What would you like to see happen with the Metrodome?

The Metrodome is almost 30 years old and may need a whole new roof. Authorities aren’t sure how long it will take to fix. Today’s Question: What would you like to see happen with the Metrodome?

  • Elsa Mack

    I’d like to see the Metrodome demolished and its tenants off to Los Angeles or wherever it is they’re threatening to go. I like watching football, but I’m done with professional sports teams. At a time when the state is trying to dig billions of dollars out of the couch cushions, cutting education and human services, and forcing cities to raise property taxes in order to maintain basic services – the Vikings want us to buy them a stadium? Have they even heard of shame? We’re better off without them. We could burn down the Target Center while we’re at it, too.

  • Jen

    Revamp or reuse.

    GIVE it to the Vikings. Minneapolis’ gift to MINNESOTA.

  • hiram

    I think it’s a great place for HCMC to expand.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Fill it with water and use it for staging mock naval battles. (Makes as much sense as football.)

  • Cliff Gelderman

    I think it should be retrofitted with a retractable roof. Then allow the Vikings to use it rent free.. The Vikings need to call Minnesota their permanent home.

  • Gerald Myking

    What would be really cool but too costly and unpracticle would be to turn it into a park/aboritorium so folks can escape this frigging weather for an hour or so.

  • Ben Chorn

    Unlike the last stadium to go down and have a mall built upon its site, (you can still find homeplate in the kids universe thing), I would want to see it torn down and a newer, more efficient stadium built. The Twins went all out with their stadium getting top environmental awards and let’s face it, it looks pretty damn cool. What the Vikes need is some more money for top prospects and keeping stars and what better way than a new stadium! (Just ask the Twins)

  • Eric

    Fix the roof, and the vikings want a new one, they can fund it. There are many, many more important and beneficial things to spend taxpayer money.

  • GaryF

    First of all…….

    You can’t use it without the roof. The inside was not designed to be out of doors.(drains, freeze protection, expansion joints, lighting, speakers, etc).

    You can’t put a retractable roof on it.(Only built strong enough to support a fabric roof).

    So, the only thing you can do to the stadium is a replacement roof.

    The building is 30 years old. The mechanical systems(AHU’s, chiller, and fan coils) are getting near their life expectancy.

    Any major retrofit of the Metrodome would cost a boatload of money and probably not worth it compared to a new building.

    The problem is that the U of MN and all the small college baseball programs use the dome through much of the winter and spring. If we build a new Vikings stadium and it’s got a roof, does it have to be “multi-purpose” to accommodate baseball? The Vikings won’t buy into that. They want the keys to the new building.

    Fix the roof, handle repairs as needed, and use it for all the multi-purpose events that it hosts right now. It’s the most cost effective way in today’s economy.

    I’d say, let’s give the Vikes the key to the building and they can have all the revenues from all the events and concessions. Tell them, that’s it. You fix it up or build a new one on your dime. The building cost us $45M 30 years ago and is a bargain in today’s dollars.

  • Amy

    Fix the roof and give the Vikings two options: 1) suck it up and deal with it until you’re actually a good football team 2) leave. I could care less actually because I hate football. What I hope is that they don’t get their way and get a new stadium because there are FAR too many more important things that taxpayers need to fund. Funding a new stadium for a losing, worthless football team is not at the top of my list to say the least.

  • bsimon

    Lease the land to a stadium developer dirt cheap, maybe $1 per year, for a replacement stadium; funded by private investment.


    Convert it to public space


    Raze the dome & use the land to attract a fortune 100 corporate headquarters. Boeing just moved to chicago, for instance.

  • Greta

    Turn it into a VELODROME!

  • DMox

    Auction it off, land & building, lock, stock & barrel, to the highest bidder and put the money towards the deficit. (Although I do like the idea of a giant indoor park!)

  • steve

    i would the dome demolished and built with a new one-it is too old, perhaps with a retractable roof, but mn are hardy bunch and love the outdoors so a partial roof (like dallas) would work , the plaza is great keep that!

  • Peter J

    The Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome was insured for both roof replacement and lost revenue, so those funds should be used for repairs.

    Even if a stadium deal is worked out immediately, the Vikings would most likely need to play at the Humphrey dome through the 2013 season. So the Vikings need the work done for the 2011 season, and also if they plan on staying in MN. Repair it as soon as possible, and develop better protocols for protecting the new roof when bad weather threatens it.

  • Elijah the Tishbite

    Tear down the Temple of Footbaal!

  • James

    The overpaid, drug using, wife/GF beating, transients can fix their own play pen when and if they want.

    If they leave, turn it into a shooting range.

    Or, Naval battle reenactments has a certain appeal:-)


  • Jordan P

    Let it go feral. Leave the roof off, let it become overgrowth. Come back in 80 years and enjoy our new inner city park.

  • Kris Cornolo

    It’s funny to read all the comments about how MN can’t afford to build a new stadium. I ask all you people this question: If we can’t afford the one-time cost of 450 million dollars to build a new facility, then how can we afford to lose an annual $30 million dollars (the amount of tax dollars the Vikings bring to MN)? So many of you out there are treating this like an expense when it’s in fact an INVESTMENT. In 15 years, this stadium will have paid for it’s own costs if you ONLY look at what the Vikings revenue. 1/2 the total cost of this new stadium ($350 million $) will be spent on construction labor creating jobs! Not building this stadium takes that away. God only knows how many more businesses (bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.) will suffer the loss of not building this.

