Do the lives of the royals interest you?

There is speculation that the wedding of Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton could draw an even bigger worldwide audience than that of William’s parents in 1981. Today’s Question: Do the lives of the royals interest you?

  • Alison

    Nope. Less coverage please!

  • Wade

    Not one bit. In fact I find it disturbing that they are taking up so much of the medias time. If terrorists were to bomb the royal’s wedding, it would be no more sad than any other attack. They are NOT special people. We as a society are much to interested in celebs and “star athletes”.

  • Teawench

    Not even a little bit. I can’t wait for this wedding crap to be over.

  • Tim

    No. We fought two wars so we wouldn’t be burdened by royalty and all that goes with that form of government.

  • Hiram


  • Zeke

    The media certainly is banking on it.

  • ann

    Not at all. I am tired of the media coverage and I can’t wait for it to be over! There is so much else going on in the world (libya, egypt, japan tornadoes the war) that should have the media colverage, it is just silly to spend so much time and money on a wedding.

  • GaryF

    Nope, not one bit.

    I’m not quite sure why people are so interested in this or why the media makes such a big deal in this. Someone please explain to me why this is so important?

    Monarchy? Talk about a concept that jumped the shark centuries ago! So, tell me again why do they have more rights and privilege that other Brits?

    And really, the Windsor family is really German after all.

    That’s why my radio and TV have a remote control, so I can change the station the first moment any talk of this royal wedding starts.

  • Chris Oinonen Ehren

    No, very bored by all the breathless anticipation, assuming I am riveted by all kinds of meaningless details. No stories about anything interesting, just an endless “US magazine” story. Nobody asks the people involved interesting political questions.

  • Tom Anderson

    Not much interest at all, the same sort of interest as finding an old pot or tool in the attic or tool shed would generate – sort of a ‘I wonder what this is all about ‘ sort of attitude. The royals seem to be so completely self absorbed (common these days) that they hold little interest.

  • peter ellison

    not at all. bored stiff.

  • Steve the Cynic

    This is a rhetorical question, right?

  • Chuck

    Actaully, yes! A little celebration in the midst of all the devastation is a good thing. I wish them well.

  • Not even one tiny bit. I’ve been lucky to avoid all the hoopla, it feels like.

  • Mary

    The whole monarchy world is like watching a never ending play/soap opera. I would rather watch something more interesting such as my dog sleeping.

  • Wade

    I thought I was interested, but it turn out it was just gas.

  • Sam Chafos

    No way — celebrating one family’s “superiority” enhances a culture of dualism that not only doesn’t serve us, but hinders humaity’s progress.

  • Jim Shapiro


  • Carrie

    Not really. However, it’s kind of nice to see a “feel good” story once in awhile. A little overplayed though.

  • steve

    i am very excited about it it is the wedding of the century and a way of getting away from all our troubles and stresses in life the devastation it is a good thing-i have a daughter who i will probably marry off in a few years so i am taking notes!

  • Eric

    I couldn’t care less. Weddings are boring, so I anticipate Prince Williams’ wedding to be a ROYAL bore.

  • bsimon

    What’s missing from all this coverage of the royal wedding is a Minnesota Connection. Surely there must be a way we can claim Miss Kate as one of our own?

  • David

    God no. The fact you’re even asking makes me wonder if its a real slow news day.

  • craig

    I am not even interested in the question “Do the lives of the royals interest you?”

  • George Young

    No but I would like to see their birth certificates

  • Erich

    Not really. The lives, and birth certificates, of our royalty over here don’t interest me much either.

  • Paul Jasmer

    Constitutional monarchy is a system of government. It’s not about celebrity. Rather, it’s about having a non-partisan chief of state who models dignity and civility that is above politics. By contrast, everything is political in the U.S. system. Americans live in political squalor. Paul Jasmer, member of the Monarchist League of Canada

  • CF

    Not in the least. *yawn*

  • CC&H

    I thought I was the only one who couldn’t care less. Now I wonder where those people are who ARE interested.

  • boB from WA


  • Wade

    The fact that MPR is covering the wedding events tomorrow as well as other fluff and artsy junk is a primary reason why I don’t contribute.

    I come here for news, not celeb worship.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Off with their heads! 🙂

  • Matt Torgerson

    I haven’t been excited about the Royals since George Brett flirted with a .400 batting average back in 1980.

  • GaryF

    Good one Matt. The Royals back in their hey day!

    Amos Otis, Freddie Patek, George Brett, Hal McRae, Brett Saberhagen, Charlie Liebrandt,

    U. L. Washington, Bo Jackson, John Mayberry

    Now those are Royals worth following!

  • Bill Haverberg

    While I wish them well, I’ve never had much of an interest in that Saxe-Coburg-Gotha clan.

  • Mary

    Not really. That’s an aweful lot of national wealth to spend on a family wedding in a time when their economy is in the tank.

  • Alison

    The only value in this question is that it brought out some really witty responses. The rest of ’em here in cube central are wondering what I’m laughing at.

