What do you want to hear from Elena Kagan?

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan’s confirmation hearings begin today, and Republicans have promised the process will be “vigorous.” Today’s Question: What do you want to hear from Elena Kagan?

  • Gary F

    Does she think that her decisions should incorporate international law?

    Yes, you should be a judge. But that doesn’t matter, because with a Democratic majority, she’s in.

  • jfh

    May I have your attention, please! I wish to make a pre-query announcement.

    I am withdrawing my nomination.

    Over the weekend, I have come to realize that one more East Coast Elitest law school professor and bureaucrat, well-educated and well schooled politically in the ways of Progressive Politics by Bill Clinton, is not what this court needs.

    All the people–particularly those from the red and purple states–deserve a better voice than I can ever give them.

    Accordingly, I remove myself from consideration for this appointment, and suggest that Barry find someone NOT from the East Coast–or Chicago.

    Thank you.

  • James

    Just Kidding….I’ll go home now.


  • Gary F

    Why always east coast elitists?

  • John May

    I’d like to hear her answer to some (or all) of the questions that George Will composed in his most recent syndicated column.

  • Lawrence

    I’m not sure Kagan or any of the current judges can tell me anything. It’s more than clear that the Roberts, Alito, and the remaining conservative judges are rewriting the law as we speak (which I thought was the purview of the Federal Legislature), and Obama’s nominations are an attempt to place judges that will rewrite the law from a liberal perspective. It’s difficult for me to watch the legal process because in my view judges are supposed to help lawyers and litigants understand the law, not create new ones. We’re are witnessing, at least in my life time, the hijacking of the legal court system by political parties, as well as our society’s wanton thirst for it.

  • EAL

    I would like to see Ms. Kagen announce her Constitutional opposition to all laws under the “Hate Crime” umbrella stating that such laws violate the equal protection clause by establishing a separate set of laws for a particular group(s).

  • j

    I would like to hear her stand up and challange these hypocrite republican senators who drone on and on about “judicial activism” all the while their guys on the bench dismantle precident and let things like money = free speech if you are a corporation and this recent gun rights case go through.

  • Justin Smith

    The constitution doesn’t specify that a member of the supreme court should be anything other than appointed and compensated, so a nominee shouldn’t necessarily be a judge at all.

    I would like to hear what differentiates her from the hundreds of millions of other potential U.S. citizens who could be appointed to the supreme court, what makes her a good choice to be a part of the highest court in the country.

  • Lance

    How about the unvarnished TRUTH? That would be refreshing.

    I don’t expect it, and she probably wouldn’t be confirmed if she actually spoke her mind, but wouldn’t it be nice if people actually meant what they said? Then perhaps the confirmation process wouldn’t be the “vapid and hollow charade” she described it as.

  • Steve the Cynic

    The substance of what she says is much less important than that she demonstrate that she’s smarter than the senators who would presume to oppose her nomination, preferably by pointing out the hypocrisy behind their questions. E.g….

    Senator X: Ms. Kagan, why didn’t you want to allow the military to recruit on campus?

    Kagan: Senator, I thought you were opposed to government mandates for private institutions.