updating our atiquated telecom networks. This would have put some money in working people’s pockets. With it, they could have made their house payments, instead of being foreclosed on. If Obama want to get reelected he needs to set aside his agenda and put forth every effort create Jobs, Jobs, Jobs… Otherwise, he too will get a pink slip come 2012.

  • Andrew

    If I could say something. Its is not the Federal governments job to create jobs. I think most of you forget that the federal government should not get in the pants of employment.

    And for the record, it may seem like obama is horrid when it comes to the economy, but he ended the TRUE recession. Are economy is growing, companies are put out help wanted signs, and who knows maybe he didn’t do things right but he saved wall street and main street and in the long term that will help the economy

  • James


    I did not fail him because his attendance was…mediocre.


  • michael

    First, questions like these are so polarizing, like someone commented earlier…’my guy vs your guy’.

    Considering the mess the economy was in when he took office and the absolute lack of any cooperation from the conservatives, I think the president has done a good job.

    As far as tackling other issues first, they were important issues to many, many people even though they may not be my priority. If they’re “social” issues in some peoples minds, well again the conservatives keep these front and center.

  • Ryan

    FAIL- or a G for gone.

  • Steve

    Bush created the problem! Clinton balanced the budget and decreased our national debt… Bush falsified WOMD and started multiple wars…not our current President! Thank God for Obama! He is having to fix things! To think in 2-3 years he can fix all the crap Bush did in 8 years. Is just not a practical time frame.



  • Steve the Cynic

    If Obama is a radical socialist, why is this happening?

  • Sue A.

    There is nothing wrong in how he has handled the economy. It’s the Republicans mouths which are the denigration. Obama inherited a mess, and the people panicked In December and ordered more. So, unemployment is going up again, because of the cuts, and no revenue coming in. Obama wanted to end the tax cuts, and guess what. The people now have to lie in their own mess It’s their performance in voting which is down. They handled it poorly. The positive was getting rid of Pelosi. She definitely was a woman with a pocketbook. But other than that, Mr. Obama got us off on the right track, and even Obama Care will work out in the end, because more people will be covered Besides Obama is open to fine tuning the law. We should too. So get your ideas out there, and work with the President. Obama2012

  • Sue A.

    Let me share this wonderful quote with you from Neil Diamond the singer. “I wish that people would just shuts their mouths, and let the man do his job.” And I might add, he’s doing a great one. He is a nice caring man that has had to put up with an unappreciative country. He told y”all point blank that it was not going to be an easy fix. You can’t succeed without money. The Republicans want to cut everything and collapse the economy. The jobs that they think they can give us do not exist in this country. It will be in India. I recommend that we get rid of the Republican Party, and only have one Party. That’s it. We’d do a LOT BETTER and be more prosperous. Even the Stock Market would be holier. Less greed. They’re even trying to do away with early voting. How crappy is that. The sooner that these cheats are out, the happier we will be.

  • Steve the Cynic

    This discussion reminds me of the 1992 election. Bush the Elder lost to Clinton, in large measure because people followed Clinton in blaming him for the slowing of the economy. (Perot syphoning votes had something to do with it, too.) In actual fact, however, there was a global downturn, which was less bad in America than elsewhere in the world. But that didn’t matter to American voters, who pay little attention to the rest of the world.

    (Speaking of paying little attention to the rest of the world, Sue A., do you really think “one party” is a good idea? That’s what they had in the Soviet Union and have today in China. Much as I despise today’s crop of far-right wackos in the Republican party, we need at least two of them.)

  • Nickie

    It is fairly obvious to me from reading the comments which people are Fox news junkies. PLEASE consider other sources before expressing an opinion.

    To answer the question, I believe President Obama is trying to do a good job. Did no one hear him say this was going to be a long journey? I have never heard such a diatribe of negativeness toward one man in my lifetime. He was handed a series of problems, none of which had a clear right or wrong answer. Does anyone really know what would have happened had we not had the bailouts or stimulus? I am excluding the all-knowing responses from show business people cloaking themselves in journalistic clothing. No one, including the president, has a crystal ball.

    From my perspective, not allowing the tax cuts to expire was a major mistake. Let me be clear — no one likes to pay more taxes! However, instituting those tax cuts at the onset while simultaneously starting an unfunded war, which we then had to borrow funds for, was not a very good business plan in my opinion.

    I believe both the dems and reps need to step up to the plate and attempt to quit acting like elementary school children. Stop worrying about whether or not you will be re-elected, put the people and the country first, learn to get along, do some real compromising, and quit blaming the President for all the ills. That would be the adult thing to do. Unfortunately, not too many adults in our government these days!