Have you had a privacy problem on a social network?

After complaints from users and government officials, Facebook has introduced measures to simplify its privacy controls. Today’s Question: Have you had a privacy problem on a social network?

  • Amy

    I purposely set up my Facebook account to be very restricted and suddenly the whole world wide web could view my pictures. I was very upset and disappointed that Facebook didn’t do a better job of informing users of the changes they implemented. Big invasion of privacy and I am glad to hear that Facebook gets it now and plans to implement more simple privacy controls again.

    Some will argue that Facebook users knowlingly put things on the web so it is the users responsibility to be, well, responsible about what they put up. I agree with that, but part of what makes Facebook so great is the ability to share photos with friends and family for example. Why should I have to be concerned about that becoming public when I specifically set up the account so none of that should have been?

  • Britt Rohrbaugh

    If there are things you are worried about other people seeing or learning about you, don’t put them on Facebook. The best way to avoid an invasion of privacy is to not have anything “private” on any form of social media. I am very careful what I put on Facebook, knowing that everyone in town and beyond could possibly see it. My criteria for what makes it? WWMT. What Would Mother Think?!

  • Jamie

    Two problems (in addition to finding Facebook’s whole interface inscrutable and frustrating):

    One day I suddenly had two acquaintences as “friends” when I had never — and would have never — “friended” them. I don’t know how it happened.

    The other thing that happened isn’t so much a violation of privacy as it is annoying and invasive. About a month ago there was a thing — an ad, I guess — that said every time someone clicks here, Heinz Ketchup will donate XX bucks to foodshelves. Seemed like a good thing to do, but the next day, and every day since then, most of my main Facebook “page” is covered with Heinz Ketchup postings. And I can’t get rid of them!! I tried “unfriending” them and that didn’t work. I went to the Heinz Ketchup website and there’s nothing there that would do it. After way too much time, I finally found an 800- number on their site that I can call them at, but when I called this afternoon, they were closed. I’ll have to try on Tuesday.

  • Ray

    I have been tempted but have not joined Facebook. There are many other ways to share information, photos, etc.

  • jane

    There are basic rules for surfing on the web and they are the same on these sights.

    If they ask for personal info don’t give it. Therefore I never play any games because they ask permission to see your info and your friends…I have often wondered why people would allow that.

    I also keep hearing about how facebook has not generated capital but that seems silly when all these people are allowing their info to be grazed because they could be producing surveys to sell.

  • Steve the Cynic

    I’ve had no problems with Facebook, because I’ve never used it. Why would I entrust the security of any personal information to a private company with no incentive to protect it and every incentive to exploit it?