How should the world community respond to the bloodshed in Libya?

The regime of Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi has reacted violently to street protests. Hundreds have been killed and Gadhafi himself has vowed to die in his effort to hang onto power. Today’s Question: How should the world community respond to the bloodshed in Libya?

  • DMOX

    Would we be so passive about this if it was happening in Italy? In Norway? France? Oil seems to be the magical potion that makes Americans completely forget all their morals and ethics. It also brings out our repressed racism. If these were white faces being shot on the news, there would already be an aircraft carrier off shore, and a presidential address on prime time.

    You can argue this all you want, but the truth hurts.

  • Gary F

    “World Community”, you are joking, right?

    Do you mean the United Nations holding their breath and thinking happy thoughts waiting for something nice to happen?

    Do you mean Italy and Greece and Portugal should storm in enforce a no fly zone?

    Do you mean an embargo, which China and Russia won’t go along with?

    if you mean “world community” meaning the United States, which does all the heavy lifting for the “world community”, it won’t happen. It’s now run by a guy who doesn’t really like the United States position as being a world leader. He doesn’t want to use the military to be used to stabilize a major oil producing economy. He wants $5 a gallon gas at home.

    Give moral support, make it known. Make sure world communication links are open so the people of Libya and the world know what’s happening.

    While you are at it, do the same for Iran.

  • Steve the Cynic

    I like the way this question is worded. In contrast with Gary F, who appears to be criticizing our president for being insufficiently imperial, I think it’s good for the US to encourage other governments to step up.

    What should the world community do? Military assistance is probably not needed. Give moral support to the protesters. Provide assylum to any defectors. Help get accurate information out, and in. Help the Libyans set up a legitimate democratic government once the dictator is gone. If some Arab country would “allow” Gadhafi to flee there and retire peacefully, that might be okay, too.

  • steve

    i think we need to give moral support and address this issue seriously (united nations)

    and throw out the word to the rest of the world!

  • GaryF

    President Obama’s pastor was the the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

    Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan visited Gadhafi back in 1984.

    Wonder if any of those investigative reporters for NPR would look into this relationship or ask any questions?

    Probably not, they are busy trying to find dirt on the Koch brothers.

  • Stan

    I have not agreed with much of President Obama’s administration thus far. In my opinion he spends too much time speach making and not enough time at his desk. In this case he is doing precisely the right thing. He is publically condeming Qadhafi’s violence against his own people, supporting the rights of the Lybian people to determine their future, taking diplomatic action with the leaders of the world e.g. Clinton to Geneva, and NOT participating in sabor rattling!

    The worst thing the US could do is deploy our military; we don’t need another failed police–nation building action. This is truly a situation that demands the attention of united nations (no caps): sanctions, embargos, humanitarian support and relieve and asylum for those who need it.

  • Lou

    The world community has a moral obligation to prevent genocide just as it should have done to prevent the holocaust in Europe and the killing fields in Cambodia. If Libyan leader Gadhafy unleashes his military against his own civilian population, the world should not only condemn it but it should use military force through the united nations to stop it. The only way that the US should act unilaterally is if all efforts to act as a united force fail. But the genocide MUST be stopped.

  • CHS

    DMOX, you seem to forget that what you propose DID happen and we WERE passive, for far too long. Or has our memory of the genocide in the Balkans already faded so quickly. To insinuate that racism is the reason that we aren’t pushing intervention in Libya is a narrow view of global politics at best.

    Libya presents a unique problem, and not simply because it is an OPEC member. Gary F makes some valid points regarding our ‘world community’ and its appetite for intervention. The United Nations will not do anything besides issue a weak condemnation, leaving one nation (or several as a coalition) to act unilaterally.

    Direct intervention in Libya risks destabilizing the entire region even further. Intervening (while morally right, possibly obligatory) will have an effect on the current protests in other nations in the region, who will see that as indication that if they rise up, someone else will finish the job. Is the world ready and willing to support or participate in intervention in Bahrain, Yemen, and beyond?

    There are currently protests in Morocco, Jordan, Bahrain, Yemen, with below surface tensions in Iran and Saudi Arabia. If that direct intervention line is crossed, where will the intervention end?

    There is a lot more at stake than just some oil or some latent racism, it’s the stability of the entire region.

  • Garyf

    What has the “world community” done about Darfor?

    We have our hands full at the moment. Time for Germany, Japan, South Korea, France, Italy, Belgium to step up to the plate.

    Hey how about the United Kingdom? Seeing they made a deal with the devil regarding the Lockerbee bombing.

  • Raoul

    America USED to be the world’s leader, until we have a president who says nothing and does nothing when 4 civilians are killed by Somali pirates, he waits over 8 days before he can say one word to support the citizen “youth” protesters in Iran and Libya but he can quickly speak up for Egyptian protesters. The President can respond really quickly when its something small; e.g., he allows his administration to file law suits against Arizona, he does a beer summit at the white house garden with a photo shoot with his professor friend and the arresting police officer within a day of the event.

    How long before he would condemn Mexico’s administration for corruption and allowing out border patrol agents to be killed?

    He can even speak up on Day one about WI teacher’s illegal strike and support them but he can’t order a No fly zone over Lybia to thwart the slaughtering by planes of civilians?

    Without a doubt, President Obama has shown himself to be the weakest- ineffective and disgracing President. He seems more concerned with being liked by our enemies ( he allowed 2 billion in arms sent to Egypt last year) and had no idea that Egypt was going south?

