Who do you plan to vote for in the governor’s race?

After the highest primary voter turnout in a decade, the three major party nominees have been chosen. Today’s question: Who do you plan to vote for in the governor’s race?

  • Duane

    I only have to chose between Horner and Emmer. Either one would be a safer choice for me than a person that closed down his office and ran after a scare , than decided that he know longer wanted to be a Senator. I would not be able to depend on him.

  • Amy

    Dayton: no question, no contest.

  • Clark

    Between Emmer and Horner. Dayton is an idiot. Born with $100 million in his bank account, now he wants to insure he prevents others from accumulating wealth. Worked real well in California!! Newsweek stated one of the 5 worst senators when he represented MN. The DFL keeps getting dumber and dumber with their choices.

    I suppose if your a fat slob living off the government, then Dayton would be the correct choice.

  • Dayton. I’m not a fan of the man, but the other options are far less appealing. Emmer backpedals on his Norquist-inspired tax-slashing whenever someone as much as sneezes in his direction, while Horner doesn’t have much of an agenda outside of ‘neither Tweedle-dee nor Tweedle-dum’.

  • P. Nielsen

    Mark Dayton. The State can’t afford more of the right-wing republican agenda and it’s mean-spirited, selfish methods.

  • Greg K

    Mark Dayton. Dayton may be quirky, however, Mark Dayton is honest and trustworthy. Mark Dayton has a plan for Minnesota. He’s the only candidate that has put out serious proposals for a $6b deficet. Rep. Emmer has a plan, but what is it? I don’t think he even knows. The state surely can cut some budget dollars, but not $6b. By only cutting the budget, the whole problem will be pushed down to the county and city levels and we all know that isn’t the solution. Mark Dayton will get my vote for governor.

  • mike

    Emmer. Minnesota is already taxed enough. Dayton hasn’t explained how he would keep jobs in the state; taxing the “wealthy” may have a blowback effect.

  • Steve

    Mark Dayton-he gets things done and is articulate and has the determination and perseverence like myself as a distance runner

    (he plays hockey). He comes from an outstanding family-i grew up with the Dayton family and i have complete confidence in his leadership!

  • Steve

    Mark Dayton-he gets things done and is articulate and has the determination and perseverence like myself as a distance runner

    (he plays hockey). He comes from an outstanding family-i grew up with the Dayton family and i have complete confidence in his leadership!

  • Jeff

    First let me say sorry that this is off topic but I know that MPR is definately biased. They are having a conversation about the meaning of the 14th Amendment on Midmorning and I sent in a quote of the senators who actually wrote the law and they did not air it! I understand that there are lots of comments about the topic but c’mon shouldn’t the opinion of the people that wrote the amendment be a part of that conversation??? The only reason I can think they wouldn’t air is because it didn’t fit into their framework of how the courts interpreted the 14th Amendment……..which would show MPR’s bias.

  • Chris

    Voting for Mark Dayton for sure, Emmer is more of the same stuff that has been driving this state into the ground.

  • Sue de Nim

    Tom Horner really should win, but he won’t. Here’s why: he’s the first choice of a few voters and the second choice of the rest, which makes him the consensus candidate, but in our plurality-winner system, he’ll come in third. The only chance he has is if enough partisans vote for their second choice, for the sake of Minnesota community. Of the three now on the ballot, Dayton would be my first choice, but I may have talked myself into voting for Horner.

  • Khatti

    I will be voting for Mark Dayton–but not without some trepidation.

    I think Dayton is a guy whose been searching for something his whole life–and never finding it. Being a US Senator wasn’t it. I worry that being the Governor is also not it.

  • Gee, that’s a tough one;I have a choice between Mark Dayton and an ideologue nut case. I think I’ll vote for Mark Dayton. Oh, and also a Republican running as an Independent—I don’t think so.

  • James

    Emmer, for his less government and fiscal responsibility. Dayton is a Richie-rich that is out of touch.


  • DNA

    Chris Wright (Grassroots) or Mark Dayton,

    Green Party or Libertarian,

    Horner if need be…but never Emmer.

    I Have Faith in a Greener Future.

  • Mary

    Dayton. Emmer would run the state the same way that Palenty has. Palenty followed the example of Bush. That hasn’t worked out so well for our country or our state.

  • shane

    Well, I’m a Libertarian so I have to vote for who takes the most libertarian stance on issues. Clearly that is Emmer.

  • Steve the Cynic

    With elections like these, who needs sports teams to get excited about? This will be more fun to watch than American Idol.

