What do you intend to do differently in the new year?

Tomorrow is the first day of 2011. Today’s Question: What do you intend to do differently in the new year?

  • Moira

    I plan to enjoy and be grateful for my job. I start it January 5 after being out of work for all of 2010 and most of 2009.

  • Steve the Cynic

    What does this mean that it’s mid-afternoon, and there’s only one comment so far? If there’s nothing you plan to do differently, then either (a) you think there’s nothing wrong with the world, or (b) everything that’s wrong with the world is someone else’s fault, so there’s nothing yo need to change. Of course, it’s also possible that the deafening silence in response to this question merely means, “None of your beeswax!”

  • Dan

    Wash my hands with soap!!!

  • Kevin VC

    I never understood new years…..

    A holiday celebrating the changing of the calendar on the wall…..

    And in New York the watching of the ball either going up or down, don’t recall….

    And all the morons out drinking and then driving….

    Well I put up window insulation. That’s different.

    Normally though I have it up on or before Thanksgiving….

    The other option I guess is church, but with my Church sending out DVD’s that were paid for by the CEO of TCF, sorry not as likely….

  • Brandy

    I plan to remain greatful for living. I plan to keep my mouth quiet and my eyes and ears open. I plan to not take myself so seriously . If I can manage that, then I might be able to see myself and others for who they really are; blessings.

  • DNA

    having sufficient yoga nidra (yogic sleep),

    others include: eating plenty of nourishing vegetables, getting and using a vaporizer and be proficient at rolling, forgive more quickly, master the gentle art of verbal self defense, having a peaceful harmonious haven for myself and others, meditation 24/8 in myriad of ways, 5 mile of walking each day, using an ergonomic computer station/treadmill to explore internet with, writing daily … etc