Do Afghanistan’s future prospects justify the expenditure of American lives and resources?

Classified diplomatic documents circulated last week describe an Afghan government beset by corruption at the highest levels. Today’s Question: Do Afghanistan’s future prospects justify the expenditure of American lives and resources?

  • Harry Knuckles

    There is absolutely no good reason for us to be in Afghanistan. What is Obama thinking!?!

    There have been more US war dead in Afghanistan during 2009 and 2010 that there were in the “war on terror” years from 2001 through 2008. Where is the reporting on this appalling truth?

  • Gary F

    It’s a tough call.

    If we leave Afghanistan, we empower radical Islam.

    But I’m not sure if Afghanistan will ever be a truly functioning country. It has tough terrain which makes all commerce difficult and costly. They do have minerals and oil, but it is too costly to claim and export due to the terrain. They have no infrastructure in both roads, government and courts, so doing any sort of worldy business there just isn’t worth it.

    And I don’t trust Pakistan one bit.

    Not an easy choice, but I think we have to leave because I’m not sure what is left if we truly won.

    Afghanistan will probably be an illiterate, abusive, woman hating, warlord Islamic state run by people who think like it’s the 1500’s still.

  • Steve the Cynic

    If Emperor Bush hadn’t gotten distracted by another shiny object (deposing Saddam), this question would be moot, because we could have done the job right and be finished by now. As it is, His Folksiness dropped the ball on the Afghanistan situation and let it deteriorate to the point where it may not be possible for us to salvage a positive result at anything like a reasonable cost.

  • Gary F
  • James


    There has NEVER been a winning invading force EVER in A-stan.

    I say cut the corrupt politicians off and pull out our brave men and women from harms way.

    Let the place revert back to Taliban rule… see how long it takes for the people to retaliate.

    Re-deploy our armed forces on OUR borders to PROTECT US…HERE!

    We cannot afford this war monetarily or militarily.

    On the bright side we are getting allot of battle hardened soldiers and equipment.

    They will be ready to kick some Nork butts or possibly go after Im-A-Nutjob.


  • Greg

    Where would America be without a running war? I don’t think we have the moral fiber to walk away from a mistake like this . We should – but we wont.

  • Lee

    No, we should leave now. The lives of our servicemen and women are more important than what we can achieve working with the corrupt government of Afghanistan. WikiLeaks should be regarded as heroes for revealing what really goes on!

  • Rob

    Yes we should absolutely stay. This is not a war against afganistan, this is a war against alqada, and we need to finish the job and excise them the way a surgeon does cancer until they are to small to be able to really hurt anyone ever again. To amercans who like to worship money as the end all be all currency, in the muslim nations and other poorer countries this is not the case, they worship honor with the same fervor that we worship money/power. If alqada wins and makes us leave afganistan, all other muslim nations even the ones that dont like them currently will flock to their banner, and our grandchildren’s great grandchildren will still be fighting this war. We need to find them in afganistan and pakistan and kill them all, then work our way outward to the philipines, yemen, somolia and finish them there and anywhere else we need to go. Or the baracks in beruit, the cole, our soldiers dying in somalia, the first tower bombing, 9/11 will not only continue to happen over and over, but will escalate in frequency.

  • Sieglinde Gassman

    No. No. No.

    Why do we think we can do better than the British, the French, the Russians when dealing with fragmented states?

    We should withdraw our forces as soon as possible – providing support only to NGOs providing humanitarian aid as long as they can safely do so.

    We are spending lives, we are taking lives, we are using up dwindling resources for revenge.

    Our increasingly fragmented nation needs to focus on global issues and the folks at home.

  • Dave

    Absolutely not!

    I don’t know how daft and delusional the Bush administration was to think that we could possibly change Afghanistan (or Iraq for that matter). One just has to know a small amount of Middle East history to know that there’s no way we could ever change them to a stable democratic government without it being a long and drawn out war, or bringing them to the near brink of annihilation. If even then.

    Regardless fighting al-Qaida via standard military means is pointless. They are not a system of government, they are not even a valid ideology. They are nothing but a group of thug criminals and need to be dealt with like that. Tracking the money, protecting our borders, and going after their base camps quietly but in an extreme way so it causes large amounts of collateral damage to the surrounding area’s is the only feasible way of dealing with them. The Taliban doesn’t like al-Qaida any more than we do. They only tolerated their presence because they were not bothering them. Invading a “Muslim” country only strengthened the misinformed Muslim sheeple into resenting us more, like flying planes into buildings only strengthened the American sheeple into resenting those evil Muslims even more. This is exactly what they wanted.

  • Shane

    No. We can barely keep our own future prospects looking good.

  • Mike

    No. Look in New York magazine for Nov. 8. Peter Galbraith was fired for being honest about our policy in Afghanistan. He said the government there is not only a fraud (in its election), but is so intertwined with the Talaban that it could never assert a unifying force or persuasion. If he is anywhere near right that country is a death/money pit. Recently we found about LBJ, that he confided to a senator(Russell?) that he knew he couldn’t win in Vietnam but couldn’t allow himself/the USA to lose a war. Is that a reason to stay in any war? When will ever climb down off our American high horse?

  • Rob

    Quit living up to the stereotype of being cowardly honorless demacrats. This is not a war with afganistan, it never has been, and if any of you are truely npr/mpr listeners you would know that. We have been at war with alqada related organizations for 30 years. To let them win, give them time to re-organize re-finance and re-arm is stupidity in the extreme. If they win other muslim countries like Iran, who dont currently support them will about face and run to them. Provide them with materials for suitcase bombs, and we will have small nuclear devices exploding in our local hospitals and shopping malls. They need to be completely broken with no more capability to organize a bakesale than anything else.

  • Jan Alboszta

    All the above comments miss the point absolutely. While it is true that we were “attacked ” on 9/11, it is now only a pretext, an excuse for continuing Afghanistan with an additional benefit of Iraq. Listen carefully where the money flows! Entire war industry is blooming including the production of weapons, ammunition, various subcontractors paid beyond any reason, etc. Otherwise, nobody is going to make a buck on it. Only war guarantees the highest profits. The military-industrial complex took over and grows beyond any healthy limits. Not even USA can afford such situation any longer. Stop the mongers! Get out from Afghanistan and Iraq! We cannot afford good schools, health care and many things the civilized world takes for granted!


  • David Poretti

    Absolutely not.

    We are propping up perhaps the most corrupt government in the world and making the war profiteers wealthier while creating more enemies. Afghanistan is about 98% illiterate – and over 95% have never even heard of 9-11. They don’t see the U.S. as fighting a just war, they see us as an invading army – the latest in a long and storied line of invading armies (but that is another history lesson not learned).

    We should be feeding and providing health care to everyone in the region. It is easy to recruit a suicide bomber who has just lost half his family to an invading army – and very difficult to recruit someone whose family is being fed and nursed back to health.

    Get the military out and the Peace Corps and UNICEF in.

  • Patrick

    No. The US has learned nothing from its illegal and immoral operations in Latin America. Chasing the world for the boogie-man is destroying this country within. 9/11 was one more touch of the trigger in our downward spiral.

    It’s time Israel and the Arab countries step up and take respondsibility for their childish sadistic game of “It’s Mine”.