    Let’s see…. Shall I vote for Emmer, who’s too conservative for many Republicans? Shall I vote for Dayton, who’s too liberal for many Democrats? (And, btw, did he win the nomination because of Republicans who voted in the DFL primary to keep the more electable candidate off the November ballot? Weren’t his biggest margins in Republican-leaning parts of the state?) Shall I vote for Horner, who can’t win because the two major parties have already scooped up most of the available campaign contributions? Which one is the least-worst choice?

  • Paul from St. Cloud

    Taxes aren’t high enough, and since I am taxed at a rate not comparable to the wealthy in this state, I will vote for Dayton. Why do we have to take away the roads, bridges, schools, universities, healthcare services, state parks, public safety, transportation, veteran services, courts, local government aid, etc. to make people appreciate their state government?

    Emmer will only cut taxes for the wealthy and leave the middle and lower class to bear the burden of the costs. That didn’t work under Bush/Pawlenty over the past decade, and it will hinder us only further.

  • Connie

    Emmer is my choice. I’m a lower middle class individual and I want to keep the little money I have. Dayton hasn’t a clue about how the little man lives since he was born into a rich family. We need to audit all the existing programs we have in this state and cut costs where we can and remember to priortize.

  • John

    Tom Horner, because:

    1) He’s a “negotiable” independent whose 30 years in public policy have earned him broad respect from people of different political stripes.

    2) His bold, reasonable proposal for tax reform advanced by Sen. Tom Bakk, as well as progressive economic reform involving research & technology.

    3) Simply the most substantive, articulate candidate in the race.

  • Chris

    My wife and I were just talking about this last night.

    She brought up the point that Emmer said..”when families cannot pay their bills the first thing they do is cut cost.”

    We thought about that statement and came to the conclusion that if either of us couldn’t pay the bills we would look for more work. AKA we would seek out more revenues, and I don’t think we are alone in that thinking.

    Since that is what our family would do, we would like our governor to do the same.. So we are voting for Dayton.

  • Charles

    oh boy. a choice between 3 white haired old guys. Couldn’t we just once have a woman for governor? Someone who understands how to get people to cooperate?

  • Julie

    I don’t know that I’ll even bother voting this year.

    I’m less than thrilled with all 3 candidates.

  • Audrey Berg

    I agree with Tom Horner. Dayton is too liberal and Emmer is too conservative. So, after voting Democrat for the past 45 years, I will be voting Independent for Tom Horner.

  • C. Hunter

    Dayton is too liberal, Emmer too conservative. That means that Horner has my vote.

  • Lynn

    Tom Horner is by far the best choice. He will represent all people of Minnesota. He is smart, well-informed and a good thinker. His moderate viewpoints, his proven business success and ability to negotiate with both sides will help steer Minnesota back to greatness.

  • Not Tom Emmer. We’ve had enough of the ‘theocracy’ of free-markets, tax cuts, and trickle-down. Throw in fundamentalism, intolerance, and drunk driving for good measure as other reasons to keep Emmer out of office.

    I voted for Dayton in the primary as a defensive act because polls showed him trouncing Emmer but he must earn my vote in the general election. His tax increase proposals seem heavy-handed toward middle income professionals and two-income families. A threshold of $250K seems more reasonable.

    In closing, none of the candidates thrills me. We need someone with strong executive experience leading our state. Sadly, the DFL machine killed any hopes of that when they shunned R.T. Rybak in favor of a legislator.

  • Karen Read

    Standardized testing demonstrates only a tiny amount of data about student progress. It is given far too much power to drive decisions about educational policy.

    Schools are a microcosm of society at large. The practice of holding the school system accountable for the failings of our nation does not adequately address the issue. The voting populace of the country may be ready for changes and reforms to deal with educational inequity. But the Congress and the White House are beholden to their sources of campaign financing. As long as this is the practice, there will not be the multifaceted and systemic changes needed to truly ensure that no child will ever be left behind.

  • Michelle

    Mark Dayton, without a doubt. People seem to forget that policies touted by any leader have to go through Congress first, and a governor is no exception. So, when Dayton proposes increasing taxes to those making more than $130K, that is fine, but remember that law has to first be written and passed by Minnesota Congress. That being said, Congress can say, “No way, but we’ll compromise and increase taxes on those making $250k”, or some other salary. This is where being a leader matters: I feel that Dayton is much more inclined to work with Congress and compromise on issues than Tom Emmer is. I feel that if Congress wanted to raise taxes, even a little, Emmer would flat out say NO… Kind of like the governor we have now. And I haven’t cared for that mentality since I’ve moved here and I don’t want it any more!

