Does vanity lead you to do things you know are bad for you?

A major new study finds a strong link between indoor tanning and melanoma. Today’s Question: Does vanity lead you to do things you know are bad for you?

  • Laurie

    Wearing dress shoes. I hate them and am totally uncomfortable and very often twist my ankle. I’d wear tennis shoes every day if I didn’t have to look good.

    I also wreck my hair with a blow dryer every day.

  • James

    I thought Vanity turns letters???

    Actualy I don’t care what people think of the way I look. Like me as is or go away… simple.


  • Steve the Cynic

    In my youth I received this piece of advice: “Don’t worry what people will think of you, because they probably won’t.” I have yet to figure out if it was good advice.

  • Alison

    Of course! I think that is the general premise behind high heels, isn’t it? But they are so worth it, in moderation.

  • Karen

    I think healthy is beautiful. My priority is to be as healthy as I can be, so that I can see my children grow and I can live on this earth as long as my higher power allows me to. I look at my body as a gift not something I am allowed to abuse or cause harm to. If being tan and wearing high heels make you beautiful then I guess, well I am not. But if caring about what I eat and what I expose my body to makes me beautiful then well, who is to judge that decision. I am not in High School any more, let society judge. I have no doubt that I won’t out live some of my peers.

  • Jim

    Does vanity lead you to do things you know are bad for you? NO.

    Does hedonism lead you to do things you know are bad for you? YES. Of course.

  • DNA

    Like shaving? My present nicks to the neck remind me to remember which razors work best and which method over which area to have a smooth kissable face instead of one with stubble and cuts.


  • Alana

    I used to do all sorts of things for beauty that were bad for me (tanning, high heels, lots of questionable cosmetics and perfumes, diet shakes, etc.).

    Then I started planning a family, and had to pay a lot of attention to my health when we had trouble conceiving. Now I care a lot more about health than about beauty. Kids were the healthiest thing that ever happened to me. (I am also the happiest I have ever been, and my husband still thinks I’m beautiful!)

    Honestly, if you compare pictures of me from years ago to recent photos, I look about the same. Was it really worth it? Probably not.

  • Bill A.

    Does 3 big macs a day count?

  • Khatti

    This subject reminds me of an inappropriate joke that I’m going to tell anyway:

    A concerned couple have caught their fourteen year old son masturbating. They point out to Junior that masturbating will make you go blind. Junior promptly replies: “I’ll stop when I need glasses.”

    In addition to being inappropriate, this joke points out the nature of trying to make people stop doing what makes them feel good. And stoking your vanity makes you feel good. Frankly, feeding my bad habits is the only good reason I have to get out of bed in the morning.

    Does vanity make people do things that are bad for them? Does the sun rise in the East?