According to census data, married couples no longer constitute a majority of households in the Twin Cities. The percentage of married households is down to about 48 percent — a big change from 1950, when the national number was 78 percent. Today’s Question: How does the decline in the proportion of married couples affect society?

Polls consistently show that a majority of Minnesotans oppose spending taxpayer funds on a new Vikings stadium. Even so, officials are pushing competing stadium plans for Minneapolis and Arden Hills, and the idea has bipartisan support among legislators and the governor. Today’s Question: Should public opposition to a taxpayer-financed Vikings stadium preclude building one?

Allina Hospitals and Clinics has fired more than 30 employees at two hospitals for improperly looking at patients’ electronic medical records. The case comes at a time when government is urging health-care providers to switch to electronic records. Today’s Question: Do you trust the medical establishment to keep your information secure?

The Bush-era debate over so-called harsh interrogation techniques has flared anew with the death of Osama bin Laden. Both critics and defenders of methods like waterboarding claim that the successful effort to find Bin Laden vindicates their point of view. Today’s Question: How does the killing of Osama bin Laden affect your view of harsh Read more