What should come next for America’s space program?

Today is the 25th anniversary of the Challenger explosion. NASA’s shuttle program is coming to a close. Today’s Question: What should come next for America’s space program?

  • Steve the Cynic

    Find another habitable planet to escape to before we finish making this one uninhabitable.

  • D

    The American space program needs to explore new and uncharted territory, mainly in the area of honesty and integrity. America’s UFO cover-up is the biggest social engineering blunder of all time!

    In last two years there have been UFO disclosures by the UK, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil and New Zealand governments.

    These countries are sending a clear message they no longer want to act in accordance with the US in this regard. America now stands alone on this matter.

  • I think NASA should reorganize its interests and priorities in space. Its not too big of a secret that the US military is already in space, testing new technologies under a veil of secrecy that goes back fifty years. So while Congress and Presidents refuse to give NASA public funding, the DOD and the military are in space doing things that most Americans have no idea about. NASA should do an about face and turn their attention towards getting back to the Moon and once established there Mars. In the next twenty years China and Russia will both be on the moon mining the surface for nuclear ambitions. NASA should get there first to establish a foothold for exploration off the planet Earth. A new generation of scientists and engineers need to develop and test new propulsion systems and get these ideas off paper and into construction.

    Its time that the general public enters into the 21st century and looks to the future of space exploration as a priority for human kind and not a novelty for those who study Astronomy.

  • Philip

    NASA should develop warp drive so we can engage the Kilingons in space and not in Earth’s orbit.

  • John O.

    A lot of today’s technology that we take for granted can trace it’s roots back to America’s space program of the 1960’s and ’70s. The fear of the Soviet Union provided all the necessary motivation to stay ahead.

    Government no longer seems to have a clear-cut reason (or vision) to be in space. Until that purpose is identified, spaceflight will likely be limited to commercial and other unmanned satellites.

    Meanwhile, over in China….

  • Tony

    I like the idea of having NASA work with private companies to commercialize space and the moon.

  • Rowland Gosling

    I worked at Kennedy Space Center until September, 1986 — roughly 8 months after Challenger.

    I’d like to see a complete reinvestment minus some of the issues I saw when I worked there such as a bloated bureacracy, wasteful spending, and a lack of vision. Even then all the the good things they’d done were pretty much in the rear view mirror. That is, except for Hubbell.

    Hubbell offers spectacular vistas of deep space objects beyond our wildest dreams. As an amateur astronomer I can help but drool over the beautiful photographs. There, we got our money’s worth.

    There have been others too — like the Mars Rover to comes to mind.

    I’d like to see a blend of 60% unmanned space exploration and 40% manned — getting back to the moon should be a top priority. It would be much easier with our current technology and give us some real permanancy to exploration.

  • Kevin VC

    We have a space program?

    I would never have known….

    I mean with all the cutting it keeps getting….

    HECK we don’t even have a shuttle or the replacement anymore….. And vultures are trying to grab the fleet that was.

    Sorry, but until people realize most of all the technology we have now, weather forcasting/huricane warning, and pretty much everything since 1940’s was due to the Space Race and Program in general and a lot of profit came from it. Granted most of the profits went to Corporations, who are NOW starting their own programs, because they know there is money there….

    We should keep the moon as a option to return, we keep learning more advantages of going there. Just right now its more of a staging/practice area. Mars is a good option, but with the further evidence of microbial life that does or did live there it will be back to basics on isolation/quarantine anyone who goes. But that will be easier then a fully live and actively living planet.

    The Space Telescope projects have been insanely useful. (And people wanted to defund Hubble…. oh my gawd!)

    At least it will not bankrupt our country like Russia’s Military expansion did. And contrary to Bachman’s ‘opinion’ the Russian space agency had NO EFFECT against their economy. She needs to study history…. Even if she claims she did, she needs to not use the cliff notes from Mr Rove. Russian escalated their military spending….. THAT IS WHAT BROKE THE BANK!

    (Palm face to Ms. Bachman….)

    (Oh, and did you get dropped on your head a few times by your brothers and sisters? It would explain a lot…)

  • Kevin VC

    In case your wondering:


    And those commenting on warp drive.

    Well NASA tends to not work with something beyond their grasp atm.

    Until Quantum physics has a better and firmer grasp of higher levels of dimensional space, I doubt they will go there. (And I know many would love to in NASA.)

  • Kevin VC

    Sorry, it was Palin.

    Keep getting Bachman and Palin mixed up.

  • David

    Manned space missions are a colossal waste of time and resources. A single probe equipped with modern equipment gathers more valuable scientific data than all of the manned missions combined, at a fraction of the cost and no risk to human life. We should abandon manned efforts and work on real science.

  • DNA

    Growing Psilocybe cubensis in space and Cannabis (all kinds) on Mars.

  • Johnny

    We are still living off of 20 Century technologies. When is someone going to be smart enough to invent something totally new and fantastic for mankind. Are people not smart enough to grasp the philisophy that nothing lasts forever like oil. There are only so many ways and means to improve something.

    Comeon America lets do some serious R&D and make things happen for the better. Besides listen to loosers like Al Gore and Bill Clinton.

    Lets rebuild the World instead of constant tereny and hate. My question to our country is this:

    Has our country and the World lost Focus of what we really need to be doing?

  • Jesse

    NASA needs to collaborate with private companies and develop an aggressive program for both manned and unmanned missions to the moon AND Mars. There is valid reasoning for manned exploration. No, nothing is without risk, not even space exploration. But if we don’t take risks, we don’t advance. I think JFK is spinning in his grave about this loss of interest in America in space. We have the technology, we should just go. Astronauts and pilots all know the risks. We enjoyed so many improvements since the Space Race and we need to get back into a serious, aggressive plan to reach out to the stars otherwise, we will die as a race. We need to make concerted efforts to put people on the moon and beyond, establish bases, build colonies on other worlds. Write your senators and reps to make this happen.