How would a federal government shutdown affect you?

Unless negotiators can reach a deal to extend the government’s authority to spend money, the federal government could shut down this weekend. Today’s Question: How would a federal government shutdown affect you?

  • Duane

    It may delay my Social Security check for a few days, but I would be happy see that happen if we can shine the light on the foot dragging and delaying tactics of the Democratic party and our MIA President. President Obama has shown no leadership on budget matters since he was inaugurated. The 111 congress failed to pass any budget bill for this past year. President Obama should never have let that happen. He was Missing In Action.

  • Allyson

    I bought a house last year that qualified for the tax credit, but had to file using paper this year as a result. Who knows when I’ll see that refund? To the extent that I intended to spend it, that’s LESS money fueling the economy, right? There are lots of folks in this boat given how busy the housing market was last year.

  • Jennifer

    As a newer federal employee, I live paycheck to paycheck. Losing just one day’s wages is a blow to my monthly finances. I can’t imagine losing pay for an entire week. Our household is on edge.

  • Gary

    Wasn’t last years Congress responsible for this year’s budget?

  • Steve the Cynic

    Given that the Mad Hatters are holding America hostage and loudly proclaiming their willingness to allow a shutdown if they don’t get their way on their plan to evicerate our government, I suppose I’ll soon find out how it will affect me. A century ago, anarchists were considered the chief threat to American security. Now they’re in Congress.

  • Eric

    As a military academic advisor at a University that has a lot of students who receive GI Bill funds, we are not sure how the shutdown would affect us. The VA has not been all that transparent about if veterans will still receive their GI Bill money.

    As a National Guard Soldier I am wondering when I will see a pay check for this weekends upcoming drill. This is a major concern as that is a important part of my families budget.

  • David

    I would feel better if we send these useless politicians home without pay for a few months.

  • Cindy Lee

    Since my husband is a non essential federal worker it will impact our financial health, which is just coming back after his unemployment/underemployment for four years.

    It is frustrating that the Tea Party and Republican Party keep asking the middle class and those with absolutely no safety net to make sacrifices when they are not asking the rich and corporate America to make sacrifices. At some point they will go too far.

  • J

    I’m more worried about a state shutdown. Being a state employee with my inflated wages of $2000 a month and my inflated benefits paying only 1/3 of recent medical issues, I need that check!

  • steve

    the shutdown would hurt the mechanisms of govt services like social security and paper tax processing, and would gridlock the us economy!

  • Anne Flueckiger

    I’m scheduled to guide a hiking trip in four National Parks in Utah next week. If the government shuts down, National Parks, monuments, and museums are closed, which will impact many peoples’ vacation plans. It’s also the only paid work I have this month.

  • John P.

    A shutdown’s main effect would be to further comvince me that our system of government is seriously broken.

  • James
  • David

    I think we should take Jame’s idea one step further and every state should fire one congressman or senator. Put the fear of the people into the rest of them. Every state should recall their worse, obstructionist, partisan, corporate shill, do nothing politician. I nominate Michelle Bachman for Minnesota.

  • Paul- St. Paul

    I will feel sad thay my country had slipped so far and that it has come to this. I do not work for the government or have any immediate plans that will be impacted. I will look forward to 2012, though, and hope that America wakes up to the fact that supporting Republicans at any level is a very bad and destructive idea.

  • TA

    Maybe if the Gvt. where to “shut down” say for a week, maybe two if we could be so blessed, we could then realise that hey, we don’t need the Gvt. as much as we thought.

  • Shane

    Not one bit. Believe it or not my daily life is not dependent on whether or not a bunch of bureaucrats are at “work”.

  • Emily

    My fiance is from Ireland and we’ve been going through his finace visa paperwork for seven months now. We were finally about to get the final stage of scheduling his approval interview at the Dublin embassy in the next week or two, but now the shutdown is going to halt all progress on the visa processing. We’ve been patient and have paid hundereds of dollars in fees to the government so far. It’s beyond frustrating to be so close to then end of this already long process only to have the threat of a shutdown looming over our heads and prolonging our separation. To see people routing for the shutdown because it has no direct effect on their lives only adds to the frustration.

