What advice do you have for Mark Dayton as he prepares to take office?

Tom Emmer’s concession on Wednesday clears the way for Mark Dayton to become governor on Jan. 3. Today’s Question: What advice do you have for Mark Dayton as he prepares to take office?

  • D

    Disregard the party of “NO” and make no compromises.

  • Hiram

    STay cool, keep the doors of the governor’s office open to everyone, and stay utterly and completely focused on doing what’s right for Minnesota.

  • Sue de Nim

    Keep your backbone. Compromise when necessary, but don’t compromise any more than the other side does. Make them pay a fair price for any concessions you make.

  • Clark

    Understand not all of us were born with $100 million in our bank account. Most took risk to earn our income and wealth. We did not win some mythical lottery as many on the far left believe.

    Depite the far left encouraging you to penalize success, if the penalties (taxes) are too great, we will leave. California is a great example of what not to do with income redistribution.

    I was relieved on November 3 to learn you will need to work with a republican legislature so you can’t penalize the wealth creators without negotiation.

    Remember 49.999% of the state did not buy into your class warfare agenda.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Expose the lies and call the bluffs of the hoard-the-wealth Gang Of Plutocrats.

  • Gary F

    What Clark said and………………

    We don’t want to be a California or New York.


    Look what is happening in Ireland, Portegal, Spain, Greece, and France. Government can’t continue to continue down it’s current path.

  • Steve the Cynic

    About that “lottery” Clark refers to…. It’s not mythical; it’s metaphorical. While t’s true that financial success usually involves some amount of hard work and cleverness, it’s also true that opportunities, impediments, advantages, and disadvantages (e.g., what kind of family a person is born into) are distributed by chance, not merit. Children of poor families are much less likely to grow up to be wealthy than children of wealthy parents, no matter how hard they work. It’s further true that much of the accumulation of wealth by the wealthy is not the just rewards for useful work that actually makes other people’s lives better, but the result of greedy hoarding and the exploitation of those who are disadvantaged by circumstance. It is simply not true that the wealth of the wealthy is entirely, or even mostly, earned and deserved.

    “From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded.”

    ~~Jesus of Nazareth

  • Amos of Tekoa

    Read my book.

  • Philip

    Send a nice selection of Christmas meats to Tom Horner with a thank you card.

  • Tony

    Don’t be afraid of Republicans.

    Don’t be bullied by Republicans.

    Keep your promise to tax the wealthy (that’s why I voted for you).

    If they threaten to leave, show them the door.

  • Mary Alice Harvey

    Look at broader long term solutions. work to remake the whole tax system: sales tax (include ways to include on-line sales), gasoline tax, income taxes (yes, restore higher taxes on the wealthy), — the entire tax system to make it more fair and adequate to meet our needs. Look at longer term solutions to health care costs: prevention, education and support services; re-evaluate how we are dealing with mental health care (is jail the most effective and cheapest way to deal with many??), court and criminal justice budgets: will more money for specialized courts, more probation officiers and other supervision, etc. save money in the long run? Will improved education outcomes be achieved by spending money on pre-school education, by spending money for longer school days and longer school years? Try to achieve long term solutions not just short term fixes to our many problems.

  • Jeff

    Mark Dayton, you better be prepared to cut the budget because I doubt you’ll ever see a bill on the governor’s desk that significantly raises taxes. The biggest battles will be over which programs get cut, the best chance you have is to fight for the few programs that you feel are important to this state.

  • steve

    first of all congratulations, and best wishes, i know you are a focused determined person and feel more part of mn because i know the dayton family and they are really great people!

  • James

    Good luck.

    Listen to your constituents.

    Don’t turn this great state into a socialist nanny state.

    Tree huggers are great … but they don’t pay taxes.

    Responsible businesses pay people to work for them… they pay taxes.

    Look at California and do the opposite.

    Marriage is between a man and a woman.

    Street drugs are bad.

    Gambling is bad.

    Self-defense is a right.


