What would you consider the top news story of 2010?

Toward the end of December, many media organizations look back over the top news stories of the past year. Today’s Question: What would you consider the top news story of 2010?

  • It has to be that oil spill that everyone has already forgotten about. It was horrific and we must not forget.

    I would like to add that MPR did by far the best job of covering the blizzard earlier this month. I notice that other media sources are claiming that their coverage was the best but most of them quit before the storm really got rolling. I appreciated knowing what was going on as I did not want to leave my home to find out. Thank you!

  • Dmox

    1. BP Oil spill

    2. WikiLeaks

    3. DADT Repeal

    All of which will carry influence, change & controversy into the new year.

  • Cathy C


    – GOP Taking over both MN House & Senate

    – Chip Cravaack defeats James Oberstar (who I believe still hasn’t called his successor, BTW).

    – Record snowfall in MN & Vikings Metrodome roof collapse in December

  • J

    Me getting a job after a a year + looking.

  • Leo Sanders

    The top news story is the top 10 stories you never heard. Google “Censored 2011” to read what’s been kept under wraps.

  • steve

    electing mark dayton, new twins stadium, my son going to state in soccer, my winning my age group in a major marathon, my daughter success in work and fantastic grades at msu and running varsity!

  • Ecclesiastes

    News? There is nothing new under the sun.

  • Greg from Roseville

    SCOTUS 5-4, Rejection of Corporate Spending Limit – this is one that will continue the decline of civility and honesty in politics and extend the hegemony of corporations over citizens in politics and control of legislatures and congress.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Political polarization grows worse.

    Prominent politicians found to be corrupt.

    Sports heroes set bad examples for our kids.

    Electorate is fickle, easily misled.

    Corporate malfeasance abounds.

    Natural disasters evoke world sympathy for a few weeks and then are forgotten.

    Ecological damage minimized by those who profit from it.

    Wars continue.

    Conspiracy theories gain traction while real problems remain un-addressed.

    Rich get richer, while poor get poorer.

    Same old same-old. No real news in 2010.

  • Amy

    The Oil Spill of course. We only had it spoon fed by BP and the news media for months live. How soon we forget.

  • Brian

    Nationally: Most important good-news story: health-care-reform legislation passed, taking this country in the right direction. Most important bad-news story: Supreme Court sides with Citizens United, making it possible for corporate leaders and the mega-rich to strengthen their control over elections and over all of our nation’s resources.

    Locally: Most important good-news story: Dayton elected governor. Most important bad-news story: GOP takes over house and senate, thus ensuring that state government will continue to serve the interests of the most greedy among the mega-rich, as it did under Pawlenty.

  • Kevin VC

    There are many good things that finally passed, like many had stated.

    But one thing that will be important down the road is the reversal of campaign finance reform that has stood 30+ years.

    For government to work it must be transparent. And campaigning for a office is a function to the government and must also be transparent.

    Never mind the need for limits on contributions, but the basic who gave what is important. It being removed due to freedom of speech issues is bogus, if your going to speak, let yourself be recognized in being reported. Other wise its not a speech.


    Health Care reform helps my immediate family right now. The economy is slowly returning to normal, but the new jobs being created are NOT in the US. (Trickle down seems to have created a few gutters siphoning the drips elsewhere….)

    Also the use of news media to be political tools and do one sided reporting is getting worse and should in those cases be considered ‘political contributions’. (Fox news reporting from the Onion as facts?… that was a new low for Fox…)

    Until those who are isolated from the problems of the masses are forced to confront the issues and feel the pain nothing good will come of their actions. The times our economy has done worse is when the rich are allowed to distance themselves from the poor and hoard.

    That is why campaign finance reform is a absolute must.

  • Patrick

    Escaping from Media Prison for eight months had its rewards. Now inside the Walls once more I realize how precious and worthwhile those eight months were.

    News outlet coverage is habitually predictable as freeway centerline stripes. Hypnotic repetitive translations centered around issues or persons seeking more attention. The Entertainment Tonight syndrome. Unglamorous stories such as overpopulation, resource depletion, sewaging of Earth, technological human wastelands, promotion of policies that serve the lower ‘slave’ class as replacedable expendibles, technologically mutated social ethics, general dehumanization…..issues like these are skiimmed over or ignored.

    Very few news stories that could not be tagged with “power” , “zealous”, and “money”.

  • Karen

    I agree with Greg and Kevin that the Citizens United decision throwing out campaign finance restrictions is the big story.

    The problem is, we won’t even know the full impact of it. Corporation donations can now be made in secrecy. So this will increase distrust and polarization. Faith that the system is fair and transparent is the bedrock of political legitimacy. Throw that out and what do you have?