  • Karen Read

    A vote for Dayton is a vote for the future of our state. We need to reset our priorities so that we serve the needs of our residents: better quality education for all, health care for all, better infra-structure and public satefy for all, equal access to libraries, parks, the arts and all the elements that create an educated, healthy and civilized society. That we ask the most affluent of our citizens to add extra support to such a society is in the interests of us all.

  • Brian

    I will vote for Mark Dayton. I believe he will work to restore the health of our community that was damaged so horrendously by our past two governors–a libertarian wrestler and a right-wing ideologue who always put his political ambitions ahead of the interests of the state. Dayton will move us back into the direction of a progressive income tax and thus provide revenue for education at all levels.

    The Republican party has promoted the notion for years that the individual owes nothing to society. Emmer will continue to promote that idea and, rather than addressing the needs of our state, will continue cutting funds for education. After a libertarian drove this state into the ditch for four years, and a right-ideologue continued plowing the state even deeper into the muck for eight years, the last thing we need is another right-wing ideologue who is even more of an extremist than the current governor and who will drive the state off a cliff.

  • Earl

    Tom Emmer! He is a leader that we keep our great state from slipping more towards a Socialist state and live within our means.

  • elisabeth

    % will write-in Ms. Kelliher.

  • Jerry Wenzel

    We will vote for Mark Dayton. Eight years of failure under the Pawlenty administration is enough.

  • Jen

    Dayton. I wish MAK was on the ballot, though.

  • Amber Berdie

    I voted for Kelliher in the primary, but Dayton was my second choice and I’ll happily vote for him in the general election.

    High taxes don’t scare rich people out of a state like crappy roads, schools, universities, and infrastructure do. People that think raising personal income taxes on the richest of us will eliminate jobs have drunk the kool-aid of the right wing. We need to invest in our state to keep it great!

  • CC&H

    I still think R.T. Ryback would’ve done a superb job, but I’ll happily vote for Dayton. We need to get back on track and neither Horner nor Emmer can make that happen.

  • Greg Copeland





    When did raising Minniesota income taxes create new jobs? Never!

    Don’t waste your vote on Dayton, who is promising your family prosperity by taking more from other families.



  • Ted

    Brett Favre

  • Emily Louise Dockendorf

    My vote is def. going to Mark Dayton as he is the leader that Minnesota needs right now at the right time. I am fighting to make sure that Minnesota does not get into the hands of Tom Emmer. He would drastically cut human/social services, my work load in Mental Health-case management-would increase 3x if he becomes the governor, and I cannot fathom voting for a person who has been arrested 2x for drunk driving as i’ve had close friends killed by drunk drivers and will never forgive the ones who cause the hurt,, and Emmer’s ideas are so extreme that they would make me want to move to Sweden or New Zealand. Minnesota has been burnt these last 8 years by a run-away governor who has cut many programs for the poor and low-income based Minnesotans. And I know that as i work in Mental Health Case Mgmt everyday at a local mental health clinic. I am fighting as a radical, progressive feminist and the gloves are coming off. I want to rescue my state, to celebrate on November 2nd, and to make Minnesota bright blue again. Mark Dayton gets my vote and I am excited to win this fight. The times are changing and I want a state filled with peace, hope, love not hate, extreme religious views, and the degradation of women as 2nd class citizens. Minnesota needs to heal, to be in peace, and i’ have had it after 8 horrible years of budget, insurance, education, local aid, other government taxes. And yes, tax the rich. We all must do our share-its the progressive, post-liberal view-point that this feminist woman is going with!

  • maryjunesept

    dayton, only dayton. its time for this state to get back to putting first things first. and thats people. its time folks.

  • Pete

    I’ve lived in Minnesota for less than four years. But based on the information I have currently, I am 90% sure I will vote for Emmer.

    I can’t imagine voting for a candidate (Dayton) who made raising taxes a main campaign platform. When does it end? I don’t consider myself “rich,” but it is my understanding that the so-called rich pay the majority of taxes anyway. And the idea that liberalism is going to usher in some sort of era of peace, love, and healing is sheer nonsense. Look at our country as it now stands with the left currently in control of the executive and legislative branches of our national government and with a strong foothold in the judicial branch as well. I don’t see much (any?) evidence to suggest that formula works.

    The idea of an independent candidate is attractive but seems like a throwaway vote that will ultimately help put Dayton in power.

