Does Minnesota have a revenue problem, or a spending problem?

Each Monday from now until the election, we’ll pose a question on an issue that’s pertinent to the race for Minnesota governor. Today’s Question: Does Minnesota have a revenue problem, or a spending problem?

For today’s TQ, we also asked the three gubernatorial candidates how they would answer.

Republican candidate Tom Emmer:

“Minnesota state government has a serious spending problem. Revenues are projected to increase by nearly $2 billion for the next budget. Spending is projected to increase by almost 17 percent in only 2 years. What family wouldn’t be happy with a 7 percent raise in these economic times, yet government says that’s not enough.That’s unsustainable. And that’s why the next Governor will have to reform and restructure state government.”

DFL candidate Mark Dayton:

“Minnesota faces another budget crisis that will require both revenue increases and spending reductions. However, state spending during this biennium is 8.2 percent less than in the previous biennium. So, further cuts will inevitably mean higher property taxes, more overcrowded classrooms and higher tuitions for thousands of Minnesotans.”

Independence Party candidate Tom Horner:

“Minnesota has a political problem that has blocked good public policy. We need reforms on both the spending and tax sides to allow smart investments in the future for Minnesota.”