  • Lou

    It would have a small direct impact on me. Prior to the 2008 election, Michele Bachmann said that she wishes that the news media would examine members of Congress to see if they have pro-American or anti-American views. After hearing the chants of “shut it down” being led by members of Congress, for once in my life I believe that Michele Bachmann might be correct.

  • kennedy

    After hearing all the government spending that will continue despite the “shutdown”, I am disappointed. It seems we have created a system that largley continues without human input.

    Many expect a “shutdown” to cost more money than if the current budget were extended. If that’s the case, the actions of our elected officials will be to increase spending while decreasing services provided.

    I expect the “shutdown” to affect me in long term ways as the EPA will not monitor pollution and the FDA will not inspect food producers or work on approving new medications.

  • Sue de Nim

    Are financial regulators part of the “essential services,” or will banks be free to run roughshod over America? I shudder to think what shenanigans might go on with no adult supervision.

  • Kirk

    Really need that tax refund, which will be delayed.

    Very angry that this is all due to resolution being held hostage by one party adding in their moralistic issues which have absolutely nothing to do with a budget to run our national government.

  • Mary B

    I was surprised to hear on NPR yesterday afternoon that the potential government shutdown will prevent the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade in Washington DC from taking place. Being a Minnesotan, this wouldn’t normally be important, except that I’m flying out to DC this weekend for, among other things, the Cherry Blossom Festival. As they said on the radio, it won’t keep the blossoms from blooming, but I’m still surprised that my holiday will be affected by this.

  • Matthew

    A government shutdown would directly affect my family since my wife is a government employee who would be on unpaid furlough pending a budget agreement. It affects all of us, however, knowing that our fellow citizens — be they government workers or sick and elderly — are not receiving the pay or assistance they need to survive. Moreover, all of us rely on the government in some way. Use and reliance upon infrastructure during this morning’s commute is but one of a million examples.

  • Stan

    Wait; wait; tell me which party had the majority, and gloated about it, in the House, the Senate, and the Presidency last year when the budget was supposed to be addressed? From the comments of the Republican antagonists the looming government shutdown is to be blamed solely on Republicans. Wow that’s simple. And, then give the Democrats a free pass on failing to get the job done on their watch: strange reasoning.

    Some members of this thread have party blinders on their reasoning. You should be directing your vitriol and anger at the legislators who didn’t do their job when they were supposed to. The inaction by last year’s congress, due to a collective unwillingness to face and make tough decisions is the reason we are facing a government shutdown now.

    The government shutdown not the problem though; it is only a symptom of a severely broken system which transcend political preference.

  • Steve the Cynic

    “Some members of this thread have party blinders on their reasoning.”

    Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Clark

    The party of the wagon riders, democrats have one and only one solution to every problem , raise taxes and confiscate more income from the wagon pullers.

    The republicans primary solution is always cut spending and entitlementIs, which as a wagon puller, I happen to endorse.

    I have come to realize it might be best to split the country into equal parts, one with wagon pullers and the other with wagon riders.

    In 5 years, after their economy has tanked, the government of the wagon riders can float their bonds 20% bond yields to save their country from excessive spending such a Greece.

    They will also likely need to build a large wall to prevent their citizens from fleeing excessive government regulation and confiscatory taxes.

    Does this all sound familiar pinkos?

  • Matthew

    Closed circuit message to Clark below, with respect to his disection of America between wagon pullers and wagon riders.

    Are military personnel “wagon riders”? According to your logic, we should shut down the government because the wagon riders somehow deserve their come-uppance for dragging you down. I hope you were listening to MPR just now, Talk of the Nation, and the grandmother who called in to describe how her daughter, an Army wife, is home alone in North Carolina caring for several children and lives week-to-week the way it is. Did you hear the grandmother describe how the deployed soldier’s four-year-old son has to hug his “daddy pillow”? He’s a “wagon rider,” isn’t he?

