Do you worry about the danger posed by nuclear weapons?

The Senate is debating whether to ratify New Start, the arms control treaty the Obama administration negotiated with Russia. Today’s Question: Do you worry about the danger posed by nuclear weapons?

  • Hiram

    Not quite as much as I should.

  • Wade

    No, not really. We are all going to die someday. If it happens to be next week cause of a wack job with with bomb, then so be it.

    Life is to short to spend cowering in our home worried about every little thing.

  • bill

    Oddly no and I am of the generation that practiced air raid drills in grade school in the 1950s. In the Cuban Missile Crisis we were sent home from school early and told to clean out guns. The small town’s civil defense went door to door telling the 2300 people that the county fair grounds would be set up for triage.

    Still, I am less anxious about it now than then. Must be age.

  • Gary F

    Direct threat, as in Minnesota taking a hit? No. United States, yes, Middle East, yes, Korea, yes.

    What worries me is that the current US Senate is voting on a treaty that hasn’t gone through the proper hearings and procedure for this treaty and its with a country that since this treaty was agree upon is now making deals and setting up shop in Venezuela.


  • Sue de Nim

    I’d worry a lot less if Senate right-wingers would quit politicizing national security and ratify this treaty.

  • Gary F

    Ratify the treaty? Without having the proper hearings?

    Ratify the treaty? Since the treaty was agree upon, Russia has set up shop with Hugo Chavez

    Naive or just plain stupid.

    Why must Harry Reid expect that no one read oe debate anything before they vote on it?

    Cram it in in the final hours, that’s the Harry Reid way.

  • Sean

    Yes, absolutely. Not only for myself, but for the rest of the world as well. It is a global, not a national, issue and Obama’s goal of eliminating these WMD’s must be achieved.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Oooh, you are soooooooo right, Gary F. I’m dealthy afraid of Hugo Chavez and Dimitry Medvedev ganging up on us.


  • Steve the Cynic

    Actually, I don’t have the time or luxury to worry about nuclear annihilation. Like most folks, I’m too busy staying connected, on the off chance that someone might actually have something important to connect with me about (see yesterday’s discussion), as well as keeping my job, protecting my online privacy, managing my finances, keeping my guard up about scams and other forms of economic predation, coping with a dysfunctional medical system, etc., etc., etc. I’m beginning to wonder if the Guild Of Patricians is raising a stink about this treaty as a way of distracting us, so we’ll fall prey to more of their cronies’ “free market” exploitations and enrich them further.

  • Gary F

    No, Hugo won’t “gang up on us”.

    He is a dictator that needs attention, like a little child. Like ‘Lil Kim, in North Korea.

    When the world doesn’t pay enough attention to him, he acts out. Like a little child. He doesn’t turn over his dish of breakfast cereal, he lets a nuke go to see if the world takes him seriously.

    And the person giving him those nukes is Russia.

  • Patricia Cloutier

    Yes, the situation at present is dangerous and the New Start treaty should be ratified. Robert Reich provides clarity on why it may not be. Opponents want to deny Obama a victory, to stoke up defense spending, and to generate more fear of what’s “out there.”

  • bsimon

    Gary F writes

    “Cram it in in the final hours, that’s the Harry Reid way.”

    When the subject first came up, earlier in the year, the Republican caucus objected. They didn’t want the vote to be politicized, before the election, they said. That wish was granted. As is the habit of Republicans, they now complain that there is no time left, and allege the Dems want to cram things through. In the meantime, nobody is inspecting Russia’s nuclear program. For all we know, they’re selling bits ‘n pieces off to various dictators around the world. But, hey, lets wait a couple months more, until the Republican caucus can be bothered to read the treaty.

  • Julie

    You bet I worry about nuclear war. Back in 1985 while I was a high school student I was in declamation. I found a speech by Dr Helen Caldicott from Australia who described what would happen to humans after nuclear weapons were used. That description has stayed with me to this day.

    What worries me most is so many countries now trying to create these weapons, when we should be getting rid of this knowledge and trying instead to work on living peacefully together. The world has many issues to worry about, and this one ranks right up there with the economy, environment and wars. The use of these weapons will wipe out any life as we know it immediately.

  • James

    I’m not as worried about Russian nukes as much as the Islamic controlled ones.

    Russian won’t use them for M.A.D. factor.

    The Islamic culture would like nothing more than to engage in Jihad and nukes will get them to Allah faster, therefore it would be a logical step to nuke the “Great Satan” ASAP.

    I just hope our military can turn them into glass parking lots before they can see us suffer.


  • Kevin VC

    Russian nukes not so much, those the russians control…. especially when one realizes not how feable they generally are. Effective negotiation tools though.

    But the lax security on them and the growing desire of other countries to make nukes, seeming more out of ego then any real need or intent, does not sit well.

    Iran and North Korea need to have their capacity to build removed. Negotiations and intense monitoring first and foremost.

    Actions though must NOT mimic our actions in Iraq.

    But worry?

    Maybe my everyday life is so busy I do not think about it as much, but I do listen to the ‘news’ on the subjects. Keeping away from ‘entertainment’ pretending to be news like Fox…

    So, not really.

  • Patrick

    The weapons themselves should all be destroyed. It is the people who promote, produce, and stockpile nuclear weapons that worry me. If it wasn’t nuclear weapons, these warmongers would be slinging around bio, chemical, or other toys of their liking. The people are dangerous.