What’s the best or worst thing that’s ever happened to you at the State Fair?

It’s MPR Day at the State Fair, which is heading into the final weekend of its 2010 season. Today’s Question: What’s the best or worst thing that’s ever happened to you at the State Fair?

  • Moira

    I got a prom date at the State Fair!

  • Andrew

    Does the act of going to the State Fair count?

  • Keely

    I had my first ever mini-donut followed by a cup of milk that 15 years later, I still think is the best milk I ever tasted.

  • Amy

    In high school I made the mistake of wearing sandals to the fair and somehow managed to get stabbed in the toe with the infamous vessel for food- a long pointy stick! Thankfully there are those first aid stations!

  • DNA

    Seeing all the beautiful people, sharing sacred mantras with the rabbits, sheep and horses … later on singing from the Skyglider most of the ride and blessing the entire Fair, State of Minnesota, Earth etc…

    The chicken tamales in the bazaar area and sharing a turkey leg with a friend were delightful too.

  • John

    Worst: getting lost at age six… sat in the Fair police station from noon til night. I think my parents were pretty embarrassed when they found me.

    Best: every single minute I spent on the old crane machine games over by the kiddie midway between ages 7 and 12.

  • Mary Shore

    I got to shake Paul Wellstone’s hand the summer before he died. My friend saw him in the crowd, shouted his name, and Paul turned around and came back to greet us and talk for moment.

  • Anna Haecherl-Smith

    2006 MN State Fiar

    Pretty Bad: Getting drenched by rain before the grandstand show and having wet socks for the rest of the night.

    Best: Getting to dance onstage with the Flaming Lips at their Grandstand Show.

    Worst: Realizing I’d lost my car keys on stage and having to walk to a hotel for the night. And our socks were still wet.

  • Paula Mattson


    I was looking forward to a glorious sunny day at the fair when I paid my admission and walked into the gate only to have a bee fly in my face. I was immediately stung under the eye and had to head immediately to the First Aid booth for ice.

    It swelled up and I spent about 45 minutes total at the fair that day before heading home.

  • Philip

    I worked at the Farmer’s Home Cafe on machinery hill one summer. I was cooking up some burgers on the right side and the other cook was cooking up a rope of sausage for the foot long hot dog stand next to us. It comes in a big coil and to cook it you put the whole thing on the grill and then flip it. A Somali woman (about 60 y.o.) came up with her son and was eying the sausage. She spoke to her son in Somali and then her son asked the other cook what he was cooking. Without missing a beat he simply said, “snake.” Her eyes bugged out of her head and I had to duck down because I was laughing so hard at her woman’s expression.

  • Adrian Caauwe

    Next year will be the thirtieth anniversary of the year the I tried to walk home from the State Fair. Depending on where you live and how old you are that may not sound like a big deal, but I was seven and we lived in Bloomington. Tip to parents: Never tell your children “if you don’t come now, we are leaving without you”. They just may believe you. Willie Nelson was playing at the Grandstand as I made my way onto Snelling Ave and headed south. I made it all the way to Highland Park. Super America on Snelling and Ford Parkway was where I finally gave up and asked for help. I will always be very thankful for my Super America Angels. Until my daughter was born, being reunited with my family that night was the happiest moment of my life.

  • Stephanie

    Two years ago at the fair, I sat down to eat a pronto pup and my brand new cell phone fell out of my pocket. I didn’t realize it until my husband’s phone rang and a man on the other line asked if we were missing a phone. With horror, I realized I had lost it, and we arranged a place to meet up so he could return it to me. He must have gone through my recent calls to see if he could find a number to call to figure out who the owner was. I’ve been grateful ever since!

  • Al

    It was the Sunday before the fair started and we were picking up our jars of salsa that had been judged in the cannign competition. (You turn in 2 jars, one for judging and one for display.) We had just had lunch on the grounds with friends who were dropping off baked goods for competition. While we went in to get the jars, they kept our kids, who were in a stroller. A pleasent little break from the kids my wife and I thought as we walked in. Well, our friend was having fun with the kids by spinning the stroller around and around. That is until our oldest daughter threw up all of breakfast and lunch. We came out of the buiilding to tears and apologies.

    We wandered around a bit until we found a sprinkler. We borrowed the hose and cleaned off the stroller and the daughter. We couldn’t hose off the sidewalk though. We were quite relieved when a few days later, the night before the fair started, we got 2-3 inches of rain. It was our worst fair event at the time, but it makes for a good story every time we walk past the Creative Activities building now!

  • Peggy

    My best moment was the realization of my childhood dream: getting to ride in the Hunter Division of the Minnesota State Fair. Finally getting to ride my braided and gleaming Throroughbred in the hush and the awe of the Coliseum brought tears to my eyes but it didn’t stop there: I won the Reserve Championship in my division and it was, truly, a dream come true!

  • Sue

    In the early 1950’s my dad was a deputy sheriff and had to work at the fair. We had a young, growing family but mom always managed to take us. Dad was able to get us into the grandstand to watch the show. We actually sat on the stage in the middle of the racetrack. One of the acts was a small plane which circled around the grandstand with a person standing on the wings, doing tricks. All of a sudden the engine sputtered and the plane crashed in the cornfields to the north. It went up in flames. Mom made us kneel down on the stage and pray for the people in the plane, but in the very self-centered attitude of a 6 year old, I was more embarrassed about having to do that in front of so many people, rather than worrying about the victims. Now I “see” it differently and offer prayers for those on the plane whenever I think about it.

  • Kevin

    Worst: going

    Best: Leaving.

    Its slow moving, smelly, expensive and even the expenses have expenses… It seems to be the gullible go. Looking at Cows is not what I call entertainment.