    To you and other unempathetic teabaggers who hold signs reading “Shut ‘er down,” you can stick it!

  • beryl k gullsgate

    In retrospect; November 13,1995

    No one told the Moon

    The government closed down at midnight

    and the Moon which

    had been hanging around

    since sunset…

    stayed there ’til sunrise…

    no one

    told the moon to

    go home.

  • Wallace

    The question itself is WRONG. Fewer than one-third of federal employees will stay home. The government WILL NOT SHUT DOWN. Air traffic controllers will doze off in towers, TSA employees will grope grandmas, drone pilots in Nevada will bomb civilians in Afghanistan, Socialistic Insecurity payments will be made, the Infernal Revenue Service will rob us blind, contractors will work on an insane half-billion dollar upgrade of underground utilities at one federal building.

    So if only “non-essential” employees will be furloughed, this begs the question: If these 800,000 bureaucrats are not essential, for a day, or a week, or a month–why are they essential at all? The point is, in a government that BORROWS $50,000 PER SECOND, it is unconscionable that ANY nonessential staff, programs, projects, plans, are continued. Shut it down!

  • Stan

    S-t-C, sorry but there are no adjectives denoting party affilication modifying “legislators”, “congress”, or “collective unwillingnes” … these statements are directed to both Republicans and Democratics. Neither group is doing the job they were elected to do. This “kettle” is calling out both sides for misbehaviour and unsatisfactory performance.

  • Wallace


    1) You government employees. The ship is on fire and sinking; best jump off and swim for it before it sucks you down.

    2) Anne F. Go ahead and hike in Utah Natl. Parks. Slip some cash under the door if the Ranger’s hut is locked, and if the potties are closed, dig a hole. I recommend Canyonlands; it has lots of sand.

    3) Cindy L. You complain that the “Tea Party and Republican Party keep asking the middle class and those with absolutely no safety net to make sacrifices when they are not asking the rich and corporate America to make sacrifices.” Wake up. We are out of money. The T.P. is too Republican, and BOTH PARTIES are responsible for the fiscal mess we’re in.

    4) Steve the Cynic. You say “Mad Hatters” want to “eviscerate” the government. More power to them, if that “evisceration” involves a multi-trillion dollar gastric bypass to eliminate thousands of unconstitutional programs. As to “anarchists” in Congress, you’re totally wrong. A few in seem to have finally found the fortitude to try and put out the Constitutional fires that anarchists in both parties have been setting for 100 years.

    5) Kennedy. You think you’re going to DIE because the EPA and FDA won’t be protecting you? They don’t protect you as it is. The only thing you’ve been breathing or eating is government propaganda. The only “new medication” you need is a reality pill.

    6) Kirk. Re: “moralistic issues which have absolutely nothing to do with a budget to run our national government.” Maybe so, but I’m glad somebody wants to de-fund Planned Parenthood, which uses MY TAX DOLLARS for abortions, as it covers up the rapes of children, and keeps perverts and pimps out of prison.

    7) Matthew. Brave “Military personnel” may be “wagon pullers,” but the wagons are corrupt. The wars are illegal, and our soldiers, no matter how brave or selfless, serve a corrupt imperialistic agenda. And beside, troops and their families are expendable to the DOD, Bush, toward military families is to bring their soldiers home. (And not only “teabaggers,” as you say, want to “shut it down.” I said it, too.)

    8) Stan and Clark. Well said.

  • Stan

    Mod’s where’s the thumbs up button? 🙂

  • DNA

    Anarchy for the weekend, cool 🙂

    Let’s be excellent with one another and party on!

    Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. – Gandhi

    Be the joie de vivre.

  • Wallace

    Sorry folks. P.S. #7 was messed up. Should be this.