  • Philip

    I like English history, so from that stand point, yes. Otherwise, it would likely just be a passing interest, much like American Idol or Dancing with the Stars.

  • James


    Have a good life together…move along.



  • Bruce Thorstad

    ((Boy, did I have a hard time finding this feature on your website!!))

    Compared to my own two kids, I can’t deny that many others are born richer. Many others may be born smarter, more talented or better looking — though I take issue with that. But no children are born more royal, The notion of royal birth is disgusting to this American. Isn’t that what we rebelled against in 1776? “Royals” can do whatever they like — they will anyway. But don’t expect me to follow their antics.

  • Lisa

    No, but I do realize that the wedding is a big deal in England by tradition and that their royalty is important to many of them. Royalty in the modern world seems so anachronistic to me. I’m much more interested in the Endeavor’s final flight tomorrow, and happy that Gabrielle Giffords is able to be there to watch the take off.

  • CC&H

    You guys – please read Dan Rather’s current article on Huffington Post. Puts everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – in perspective.

  • Dale


  • Aurey F.

    Hey, I don’t care. They’re attractive kids, seem like decent, intelligent people. I wish them the best. And Harry too. It must be tough being William’s little brother!

    And honestly, what is so declasse” about enjoying the royals for one brief shining moment? Do any of you stop to ponder on the slobbering adoration we give to someone who can hit a ball, or run fifty yards with a ball, or knock a ball (well, a puck) into a net? And the amount of money spent on these neanderthals. And yes, some of it, indeed, tax money? Many of whom can’t put a sentence together coherently?

    Stop being so smug, people. Llve long and prosper, Kate and William.

  • Kirk

    Not in the least. “Royalty” is just a farce left over from much less enlightened days. It is a pompous joke.

  • Jason

    Not unless I could be a missing heir and there’s some money or a title involved.

  • Tricia

    Wow. An awful lot of people who couldn’t care less took the time to respond. I see the royals as a constant in our lives. They were here when I was born and will be here when I die. Nearly every society has had some sort of royalty so apparently it’s in our genes. I don’t go out of my way to learn about them, but it’s hard not to miss their trials, tribulations, and triumphs so we end up knowing as much about them as we do some of the members of our own family. It’s the ultimate soap opera. I’ll be watching the wedding tomorrow with a smile on my face wishing William and Kate all the best.

  • Carstens

    I’m thoroughly enjoying every moment. Painful news is always here in abundance. The royal wedding and Gabrielle Giffords’ progress are news features that I don’t tire of hearing about or reading.

  • Joe Schaedler

    Nowhere near as much as it appears to be interesting the media and the publc in general. There are endless things more valuable to focus on than the tabloid details of the royals’ lives.

  • Jim G

    No, they’re English, not American. We won our independence from this type of royalty worship over 200 years ago.

  • Henny

    They have slightly more dignity than American royalty, i.e. Hollywood celebrities, but are still fodder for schlocky tchotchkes. You know you’ve made it in popular culture when you’re a Pez dispenser. I sometimes follow the fashions the women wear because they’re so bizarre, otherwise, meh.

  • Kevin VC


    To me it should be only a legacy honorary title, nothing more. For England it really is a pointless role other then bragging rights.

    I am sure those in England feel differently, but I do not recall the King or Queen really playing a role in their country… at least lately.

    Might be nice to know they have the so many millions, in in trade for this, be the key diplomat, and maybe lead the country. Minus this I think England can continue in its growing up and becoming a normal country…..

    As far as weddings?

    The Royal Wedding such as we will see is a WASTE of money, bragging rights, and OVER-KILL.

    Those who are treated this way may say otherwise, but ask your selves why? Do you get a kick out of having a wedding others can not? Are you that much more saintly?

    Sorry in my book all must humble themselves…

    And this ain’t humble.

    And it sure is not Minnesotan.

  • Sue de Nim

    As I understand it, Britain avoided the turmoil of a revolution like the French had by promising the royals that they could keep all their status, so long as they gave up their power. They’re still making good on that promise by supporting today’s royal family at public expense. Would that this country had such a track record of keeping its word!

  • Patrick

    Noooo…can’t say I am.

  • DNA

    I take no interest in the lives of “the royals” separate from “the commoners”. However, celebrating unity and having a great time together is wonderful.

    Being a sovereign individual, the lives of others interest me because they show the range of experiences that arise from choices made and perceptions held by people.

    May we each come to know the royalty that is closer than hands or feet and nearer than the breath.

  • Jenny

    I would love to see Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s books as a series…

  • Karen

    Biggest disappointment – only one series of Smith’s The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency – it’s out on DVD – great acting, great script. What happened to it?? Love D. A. and the Good Wife.

  • My brother and I (to a lesser extent) grew up watching Dr. Who Love the old stuff in its low budget glory, and the new stuff with is twists, drama, and laughs. Even got my wife into it big time, great show!