Which potential GOP candidate would have the best chance of winning the White House?

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is exploring a presidential run, and other Republicans are expected to join the field shortly. Today’s Question: Which potential GOP candidate would have the best chance of winning the White House?

  • Clark

    I have never voted for democrat in my life given their primary goal is to penalize sucess and reward failure.

    I consider myself a moderate on most issues and would hope the republicans do not push too far to the right as it will only turn off independants and moderate republicans.

    Though I realize name recognition is still low, I do like Tim Pawlenty and Mitch Daniels of Indiana.

    I believe the next president will need come to terms with the huge cost of entitlements. The solutions will impact all americans and require many difficult choices.

    I would hope Pawlenty and Daniels have the intellect to propose solutions as clearly obama and the far left have only one solutions to everything, raise taxes.

    The republicans are too far right and the democrats too far left so we I am left with a dilema.

  • Josh D.

    I think if he had a bit better name recognition, Tim Pawlenty would have a shot, but running this time around will get him that (if he runs), which may get him closer to a successful run next time.

    But this time around, I could see Ron Paul making a strong run. He seems to have a very strong grass roots base, and I think he can appeal to both “mainstream” republicans and the tea party lot. I’m not sure how well he’d fair with moderates, it would likely depend on how the economy is going at the time of the election. But as far as gathering Republican votes, I could see him putting up a strong run.

  • hiram

    To outsiders, Romney seems like the only plausible candidate. His problem is that he has no core values, no moral center. He will literally say or do anything to get the nomination. Among the potential nominees, he is probably the best candidate but far and away the worst human being.

  • Don Jacobson

    I think the GOP is becoming more clownish and irrelevant by the day. And shame on the mainstream media (including MPR/NPR) for trying to give them equal time. They use the media to spread lies, innuendo, and propaganda for the sole purpose of propping up their financial benefactors.

  • GaryF

    Way, way, way, too early. Too early for Newt to announce, too early for debates that are supposed to happen in May, and too early for media outlets to be worrying about it.

    Too much happening in the world and at home. We have the Middle East on fire, we have inflation and debt to worry about, we have national, state, and local governments that are broke and don’t want to face the facts that we have to rethink government. We have people that think if we tax the rich more, they will produce more private sector jobs.

    Too much going on for me to worry about a president at the current time.

  • Steve the Cynic

    The question is irrelevant, because the one with the best chance of winning probably won’t get the nomination. The nod will most likely go to whoever most effectively panders to the plutocrat donors and the delusional extremists in the party’s base, which will alienate swing voters.

  • Steve the Cynic

    “I have never voted for democrat in my life given their primary goal is to penalize sucess and reward failure.”

    Just to be clear, Clark, no one has any such goal. The Democrats’ position on tax policy is to promote social justice through progressive taxation. You apparently hold the opinion that this will penalize success and reward failure, but that’s not the Democrats’ motivation.

    Democrats make the same mistake when they say, for instance, that Republicans “just want to wreck the environment and put workers into a state of wage slavery.” In fact, it’s their opinion that excessive deregulation and unfettered capitalism will lead to such an outcome, but that’s not the Republicans’ goal.

  • steve

    i dont know i guess pawlenty but i like newt he has alot of good ideas being a washington insider and not knee-jerk decisions. he has good visions, while pawlenty is a protaganist and pompous.

  • BJ

    Like Josh, I think that Ron Paul has the best chance to beat President Barack Obama.

    I think Ron Paul can equal the grass roots power, and he has proven that dollars can flow from non traditional sources to his campaign.

    Ron Paul’s message is just far enough from most current GOP hopfuls that it will sound fresh if given the national spotlight.

  • dick holt

    Absent a surprise candidate not yet in the picture I can see none of current crop having a chance to win general election. In order to get support from base all will be to far to the right and will lose moderates. This would be my dream come true.

  • Chris

    Ron Paul.

    If Faux News were smart they would see that he is actually conservative. But I guess that is asking too much. Since the sheep only do what Faux News tells them the GOP will put up a moron like Bachmann.

  • Clark

    Steve the Cynic:

    Sorry but you are wrong. If I had the time, I actually work full time, I would provide a long long list of legislation the far left has passed to penalize success and reward failure.

    This is been and will always be their goal to insure we are all “average”.

    The democrats have been and always will be the party that penalizes success with either tax policy or legislation that redistributes the economic pie rather then grow the economic pie.

    Milton Friedman was correct when he stated:

    “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.”

  • Kevin VC

    Right now the GOP is scared of the Tea Party for their extremism, but love the money coming from KOCH….

    Not one is moving forward much.

    Huckabee with his birther craziness is trying.

    Mit Romey is a little more average Joe…. And that is hard for me to say…

    Our own Mr Tim is to mellow…..

    Palin is a comedy Act as is Bachmann.

    Rush would never step up, all talk and no reality.

    Carl Rove continues to be a supporter, not the star. And oddly enough more moderate then what is out there….. And I thought I would never see that happen!

    The NJ governor is not running, and already has put his shoe in his mouth to be able to run.

    It would be funny if Koch brother ran. Scare bit is I think they just might….