    7) Matthew. Brave “Military personnel” may be “wagon pullers,” but the wagons are corrupt. The wars are illegal, and our soldiers, no matter how brave or selfless, serve a corrupt imperialistic agenda. And beside, troops and their families are expendable to the DOD, Bush, Obama, et al. The best way to be empathetic toward military families is to bring their soldiers home. (And not only “teabaggers,” as you say, want to “shut it down.” I said it, too.)

  • Steve the Cynic

    Wallace, you evidently are unaware of what an anarchist is. Makes me wonder what else you’re uninformed about. You might try being as skeptical of the conspiracy theorists you apparently listen to as you are of the government.

  • Tom Castonguay

    There should have been a budget months ago — but elections got in the way. I have participated in 5 shutdowns during the reagan terms when I was in the Forest Service. #6 will be while I am a Trust Forester in the BIA rah.

  • Wallace

    Dear Steve the Cynic.

    Whereas “arsonists” tend to set fires out of emotional or financial motivations, “anarchists” set fires for political reasons. So it seemed more logical to stay with your image, with anarchists burning the Constitution, rather than a wordy description of “anarchists wanting to do away with all laws, including the Constitution” etc. Historically, anarchists–self-proclaimed and supposed–have often been connected to firebombings during riots and periods of political ferment.

    I figured people would get it.

  • Lily

    Effects? Well, we will lose my husband’s paycheck likely, as he is a “non essential” civil engineer for the feds. So…we will cut our spending way back….

  • Steve the Cynic

    An anarchist is someone who wants to do away with government. In the current debate, Wallace, who is it that sounds most like the classic anarchists? Who is it that’s shouting, “Cut it or shut it!”? Who is it that’s willing to hold government services hostage to their demands to slash federal spending? Not the Democrats. Not the Party-of-Lincoln Republicans. It’s only the Mad Hatters of the Tea Party that are doing that. Your insinuation that the federal government has been rampantly violating the Constitution of late is based on a highly dubious interpretation of the Constitution that is quite far out of the main stream. The main stream isn’t always right, of course, but you’d need better evidence than rhetoric and conspiracy theories to back up your case.

  • Kevin VC

    No income.

    No insurance.

    No student aid.

    Homeless if it keeps up and with a grudge….

    Other then that fine and DANDY!!!!

    Why do you think people are mad at the GOP, or rather the TEA PARTY.

    I have a brother in the Military who is expecting a baby and he is kinda screwed if this keeps up.

  • Yeng Her

    I post because the “Hmong” don’t really care much about anything unless you make up a song that makes fun of them. Go check the Tou Ger Xiong comical-commentary on MPR and let us know what the “white” folks think 🙂 Because I haven’t seen a comment from one of you guys in there, not that you care of course!!!!!

  • Raul

    Military will be paid, that was passed already.

    WE pay taxes for appointees like the Attorney General who do NOT do their job!

    We have Steven Lerner from SEIU ,sponsored by evil George Soros, the billionair who gave 1.2 Million to NPR for a new investigative dept., Lerner is on tape advocating and planning economic terrorism and our government does nothing and the media says even less. WHERE are the coverage on Lerner? Every one is scared to confront George Soros’ Open Society one world governance plan..

    Nonviolence Is Not Always the Answer; American Socialist Leader Steven Lerner from SEIU unions is Calling for Revolution Says ‘We Are Not Pacifists, Violence Sometimes Is Necessary’

    LERNER should be arrested today.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Better watch out for those black helicopters, Raul!

  • Political Bastard Thoughts

    I say cut the welfare some of those people dont deserve it they just need to get there lazy azz up and do something find a job. If your jobs low income like Mcdonalds or a paperout then i can see it through why you might be on it but just not working cause your a lazy fk and dont want to is BS or if you cant make pay with only one person bringing in income but it really ticks me off when i see people on welfare wearing all these nice cloths and driving these nice cars…i think to my self were do they get this money although its not hard to figure cause were i live the supply and demand of drugs isent low. Im not saying that the people with disabilitiesEct.

    shouldnt get it but if you think hard you should know what i mean well actually not hard but yea