In honor of “Wait Wait,” write a news limerick

One year since the Question’s inaugural,

With thousands of answers (we’ve logged them all),

Let’s show our esprit

For “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!”

Today, we want five lines of doggerel.

Peter Sagal and Carl Kasell are doing their show from Minnesota this week. In their honor, Today’s Question invites you to post a news limerick. But remember … keep it clean.

  • In Toronto they are putting up a wall

    And dissenters set up for a fall

    The G-20 Summit is in town

    The RCMP’s face is a frown

    They hope violence will not pay a call

  • Benjamin Peterson

    There was a man in Afghanistan

    who was not the top command

    His criticisms flew

    Washington in a brew

    His resignation was soon in demand

  • brian f

    One year since he went toward the light

    His fame keeps on reaching new heights

    He’d his share of scandal

    but never left fans dull

    Now tell me – was he black or white?

  • eric

    A commander cashiered for a loss

    of discretion must now see the cost

    of speaking too plainly —

    forgetting, insanely —

    A Rolling Stone bothers the boss.

  • Ken Turner

    It’s not only clear, it’s crystal

    The Prez says he’s hot as a pistol

    Though some had some doubt

    They might work it out

    He just had to fire ____________

  • cris

    There once was a bill in Congress

    That really caused quite a ruckus

    Finances in a tizzy

    Making citizens dizzy

    Seems impending doom is upon us

  • Carl Lundstrom

    In the gulf, the oil does flow

    The people there now need more dough

    If only some way

    To make BP pay

    Aha! 20 billion in escrow

  • Cathleen

    I can’t prep for this weekend’s gala

    Or listen to Clapton play ‘Layla’

    Worse than jangling of keys,

    or ten thousand bees

    is the noise of a darn vuvuzela

  • Robert R.

    To his yacht Tony Hayward did flee

    For a race in a far northern sea

    Back he wanted his life

    From such toil and strife

    Caused by the oil of BP.

  • Chris – Rochester

    I have a suspicious fear

    That my governor wants a new career

    Tea Baggers will feel appeased

    As taxes surely will freeze

    But those who can add

    Will see this is bad

    As the whole country pays higher fees

  • Mary Petersen

    Hospital CEO’s have said

    That nurses are are way over paid

    But if you should get sick

    By a bite from a tick

    Which one would you want by your bed?

  • Henny

    There once was a princess from Sweden

    Whose wedding was considered news leadin’

    But she started to pout

    When big TV pulled out

    And left their PR machine bleedin’

  • Nancy C

    There once was a show called “Wait Wait”

    That taped their new show at the State.

    Do you think that their name

    Or the crowd was to blame

    For the fact they got started so late?

  • Michael K

    It seemed like run of the mill,

    We’d have to swallow another hard pill,

    The team seemed out again,

    But along came Donovan,

    Leading U.S. over Algeria, 1-Nil.

  • Graydon

    There once was a man named McChrystal

    Whose mouth was a media pistol

    He shot off opinions

    on Obama’s minions

    And now he’ll be working in Bristol

  • Karen S.

    “It’s now been one year since he’s gone:

    Michael Jackson, pop music icon.

    Like Elvis and Lady Di,

    His fans still weep and sigh;

    They’re just not ready to move on.”

  • Oscar Wojciechowski-Prill

    A Wisconsinite singing God’s praise.

    Was told to avoid our Pride Days

    The supreme court said “Boy!”

    “You’ve a right to annoy!”

    “And Hand out your bibles to gays!”

  • The President wakes from his snooze

    And listens to NPR news

    Report his pick of Petraeus

    Who’ll not–he is sure–betray us

    But the oil continues to ooze

  • Wally

    [Oscar W., you beat me to the punch, but here’s another]

    Gay Priders said “Hey Hey Ho Ho

    A free Bible handout must go!”

    But a judge has now ruled

    And nobody’s fooled

    To the Gay Bible Ban he said: “NO!”

  • O.G

    The president’s surely a liar

    Bush, then Barack’s pants are on fire

    Now General Petraeus

    Is sure to betray us

    He’ll do as he’s told, this new hire.

    As the conflict in Afghanistan

    Expands as bombs spread through the land

    U.S. soldiers dying

    Afghan widows crying

    In a death-trap of Jihad with sand.

  • Bill Haverberg

    There once was a girl from Nantucket

    For wait wait, she’d raise quite a ruckus

    She loved baseball as well

    mused that both were quite swell

    That show is preempted? Oh Puckett!

  • dsaun

    Outside the US of A

    “football” means different they say

    It’s still lots of fun –

    they constantly run!

    “No hands!” and don’t stop the play!

  • dsaun

    On Wall Street the trading is brisk.

    So much that the Feds want to frisk

    all those who were bold,

    took profit and sold

    and left others to carry the risk.

  • Bonnie

    With seven in our group at the State

    Two pastors, two farmers, three exec-u-tates;

    No Paula, but Mo–

    Ready for a great show

    Paid money to ‘watch’ this week’s Wait, Wait!

  • jessica Sundheim

    At noon thousands of folks will join hands

    For fifteen minutes in all different lands

    To say, “No!” to big oil

    As oceans and sands spoil

    Folks will offer clean energy demands