    I think most of them are also scared at the sudden hornets nest shook up that the radical Tea Party is doing. Kicking the heart land and hard working people tends to do that.

    (Sad when the opt 2 % own 90% of the world. This is not about awarding the hard worker, its about greed…)

    Personally I wish the normal GOP would return from its far off land of were ever they ran off to.

    Then I know I can be talking with a sane person.

    Until the GOP moderate and return to truth in advertising, It will be hard or impossible for anyone to clearly step up.

  • Kevin VC


    (Sad when the Top 2 % own 90% of the world. And the difference is getting worse. This is not about awarding the hard worker, its about greed…)

  • glenn

    Newt- due to the other choices.

  • midas


    By the same logic, I am completely, objectively, and rationally correct when I assert that Republicans’ conscious goal is to reward greed and immoral fiscal behavior to create an exclusive elite upper class and punish those who can’t afford to by their votes and ensuring that they have no opportunities to improve their lives. This is their goal because they view themselves as more important than others who don’t share their background and values, and this narcissism drives them to do all they can to keep non-billionaires “in their place”.

    I too work full time, so can’t list all the legislation they’ve introduced that does these things, but there’s a lot of it.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Clark, if you’re not going to try to understand the other side’s opinions from their own perspective, you have no business putting yourself forward as being well-informed, much less engaging in any kind of rational debate.

  • Joe Schaedler

    Barack Obama.

    OK, he’s thoroughly taken up with the Dem’s, but he’s exactly the broad-minded, big-tent, reach-across-the-aisle sort of thinker that the Republicans need to run and govern effectively.

    Too bad the GOP’s primary base has become too closed minded for too long to field such a viable candidate. sadly, their only hope is that a slim majority of the general voting public follows their blindsighted lead, regardless of the consequences.

  • Shane

    Ron Paul. I think his message of non-interventionism will finally resonate with both republicans and democrats. I think people are also realizing he is correct when he talks about the federal reserve and fiat money.

  • Greg

    Dwight D. Eisenhower.

  • brian f

    Clark, if you’re not going to try to understand the other side’s opinions from their own perspective, you have no business putting yourself forward as being well-informed, much less engaging in any kind of rational debate.

    Well said. Simplistic political rhetoric like Clark’s is used on both the left and the right to frame everything as black and white “us” vs “them” scenarios. This approach is small-minded and unproductive. It’s nice to know that some of us take a more thoughtful approach that focuses on the problems rather than the people who are trying to solve them.

  • ZIggy

    It’s hard to pinpoint who the best candidate will be. I’d like to think it’s someone smart but unfortunately many Republicans like wackos like Bachmann or not-smart no-record people like Palin. Mitt Romney seems relatively intelligent but he’s Mormon, not good enough for the crazy right of the right-wing. No one remembers how Newt left the Speaker’s position in disgrace, and he’s hypocritical enough talking about “family values” when he’s been married 3 times, so they might like him. He can attack a lot like Palin and Bachmann.

  • stuie klipper

    The question might be moot.

    Seems to me that if the ‘demographics’ and percentages of the 2012 elections are anything like the last and if Michelle Bachman continues her attempts to helm the Tea Party, the Republicans will hand Obama his reelection on a silver platter (maybe silver-plated).

  • Jim B.

    None of them. The Republicans are the ones who put us in the gigantic hole that we are still trying to dig our way out of. And Republicans were the ones who recently blackmailed everyone else to get the extension of tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. Republicans are only out to really help the wealthiest and most powerful among us. Anyone in the bottom 95% or so would only be cutting his/her own throat by voting Republican. The American electorate does not always demonstrate the greatest wisdom but I can’t even see this electorate putting a Republican in the White House this next time around.

  • Eider Brown

    Nute Grinch. His self excused serial adultery is a reflection of the right’s lack of moral capacity, unwillingness to accept personal responsibility, and evasion of accountability.

  • Patrick

    As far as foreign policy all the rep candidates are either very lacking or just plain scary.

    Do you remember Newts solution to Iran? ….Nuke em.

    Do not let current economic woes cause another bout of american-forgetfulness. Does anyone remember the dark ages of Bush?

  • DNA

    Ron Paul is only one I could imagine being worthy of the job. I would hope the American people would make the wisest choice (given the poor selection available).

    I’ll vote for the person and platform. For me it will likely be within the Grassroots Party (especially if I were to run 🙂 or Green Party. I’d vote for Ron Paul even though I’ve NEVER voted for a Republican in my life. Democrats are the better of the two evils, but they seem to mess up almost as bad.

    May we eventually live by the Law of Love written in hearts.

  • JD

    Chris Christie.

    I know he’s declared that he would commit suicide before running, but sometimes you can’t necessarily wait for a time when you feel you might be ready for the job. The opportunity to run for president does not come often, you have to take advantage when it does. Yes, just having the opportunity to run is not reason enough, but that didn’t necessarily stop our current commander in cheif.

    Sometimes you are called by the country to fulfill a higher a duty, and he is the only candidate on the GOP side that I see has a realistic shot at taking down Obama.