  • Dave

    Good luck dude, you’re going to need it…

  • Linda Slattengren RN

    There are 20,000 MN nurses hoping for an executive order to establish safe staffing regulations to preserve public safety in the the hospitals across the state!

    We also hope that as we joyfully look to the MA expansion we also would expect some much closer scrutiny and transparency related to how the Healthcare systems,HMOs are using the public funding. Can we move more dollars into care rather than a competitive/profit market growth mindset?

  • Chrissie

    Leadership is critical, but please pay a lot of attention to the most experienced and successful legislators (maybe people like Margaret Anderson Kelliher). The work mostly gets done in the legislature, after all.

  • James

    “A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government, and this is necessary to close the circle of our felicity.”

    Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address, Wednesday, March 4, 1801


  • Dave

    Keep not listening to ignorant, loud-mouthed, short-sighted, religious zealot in the minority.

    As you know tree-huggers not only pay taxes too, but are starting the real sustainable jobs of the future, and do employ people.

    Educate those ignorant on basic tax law. Making those pay their fair share is only fair. If they used their money to hire someone instead of holding onto it, they would also lower their tax burden. In fact lowering the tax rate for their employees (the lower and middle class) would lower their tax rate (payroll tax). Payroll is a business expense, reducing taxable income. If they chose to rather pay themselves exorbitant salaries and bonuses, deal with the fact they government that pays for the infrastructure to make that possible is going to expect a kickback.

    Who really gives a crap who marries who? Right now there are hundreds of more meaningful issues actually affecting me today. Let’s get the more consequential ducks in a row first. When all the roads and bridges I drive on daily are maintained, my children’s schools are in top-notch order with top-notch teachers, and the public is safe without question or compromise we can take on these extraneous issues.

    Drugs and gambling? See above. Self defense fortunately is a right, ignorant gun–toting rednecks scare me.

  • James

    Dave,,, WOW.. Thanks!

    Sorry to get you all worked up.

    I hate to even reply but I feel the need:-)

    Since my finical contributions to this PUBLIC forum by donation and tax I thought it would be nice just to say Hello.

    Try not to be so paranoid.

    Voice your thoughts, read others and move on with your life.

    Please don’t tell others how they should think.

    Have a good day.


  • Dave

    I only got worked up by your hypocrisy. Even now you’re telling me to “Please don’t tell others how they should think” by telling me how to think. Spouting your rhetoric is destroying the Republican Party and our country in the process, and you’re too busy flag waving to realize it. I’m tired of conservatism taken over by the religious right then their selfish political views. I’m all for smaller government and lower taxes, but when we can truly afford it.

  • bsimon

    Gov-elect Dayton – be prepared to turn to plan B when Plan A doesn’t work out. Repeat.

  • EAL

    I would suggest to Govenor-Elect Dayton, that in his drive to improve education by asking higher income earners to pay higher taxes, that he also request parents to also do their fair share in taking responsibility for their childs education.

  • C.H.

    Fight for the progressive ideas that are in your heart. You may not always win but keep up the fight. The progressives in this state will watch your back.

  • Ruth Hruby

    Truth and integrity will serve all of us, including you, the best. Be yourself. Trust yourself. I do.

  • Ruth Hruby

    Truth and integrity will serve all of us, including you, the best. Be yourself. Trust yourself. I do.

  • John

    Focus taxing those most able to pay. Those earning in excess of $250,000. Show the greed and selfishness of The Republicans

  • Brad Arnold

    Since the Minnesota Republican Party controls both the State House and Senate, Governor Dayton’s only real power is the veto. His impulse will be to compromise and try to govern, but then the Republicans will use that to get control over negotiations. Instead, Governor Dayton must stand strong and show he isn’t afraid of grid-lock and confrontation. Once he capitulates and shows he is afraid, he has lost his soul – the Republicans will control him and he will be an empty suit.

  • J. S.

    Expect more of the same.

  • Kevin VC

    Be yourself.

    Work for those who need the help most.

    And do not listen to those who already have what they need in life, they will always want more no matter how full their desire is.

