What grand adventure do you dream about?

A Minnesota couple is setting out to travel all the way around Lake Superior on foot. Today’s Question: What grand adventure do you dream about?

  • azna amira

    I’m 61 years old with a gimpy knee, yet I’m planning an Appalachian Trail hike in August. It’s part book research about my Cherokee, Scots Irish and African ancestors. It’s also about overcoming limitations, and getting outside my comfort zone: I have to believe that it’s never too late to re-take the Hero’s Journey or to become who I was meant to be all along. By preparing myself as best I can, then abandoning myself to the unknown, I hope to re-immerse myself in where I come from and who I am without the “story” I’ve allowed society to build around me, based on what I have, who I know and what roles I’ve agreed to play. I’d like to rediscover the self who can respond to whatever comes with courage, wisdom and compassion without all that baggage.

  • My Bucket List includes traveling the islands of the Caribbean volcanic rim, by boat and by foot, from Trinidad and Tobago to Cuba.

  • Nate

    Since I was a teenager, being the first person on Mars, then biking around Ireland, then across the U.S. Coming up on 40, I haven’t yet done any of those. This will fall on deaf ears, but if you have a dream, there’s no time like now to do it.

  • Jackie

    My dream has always been to live in a log home in the woods especially the Black Hills of South Dakota. I think my grandfather planted that seed in my mind. He and Grandma homesteaded in Custer County SD in the early 1900’s but moved back to Minnesota when my Grandma became pregnant with my mother. Grandpa and I always talked about going back. Now at age 66 I have bought some property in Custer County not far from where G&G homesteaded and plan to build a log home on it as soon as I can sell my current home. The second part of my dream is to once again own my own horse. My partner Brian will be bringing his two horses here to MN in June so I can start that part of my dream early. My new property is surrounded by Black Hills National Forest so we will be able to ride right out our back door. Since I am still in very good health and still ride regularly I decided to go for it! My dog is excited about it too. Does anyone want to buy a 7 year old villa in the Pines of North Oaks??? I am living my dream!

  • tim hall

    i dream about starting up a non-profit to help the orphan children in chinese orphanages with donations from around the US. i would love to be able to bring money and material donations to the orphanages myself.

  • Jayme Johnson

    For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by the Erie Canal. Several years ago my father and I saw it on a road trip and at that time I decided I’d like to ride it’s tow path on my bicycle. I have plans to ride it this summer.

  • Tim in Rochester

    I have always wanted to take a summer-long walking trip of Europe with little more than a sketch pad and a journal. Now that I think of it, there’s no time like today to begin saving toward this goal.

  • Shane

    One that is very feasible and I will be doing this summer or next will be backpacking through Montana.

    One that is not so feasible financially is to go backpacking in Australia or New Zealand.

  • Sara W.

    My dream is to travel to Italy and rent a Vespa! I dream of zipping around little towns and (carefully) scooting along a mountainous road with a gorgeous coastal view. Perhaps I will be able to brush up on the two years of Italian I studied at Smith College.

  • Eli Cizewski-Robinson

    I want to travel to every continent. I’m only 22 years old and have already been to Italy, Turkey and South Africa which covers Europe, Asia and Africa. I hope to some day visit Argentina and while there take a boat trip to Antarctica. Then on some later date visit Australia.

  • mike rentz

    As an ecologist there are many ecosystems I would love to see, but for pure adventure I want to float the Yukon River. I have 2 friends who did it and am very jealous.

  • Greg

    I want to travel quietly along the entire coast of Iberia from Santander to Gibraltar, then cross the straits to North Arica and continue south. 10 years out to do it. better get started.

  • Wade

    I don’t dream, I do.

    Whether it is hunting moose, elk, and goats in the Canadian Rockies of British Columbia, hunting Red Stag and Himalayan Tahr on the south island of New Zealand, or reeling in trophy Mahi Mahi off the coast of Hawaii. I have pictures to look through and enjoy because I didn’t dream about those trips. I went on those trips.

    My best advice, don’t dream, do!

  • Damian Long

    I’ll be filming my audition tape this evening to send to a food travel casting company. That would my dream. Don’t worry, I’ll stream MPR, wherever I go.

    I am a chef, and sadly, losing a cook to his dream. He’ll leave next week to start a walk across the US as a fundraiser for ALS, a disease his brother battles with.

  • Eric

    I am joining Saint John’s Abbey, Collegeville in June.

