What does the fishing opener mean to your family?

Tomorrow’s fishing opener is a big event in Minnesota, a state that sells more fishing licenses per capita than any other. Today’s Question: What does the fishing opener mean to your family?

  • Allan

    Having grown up and lived on the Mississippe most of my life the fishing opening hasn’t meant anything. The fishing season on the river is completely different. We can fish pretty much all year round.

    Allan from Winona…

  • Pastor Steve

    Lower turnout at church.

  • Deb

    That the Governor is not where he should be…out making a photo op instead of working WITH the legislature. He is suppose to be a leader. He is suppose to be working FOR the people of Minnesota, not working solely for his own best interest.

  • Steve

    More fishing licenses per capita then anywhere else, huh? This is the most boring place with the most boring people. Now I know why.

  • bsimon

    It means another opportunity to take a shot at Pawlenty for not doing his job.

  • zombie

    Nothing. I don’t fish.

    But to each their own. I partake in activities that those who fish may not care for.

  • Philip

    It means that I have National Guard drill once again. For the last 20 years I have missed fishing opener because of drill or deployments. I retire in three months have big plans with a boat, rod and bait!

  • James

    There will be a high probability of recovering yet another body / bodies caused by alcohol / drug related boat accident.

    I fish after the slicks with the drinks … the following weekend.


  • bryan

    Usually the fishing opener’s weather is so crummy I never go out. This year is looking to be the exception. Wow, I’m jealous I won’t be able to get out this weekend!

  • Krista

    It’s the fishing opener this weekend?

    I don’t fish nor do I eat fish. I’ve never been fishing and don’t plan to go. Not every Minnesotan is “outdoorsy.”

  • Bill A.

    Not a darn thing, but I am gald that they moved it back a week so it did not fall on mothers day weekend. Smart move MDNR!

  • Shawn T.

    Huh? It’s fishing opener?

  • jane


    I live on a lake so I can tell the times they are a changin’. There are not the boats out like they used to be. People don’t seem to be scheduling their lives around the opener like they used to.

    A comment about the Native AMericans fishing…I know that they contribute to the fish population by raising fingerlings to distribute. I know we have nothing to fear about their harvest. They also collect information about the health of the lakes they harvest.

    People are so uninformed and spend to much time looking for reasons to be angry.

    At least not at the native americans how about the chemical companies and the food industries for additives and lawn fertilizers…people just don’t realize what they do in their yards or driveways runs to the water. Plus we are ingesting hormones which gets in the water via our bodies. So we’ve caused our problems by just accepting what ever is put inour path.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Catch-and-release = molesting wildlife.

  • Pat

    “Catch-and-release = molesting wildlife”

    Steve,,, so how is living in your Mom’s basement?

  • Steve the Cynic

    You tell me. Then we’ll both know.

  • Jim

    Does vanity lead you to do things you know are bad for you? NO.

    Does hedonism lead you to do things you know are bad for you? YES. Of course.