What would you like your kids to learn by the end of the school year?

Most students in Minnesota are heading back to school this week, if they haven’t done so already. Today’s Question: What would you like your kids to learn by the end of the school year?

  • EAL

    What is most important for students, parents and teachers is to adhere to the simple premise of when ending the student ends the school day or year, “Did you learn or did you learn to think?”

  • Philip

    How to plan ahead. To think ahead and get homework done, time management for after school activities, and start thinking of where and what she’ll do in college.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Critical thinking and healthy skepticism. Uncritical thinking, group-think, and dysfunctional skepticism (either too little or too much) are more likely to bring down our republic than any foreign enemy is.

  • steve

    i would to see my kids to learn as much as they can, have an open mind, have good study habits, be good athletes, and good role models. also be disciplined !

  • James

    To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth.

    As well Trig, Calc, Chem and Diffy-Q:-)


  • Dennis

    I am waiting for the schools to integrate computers into the curriculum. This would include typing, filing and creating documents for communication.

  • SueZ

    Solid math, inpiring classic literature, and the how to choose the high road.

  • Greg

    that teachers have a very hard job. make it easy – study and turn your homework in on time. they might actually teach you more.

  • Kathryn

    By the end of the school year I’d love to see evidence that the children in my community were able to respect and think about differing opinions, to be tough on problems and less tough on people, utilize math, science social studies, and language to improve their world, and appreciate and participate in the arts and lifelong physical activity. No more teaching to the tests, please. If fact, how about taking the money we are spending on standardized tests and use it to enrich learning and therefore, our communities!

  • Neil

    How to capitalize, punctuate, spell, and in general write correctly. Even most of us could use a refresher course, yours truly included.