    And its nice seeing you smile again.

  • John F

    Govern as though you’re a one term governor. Make tough decisions.

    If you’re successful in solving some big problems, you’ll be swept back in by acclamation. If you fail, it won’t matter if you wanted a 2nd term or not.

    Good luck! We need you to succeed!

  • B. J.

    It is ABOUT COMPROMISE. Take the ego out of it. That should be the word to all the people elected to office. We need to come together- find common ground – look to the greater good of all.

    It feels as though the government, both state and federal, is broken. So many people are at the extremes. That is very scary.

  • James

    Dave, I don’t consider myself Right, Left, Dem or Rep.

    How you labeled me a red-neck I find hilarious.

    Ignorant – I am a degreed Engineer with a P.E. , and I tend to read and make decisions per my upbringing and values.

    Loud Mouth – I have just as much of right to post as you do.

    Short-sighted – More like a realist that would like things to be simple and non-corrupt.

    Religious zealot – I have never stated any religious preference.

    Name one Tree Hugger initiative that has any positive impact on the economy. (before you say wind mills… take a look at how much CO2 goes into building, transporting and maintaining them.)

    Tax, if a person makes money they should pay a straight percentage —regardless if that person makes 10K per year or 600K per year. If you tax someone for doing better… guess what they won’t try to get better.

    Our basic problem with this country is the lack of good parenting. In my opinion a solid upbringing is the key. It needs to be drug free, and stable. Yes, homosexuals can be a good home… but that is not the norm. Also, last time I checked it takes one of each to make a child. If a homosexual relation is to be undertaken don’t call it marriage…. Call it anything else.

    If guns scare you then do a quick experiment: have a friend outside your city home with a crow bar, have them “pretend” to break in (give them 30 seconds), than have them find you (you will be undoubtedly under your bed), they will drag you out, beat, rape, then rob your home (in less than 15 minutes).

    Now “pretend” you called 911… it will take 20 minutes for them to respond (check with your local PD on response time… then multiple there number by 3)…

    Or, if you were armed… boom – dead bad guy. You get a pat on the back and the bad guy will never hurt anyone again.

    Thanks for reading


  • Patrick

    Do not cave in to the blackmail, bribes, or temptuous immoral policy iniated by the financiers, and pupppeted by their republican servants.

    There is a two class society…..the wealthy and the underclass. Those in the underclass, whose goals are purely wealth, are the servants(and wanna-bes) of today’s upperclass. Thus they will support policies conceived by souless financiers. Many of these conspirators are the so-called “independents” whose soul is for sale to the highest bidder.

  • Brian

    The Republican take-over of the house and senate is a disaster. Governor Dayton, you have the right principals and you stood by them. Raising taxes on the wealthy to generate more revenue for the state is the right thing to do. I do not buy the Republican argument that all wealthy people are greedy and indifferent to the common good and ready to flee the state if their taxes are raised. I have no doubt that some of the wealthy are like that, but certainly not all of them, and certainly not the majority. The Republican party will play hard ball all the way. They will refuse to compromise, and they don’t care if the state has to close down some of its agencies because of their refusal to compromise. They’re in government solely to protect the interests of the greediest and most corrupt members of our society. So stick to your principals, and the people who elected you governor will stand by you. You are our only defense against the designs of the most powerful, corrupt, and greedy members of our society.

  • Cynthia

    Good luck! Follow President Obama’s lead; it won’t be easy to work with the majority in the legislature, not because they’re “bad people” but just because you have different views and agendas – that’s a legitimate part of the American system, but it can make it tough to get things done, as you know from your time in the U.S. Senate. But now you represent all Minnesotans, not just the members of your party (of which I am one who was happy to vote for you), and you owe it to the state to make as much progress toward a better economy and better future as you can.. I admire anyone willing to run for public office, and I wish you success and satisfaction in serving our state!

  • DebDornack

    Mark Dayton, don’t you dare turn Minnesota into a liberal leftist nanny state. You barely won and that should let you know we minnesotans will not tolerate being the next California.