    I’m a bit disappointed by the lack of meaningful suggestions as to how Emmer would significantly scale back government spending. However, to berate him for drunk driving 20 – 30 years ago seems unduly judgmental, even hypocritical or disingenuous. Would a “progressive” be held to the same standard?

    I admire and applaud Tim Pawlenty for drawing a line in the sand when it comes to raising taxes.

  • Steve the Cynic

    The economic implosion of 2008 revealed the belief that tax cuts and deregulation will automatically make things better as the superstition that it is.

  • Pete

    Steve the Cynic: I will assume for a moment for the sake of argument that your assertion is accurate…that it was tax cuts and deregulation that caused the crash in 2008. Does it then logically follow that tax increases and increased regulation will fix the problem? If it does follow, is there even a single piece of evidence in the past two years to support that conclusion?

  • Steve the Cynic

    Pete, you say you’re a newcomer to MN. You may not be aware that MN has for decades now, despite being a “high tax” state, had one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. If high taxes killed jobs, that wouldn’t be true. If higher taxes are always bad for the economy, then how come the US had such sustained growth in the 1990s after Clinton raised them? Whether putting MN taxes back where they belong (where they were before T-Paw’s cuts) will move the needle on the economy appreciably one way or the other is doubtful. What it will do, however, is pay for getting our infrastructure, education system, and other social services back up to snuff, instead of going further down the toilet like they’ve been doing since His Obstinacy took office. If we elect Emmer, we’ll be replacing His Obstinacy with His Supreme Obstinacy.

    And if 2008 doesn’t prove that deregulation is bad for economic stability, how about 1929? After that crash, regulations were put in place that were designed to keep the economy stable over the long term. And guess what, it worked! It wasn’t until the post-1929 reforms were repealed that the economy became erratic again.

    The idea that unregulated free enterprise and “market forces” alone will somehow magically make everything better is just as superstitious as the idea that central planning (as in the USSR) is the solution. The far left and the far right are both wrong.

  • jane leverenz

    Wow reading this was exciting reading…..

    So lets set the record straight. Words are so misused in this country…..we have been operating in a I socialist syle of governement for over 150 years. The minute the Feds took over the rail road well and do we need to go on……Airlines, Auto industry, Farming, and the list goes on…..how do we pull those plugs? These were before the stimulis package.

    Taxes….ok yes it is time to tax the people whoses taxes were reduced while we watched our state start to falter. Imagine that. How much would that affect the family that makes $130,000. and don’t they have deductibles, children, etc.

    I am voting for Mark Dayton. I agree with raising taxes. I would also support the examination of a flat tax.

    We have a lot of problems we need to fix so lets make these candidates be open and really tell us what they are really thinking.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Um, no Jane, we don’t have a “socialist style of government.” Some parts of American society are socialized, such as the Postal Service, most roads and bridges, public education, law enforcement, etc. Other parts are privatized, with varying degrees of regulation, such as manufacturing, retail, shipping, transportation (except Amtrak and public transit), agriculture, telecommunications, etc. The inane, hot-headed debates between the “left” and the “right” could be resolved rather quickly if folks would take off their ideological blinders and have a rational discussion about which parts of the economy work best when socialized, and which work best when privatized. But each side is so afraid of the dystopia they see on the extreme of the other side that they’re unwilling to move toward the middle. It’s like we’re locked in a perpetual tug-o-war, where no one will give an inch for fear that the other side will pull the whole country into the abyss. I don’t expect this to change any time soon.

    Where are we going? And what are we doing in this handbasket?

  • Neil

    I haven’t decided yet, but it’s clear many people have, and apparently not for any thought-out, rational reasons.

    To me its clear why people vote for whom they do; it’s the candidate that they already have an emotional predisposition for liking. For every voter who is absolutely positive that their candidate is the right one there is another with the same view for another candidate. They use absolute terms like “no question” or calling the opposition an “idiot”. They can’t see that they are just flip sides of the same coin.

    Whenever I hear someone say that they have always voted and will continue to vote for the same party I mostly hear that they have cemented their opinion long ago and plan to never thoughtfully review the issues and make an informed decision.

  • tresa

    Emmer, only Emmer!

    Perhaps some of you do not remember this, however Reagan lowered taxes, gave tax breaks to businesses and made government smaller and what happened? Let me remind you, unemployment dropped 9%, interest rates fell and the free economy fixed itself…oy yeah not to mention the budget became balanced and many people got a great education! Emmer is pushig a Reagan agenda, why in the world would you vote for Dayton who is pushing more of a nobama agenda which is just killing this country?