Are you more likely to spend money this holiday season than last?

The day after Thanksgiving is considered the most important shopping day of the year and the start of the holiday shopping season. Today’s Question: Are you more likely to spend money this holiday season than last?

  • Paul

    I intend to enjoy Christmas, not spend Christmas

  • I actually have spent more money this Christmas, not because I have more, but last year I was in a depressive funk and not really feeling the holiday. This year I’m in the mood to give people things, I’ll save my depressive funk for when I get my credit card bill.

  • hiram

    Just as likely, probably.

  • Al

    I’m not planning to, but then I’m only half of the spending equation. I like giving thoughtful gifts to friends and family, but I’ve just grown exhausted by the consumer nightmare that this season has become. Our approach to this season is a sad reflection on the state of our society.

  • ann

    (can’t find the right place to send this comment) I thought that MPR is supposed to be non commercial. I was offended by the long story this morning about Target’s charge card – and I can’t believe that there was no actual news today!

  • Carhy

    Less money for us this year with under-employment, so are spending less. Seeing how the dollar is more devalued, we’re preparing for tougher times ahead and living small.

  • Bob

    About the same. We have never overspent on Christmas for our family and won’t start now. Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus and peace in the world, not a time to support the profit margins of businesses.

  • No, I am spending less and less on holiday presents and festivities.

    As my family gets older and more independent financially, it means that I need to supplement less. I am currently earning 10% of what I earned 2 years ago and at my age (yes there is agism out there) I am not likely to restore that level. My hope is that the children will be able to continue to live within their means.

  • jim e.

    no because i paid my house off today !

  • Terry

    Nope. My spending on merchandise can’t go much lower than my 10 year trend. I do plan to give more cash to those in need i.e. college.

    Christmas consumerism: Begone!

  • Terry

    Congratulations to Jim for paying his mortgage. Living life in perpetual debt is not freedom.

  • We won’t be spending much. He lost is job and I am self employed. The real estate business did not have a strong 4th quarter. We have money but we don’t know how long we need to make it last. Health insurance premiums are now our single biggest expense . . not including taxes of course.

  • Kevin VC

    Now that I have a job after nearly 2 years of unemployment, yeah. But I have a lot of debt to catch up on, and in that manner paying that down will help if that is done first.

    It is clear the economy is finally turning around.

    Like I have said, Big boat, slow turnining…

  • dick holt

    We will continue to ask the we need or do we want. Needs take priority. Xmas spending will not change significantly from past years.