    One day I want to retrace the path the founding monks took from Latrobe, Pennsylvania in 1856: all the way down the entire length of the Ohio River from Pittsburgh, and then up the Mississippi to St. Cloud.

    They took steamboats; I would probably have to settle for a car trip.

  • Texts sent to MPR:

    I have a dream of traveling by land (perhaps bicycle) from the most northern contiguous point of North America to the southern most contiguous point of South America. -Gabriel, Fargo

    I want to leave Tower, MN, head west and return to Tower from the east and no air travel allowed. -anonymous

    Canoeing the Mississippi…from the headwaters of Itasca to the gulf of Mexico…summer of 2012. -anonymous

  • Steve from up north

    I would love to travel to Finland. Not the Minnesota one, but the Europe one. As a half Finn I would love to see the culture. The largest road block is not understanding a word of the language.

  • kj

    I don’t dream about a grand adventure in travel but rather a personal journey… I’d like to run a marathon. I’ve begun training for a 10k and plan to work my way up. For me, this kind of personal adventure holds more than a physical trip to somewhere.

  • Stephanie

    Kilimanjaro before I’m fifty.

  • jesse

    i dream of solo kayaking from the headwaters of the Missouri River to the mouth of the Mississippi and trekking the Lewis and Clark Expedition on foot and by kayak…each with my “puppy”.

  • Scott

    Fifteen years ago my wife Diane starting dreaming about hiking the entire Appalachian Trail. Five years ago we set out from Georgia in an effort on fulfilling that goal and 190 days later we were standing on top of Mt. Katahdin – the northern terminus of the A.T. The goal is behind us now but the dream is still vivid.

  • Khatti

    I traveled so much as a kid that it really doesn’t interest me anymore. I suppose the closest thing to an adventure I can think of right now is I would like to build a straw-bale house on my farm.

  • Dennis Ferche

    I wake in the mornings with thoughts about the ongoing adventure and of the one in preparation: During portions of this summer, now that the garden is in; I intend to bike, hike, canoe, run,camp, dance, sing, cookout, instruct and play tennis, share carpentry skills, and meet up in parks around the state to share thoughts, talk, and the ways and means towards furthering the revolution–that is the Revolution in Thinking. We are underway and we couldn’t be there without the help of the public media. Thanks to All at MPR. Special thanks to the morning shows that help me mesh dreams into an ongoing perception of reality. Cheers, Dennis

  • Jen

    I would love to take a hot air balloon over the Serengeti during migrating season. I just hope to be able to do so before the Serengeti is gone.

  • Cate Belleveau

    After reading the book “Far Traveler –Travels of a Viking Woman” , I AM going to retrace the steps of little know Viking female explorer — Gudrid Thorbjarnardottir who lead explorations from Greenland down to Newfoundland and environs . Lots has been recalled about Eric the Red and Leif Erickson but little said about this very adventurous woman . Hope to get students involved in following online . Boats, kayak and overland before I hit 60 is the goal !

    Hoping too get a grant from National Geographic grant to make this happen !

  • Ed Lysne

    To Walk on the Moon! Or visit the Int’l space station. I would like to see the earth from above.

  • jfh

    I did mine in 1972.

    I rode my motorcycle from MSP to Seattle, then up into BC at Vancouver, along the TransCanadian, then into Lillooet

    Highlights of the trip included running at an indicated 120 mph on the freeway west of Billings–and having a MHP car pull alongside, check me out, then wave and pull away… the ride to Seattle only took two-and-a-half days.

    I worked in Lillooet for six weeks; my then-girlfriend / wife-to-be then flew out and we camped from Lillooet down to the National Parks, then to Calgary, where she got on a plane and I beat it home.

    Lots of fond memories, and even some pictures, somewhere. I wish I still had the bike–a 1st-gen Honda 750.

  • Paul D

    My dream is to ride a Piaggio motorscooter from Maryland to Sacramento on US Hwy 50, with a week’s stay in Gunnison, Co.

  • I’ve always wanted to do one of two things:

    1. To ride shotgun with a band through an actual tour, just something about the general experience thrills me to some degree and would be something I would for sure document.

    2. To backpack across Europe with some good friends.

    And the third (ok, I lied)

    3. To roam around the US, interviewing every musician/rapper about their music scene and document it.

  • Sue

    How about a balloon ride with Grand Adventure Balloon Tours over the beautiful Colorado Rockies. 970-887-1340

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