  • GaryF

    Watch and or listen closely………..

    Will Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama even mention Moahmmar Gaddafi by name in their public speaking?

  • Kyle D.

    I’m a little surprised at some of the comments here. We should send in the military, of course, because look at how well that’s worked out in Afghanistan. In the Middle East countries are not too thrilled to see the US military come in, for support of a revolution or any other reason, because of the history of US installed dictators there and elsewhere.

    Morally, I’m right there with everyone saying that the world should stop a monstrous butcher like Gadhafi from further butchery, and that it would be better for Libya and the world for him to leave. But how can the US commit additional hundreds of billions of dollars and an overstretched and exhausted military without active support from other nations at this point in time?

  • Kevin VC

    Well…. Considering we never had good relations with the country.

    Any fool who put assets there, the oil companies for one, should have realized something like this could happen.

    Its hard to know whats happening there. And until it is known the only thing we can safely do is what we stand for, namely:

    * Safe and human treatment of people, not matter the issue.

    * Freedom of speech and the right to peacefully discuss issues.

    In a way this is a situation Libya had created themselves… How do you respond to a country that never wanted us there to begin with?

    So in the end support the non-violence or removal of violent actions…??

    And I think most will agree there is something ODD with their leader, to put it mildly.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Raoul, et al.,

    America lost its legitimacy as a world leader when we let ourselves be talked into invading Iraq, and when we re-elected the president who led us into that mess. The human rights abuses at Gitmo and Abu Graib didn’t help, either.

  • Sue de Nim

    Let’s be careful about throwing around that word, genocide. Not every act of mass murder perpetrated by a ruthless despot is genocide. Genocide is the attempted extermination of an ethnic group, like what happened under the Nazis, or in Darfur. What dictators like Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, etc., did was just as evil, but it wasn’t genocide; those were political purges. If you’re killing your own people, like Qadhafi is, that’s not genocide.

  • JT

    If anyone thinks the UN can do anything. Consider Libya is a member of the UN Human Rights Council. Believe it, or not!

    That’s like the CEO of R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company being the Surgeon General.

  • Shane

    Mind our own business.

  • EAL

    Typical of MPR to use the politically correct term “world community.” The reality is that the world consists of numerous nation states with different laws, governance, values and interests. As such each nation will weigh varying “risks” of their own before moving forward independently or in conjunction with other nations with similar interests.

  • Greg

    keep our military noses out of it. Provide relief supplies and HAM radios for the Libyans through an intermediary. Increase intelligence satellite coverage and broadcast the feed to the internet so anyone can observe the activity. Knowledge is power. Let the knowledge flow.

  • Raoul

    They called Glenn Beck crazy when he predicted weeks a go of the revolutions to spread across the Arab world. They said he was nuts commenting that the Unions of SEIU were in collaboration with the communist groups and Muslim Brotherhood along with Google execs orchestrating the protest schedules. Now they admit from each country that he was right.

    Central banks today point out that Obama’s appointed Timothy Geithner and the Federal Reserve have manipulated the exchange and raised food costs around the world. Today India is protesting for sky high food prices.

    So lets look at the WORLD COMMUNITY that doesn’t exist except in MNBC eyes ( did ya see their special on Clinton, calling him” The World’s President” ?

    Trumpka, president of the biggest Union, admits he is at the White House several times a where is our leadership being influenced?

    History facts: Obama praises and spends 10 years in the church of Reverend Wright and the Black Liberation Theology. He appointed a self described radical revolutionary Van Jones and then forced to dump him. Van Jones runs the group”Storm” based upon Cloward and Piven radicals. Obama says he will want electricity rates to “sky rocket” ( so Green energy will seem cheaper). Rev. Wright supports and befriends Luis Farrakhan and his Million Man march to spread Islam and anti Jewish sentiment, Farrakhan is friends with the psychotic mass murdering dictator, Quadaffi of Lybia.

    Obama has worked hard with appointing over reaching czars to make Congress neutered. Energy czar refuses to allow oil drilling permits so we stay dependent on foreign oil. HOW does $7.00 a gallon by July, make you feel about that Hopey Change rhetoric?

    Former President Reagan would have responded the first day in Lybia and spoke out and enforced a no fly over rule to stop the genocide.

    The WORLD COMMUNITY doesn’t exist. and why doesn’t NPR dare to research a little on these facts? Because George Soros contributed a million plus to NPR to fund a counter investigative news unit this year? Lets wake up America and write your Senators and Reps while you still have a republic.

  • Big

    Take it easy people.

  • Ha

    Someone needs their aluminum brain-wave protector cap back on….

  • Steve the Cynic

    A bigger threat to our republic, Raoul, is paranoid overreaction to absurd conspiracy theories.

  • H T

    News Flash: Ga-Daffy accuses Al Qaeda of handing out free drugs to Libya protesters.

    Hey, hey let’s all go the Libya and get stoned!

  • DNA

    Moammar Gadhafi has reacted violently, hundreds have been killed and Gadhafi himself has vowed to die in his effort to hang onto power. The world community should respond to the bloodshed in Libya by taking Moammar Gadhafi out of power ASAP. I don’t believe in the death penalty, all minds can be reprogrammed. However, certain minds certainly should not be given (or allowed to keep) such deadly power.

  • Patrick

    And Raoul would do well to understand how the middle east oil countries continue to blackmail London and Washington(Frontline).