What was your experience at the polls today?

We want to hear about your experience at the polls today. Did you have any problems? How long did you spend in line? Was there anything unusual? You can share your experiences in the comments or by clicking here.

  • Lisa R

    I lined up at 6:45 and was sixth in line. I was preregistered. I was in and out by 7:02. No problems.

  • Al

    There was a line at 7:10, but it only took about 10 minutes. There were no challengers or watchers from either side, but that’s what you can expect in a white, middle class suburb. Intimidating voters is easier when you target the poor and minorities.

  • Nathan

    Thank you for perpetuating the scare tactics, Al.

  • Amy

    Everything went fine, didn’t have to wait at all. My polling place is in a church basement and it seemed that all of the poll workers knew each other since childhood, so I had to listen to lots of “so how is so and so doing” while trying to get through the ballot. But all and all, things went just fine and now I eagerly wait the results!

  • Craig

    I got to the polls at 7:50AM and was out in 10 minutes.

    It went smoothly despite the threat of the MM Voting Booth Gestapo to disrupt the process. But, as I live in a Republican precinct, maybe they didn’t think there would be as big of a threat of gangs of illegal voters there.

    The election judges once again demonstrated their professionalism and expertise by keeping the line moving and ensuring that everyone who should be voting got their chance to vote.

  • Steve

    i havent voted yet but my polling place is across the street where i live and the lines go quickly even in the evening hours!

  • Steve

    i havent voted yet but my polling place is across the street where i live and the lines go quickly even in the evening hours!

  • steve

    i havent voted yet but my polling place is across the street and the lines are short even in the evening!

  • bsimon

    Voting was smooth for me, even with two kids in tow. They also received ‘I voted’ stickers, so don’t be surprised if they eventually appear in a lawsuit alleging illegal voting.

    #67 @ 7:40ish in East Nokomis

  • John P.

    I walked right in, past the various registration check and ballot pickup stations with no one in front of me to slow me down, About 15 voting stations, 2/3 occupied.

    Ballot #66 @ 7:45 AM; 8th Precinct in Maple Grove

  • Cristine

    In Golden Valley, I waited until the morning voting rush subsided. When voting, I feel like a kid in a candy shop. I loved seeing all of retired community members who volunteer and are our regular voting judges. This time they all had name tags on. I told them it was good to see all of them again. I love hearing the community chatter and seeing my neighbors. With my pre-prepared ballot in tow, I filled in all of the circles, even for the uncontested candidates. Throughout my 41 years, I have never missed an election or primary. I find voting to be not only our civic duty, but our global duty for all of those outside of our borders that look to and rely on us for leadership, protection, knowlege, expertise, and the maintenance of human rights.

  • Pete

    For the first time EVER ,I was not allowed to vote! I had moved to two different addresses in Two Harbors and voted at least once while there. I have since moved to Knife River after the registration deadline and figured since i had successfully voted at my old polling place with no problem I’d be in and out .I get there today and am told that I am NOT on any of the Poll Books. They asked me to re-register.I said that my name was in the book LAST time and that I am not going to take the time to fill out another voter application form. I then requested a Conditional Ballot so that I could vote and then get the ID issue cleared up and told that they do not use them.Very unhappy with the staff at the Polling Place…..I was a Precinct Chairperson in Michigan for 8 years and this kind of response would never have happened in MY precinct!

  • D C

    At my polling place they had a new machine where you insert the paper ballot and make your choices on a touchscreen display, the machine then marks your paper ballot accordingly. The Election Judge invited me to use this device, but I declined. “No thanks, I like voting the old-fashioned way. Filling in the ovals with pen & ink. It’s kind of like a slot machine [not to imply voting is gambling]. Dropping coins in the slot and pulling the handle is more fun than just swiping a card pressing a button”.

  • bill

    Wonderful time. A chance to run into new and old friends from the larger neighborhood and participate in the fundamental event of our republic. And like today’s commentary, when I retire, I want to be an election judge.

  • Floye B

    Voted in Harris Township in northern Minnesota this morning. No lines, very friendly poll workers, and a nice selection of cookies.

  • Gui

    Voted at Galtier Elementary in St. Paul around 11 am with no problem whatsoever. The only issue is that starting around 9 am a car with very visible political signs for Emmer, Wersal and is parked lutside the entrance to the polling station (about 20 feet from door). The owner of the car is no where is sight and several of us have called the police and county election officials to report this. A call to the candidate’s offices that are on this car was met with a collection of Nothing we can do about it,” “it is a free country” and “thank you we will make note of this.” It is 2:30 pm and the car is still parked in the same spot.

  • Bob

    We went as a family (my wife and I and our two pre-schoolers) to the poll in Lauderdale. We were pleased that we had to park a little way down the street as that meant the polling place was busy. It didn’t appear to be overwhelmed, but there were at least a half-dozen people there voting in the early afternoon.

    Our kids managed NOT to topple the rather wobbly voting booths, and they had a good time with the pens and getting a sticker. The two-year-old can now say “Democracy in Action!” I’m so proud!

  • derek

    Voting was pretty easy. I had just moved so I re-registered and was on my way. I did have to show my ID to register but wasn’t asked for anything to prove my current address, so that was sort of odd.

  • Shelly

    I went this morning. No lines. No problems. Poll workers were bored already and wishing they had brought some knitting or other things to do. There is no ‘Kids Vote’ this year like in the 2008 election.

    #21 @ 7:30 AM; ROCHESTER W6 P5

  • Shelley

    Went to vote at mid morning. No waiting and no problems. Had my son with me as I have done every time I have voted since he was born including primaries. He likes that I write my name in against all the candidates that have no opponant. You never know some day I may get to be a judge.

  • Tom

    I voted at the Palace Rec Center in St. Paul. No lines, no waiting, no commotion. There were older folks at each station when I arrived, but one opened up just in time for me. I hope turnout is high, as Dems do better when voter turnout is high. I’m disappointed in the national Dem party, but I believe the Tea Party would be worse!

  • DNA

    Zero wait, friendly attendants helpful with my questions, front page quick, back page slow (I only knew one person, so I did 80% write-ins) next time I’ll do more homework .. I wore a beautiful hemp print vest and put my red “I VOTED” sticker on it 🙂

  • Adam

    As always, a positive experience. Friendly and well-trained volunteers, chatty neighbors and a good vibe. First time in this precinct, but nice to know it felt the same way as in the old precinct. And the Republicans who felt the need to park their cars with enormous candidate signs by the polls (in an attempt to win some scant support in my DFL heavy precinct) even knew how to count and keep them 100 feet away! Very refreshing.

  • Tom

    Very easy and positive experience. The smooth transfer of government is one of our strengths as a country.

  • J Jacobson

    A couple observations –

    1) No ID required to prove the person you claim to be at the polling station? Even after asking election judges if they want to see ID – Bad process, leaves room for corruption!

    2) Was #51 in line at 7:04 a.m. Good to see the turnout!