  • Steve the Cynic

    The trouble is, Kris, it’s not a “one time” cost. In another three decades, when they get tired of that new one, what makes you think they won’t ask for yet another new one?

  • Ron

    Fix the roof.

    Whether the Vikings use it after 2011 is not the key consideration, in my mind.

    The facility is paid off and heavily used for hundreds of spring baseball games and large events. Plus, insurance money will cover most of the roof replacement if they go with a similar material (though they could spend more and get a more permanent roof like the University of Northern Iowa did ten years ago with its domed stadium … not sure what the cost is or ROI on that).

    And, frankly, it is in much better shape than a lot of 30-year old commercial builds in the area.

    As for the Vikings, after 2011 it is anybody’s guess where they will be. Very doubtful it will be the Dome (unless as a temp. home while something is being built). But the NFL has a long history of enforcing lease agreements made by franchises, so for 2011 – if the lid is fixed – they will be in the Dome.

  • Michael

    Take the roof off, fill the lower level exits with concrete, build a couple of piers, fill it with 25 feet of water and stock it with walleye.

  • T

    Update the current facility and negotiate the cost with all parties involved since it is a multiuse faciltiy. It troubles me to see architecture that only is “valid” for approximately 30 years. Seems like poor long-term planning for such a large facility.

  • Mary Miller

    Put a retractable roof on the stadium. Do not build a new one.

  • Nicholas Long

    Is there insurance that will cover the cost?

    If so, how much?

    What $ amount would it cost the taxpayers?

    A bad investment if it will cost the public a substantial amount.

    If insurance covers it, fix it up.

    If there is no insurance, why not?

    Who is accountable for buying insurance for the facility?

  • Jeff

    We should save the insurance money to build a new stadium, take the $250 million from the Vikings and use gambling funds to pay for the rest of it. We should not waste the $100 million insurance money on fixing a 30 year old stadium when we will be buiding a new one within a year or two. The Vikings can play at the Gopher’s stadium for the next couple of years.

  • John

    Fix It.,updated it, and put the Vikings in it.

  • steve

    I certainly don’t like public money going to new stadiums. I am softening on this because the Dome is used for so much more than the Vikings. If we built a dome to be used 8 to 10 times for the Vikings, I’d say forget it. But it is home to other events – it is in use almost every day of the year and sometimes multiple times per day. I don’t want a tax increase to pay this, but the State needs to be involved to come to some solution that works. It’s a tough question and there is no easy answer. I believe the biggest issue has been the Vikings – their public stance is ignorant and that is not playing well.

  • Greg H

    tear if down. rebuild on the spot. retain City-county-state ownership of all new stadium revenues ( luxury boxes, concessions, other usage, ) until the entire debt is paid. when paid off – city-county-state retains in perpetuity the right to use the facility for certain public good or emergencies. – but the revenue streams can be turned over to the vikings for an annual fee to be paid to the citizens. the annual usage fee should be funds that are deposited into an account that will assist in paying for future upgrades or replacements. Do that.

  • WI_Observer

    Let the Vikings pay for their new stadium- that way they can have all rights to the revenue it generates. The Metrodome should be demolished and replaced with a smaller venue. Considering the Vikings are the only user to fill the current dome to capacity, once they leave, the dome will be mostly empty for events. Empty seats still cost money, which would be money that is no longer coming in. Time to start from scratch.

  • Darren

    I would like to see the stadium remodeled and refurbished at the Vikings expense. I think the current location is probably the best and worth coming up with a greener solution. If people want to “opt in” to pay additional tax or money to help, let them. Don’t make it mandatory for the rest of us. Especially in this economy.

  • Patrick

    There are better ways to raise state revenue than more entertainment centers. As usual it will take some major crisis to convince the public of better ways to spend disgressionary spending.

    How low will MN stoop in competition for dollars? More stadiums, more over-paid athletes, more casinos, more blood diamonds.

  • DNA

    Turn it into a city garden park green house growing trees, flowers, ganja/cannabis/hemp, vegetables fruits herbs and spices, with fountains, art and music.

  • Metrodomophile

    I hope the Arden Hills deal collapses under its own weight. The plans for the Ellerbe-Beckett Metrodome retrofit plans are stunning. The understructure is in place, the infrastructure is largely in place, it’s easy for people using public transit to get (Arden Hills is a transit horror show) to the Metrodome, it is more convenient for public multi-use purposes, and by God, it is a hundred times greener to keep the stadium right where it is.

    Tony Bennet has his head in a dark, moist place and seems to care nothing for the greater good – only his little fiefdom in Ramsey County. Even though Chris Coleman won’t grow a pair and personally condemn the Arden Hills/Ziggy-take-all-income idea, his “representatives” are sure talking against it. A stadium in Arden Hills will harm STP. HARM IT.

    The Metrodome refit will be wonderful, save substantial money and can serve all of the Vikings’ needs save one: that the whole area will STILL not be owned and controlled by it’s ownership. I for one, weep not.