Why do you choose to live in Minnesota?

On Tuesday, the legendary groundhog saw his shadow, which is supposed to predict that winter will last six more weeks. But in Minnesota, it’s a safe bet that winter will be interminable. Today’s Question: Why do you choose to live in Minnesota?

  • Alison

    I live here for the great public radio!

  • Dan

    My wife and I chose to live here (moving from New England) because her parents live her and when we have kids we’ll have baby sitters!!!


  • kelly

    I love the change of seasons and winter is my favorite. The snow makes the state sparkle and winter activities make me smile. I don’t know what I would do without my Minnesota nice strangers either.

  • Camera Dan

    Family. I don’t think there is any other reason to live here. I wish I could move them all somewhere else!

  • I live in Minnesota because it has the absolute best 4 seasons in the world. Summers are perfect, fall comes along right when you need a change, winter is cold, but excellent for outdoor sports and just when you have gotten enough of winter spring shows up.

  • Scott

    Because if it was nice here all the time, everyone would want to live here!

  • John

    Love makes men do strange things.

    Some men climb mountains… Some men sail oceans…. Some men move to Minnesota in the dead of winter.

  • After family and Mickey’s Diner (or vice versa depending on the day), Minnesota has a quality arts scene that’s as diverse as it is large.

    Our weather just helps remind us that we’re all in this together. Living in Minnesota is a humbling experience.

  • Amy

    I live here because all of my family is here. Love the seasons and the variety in weather this state brings. I love the lakes and outdoor activities. There is something for everyone in this state!

  • Dianne Star

    I came to Minneapolis back in 1978 just as St. Paul was revoking its civil rights law for gay/lesbian persons. Minneapolis seemed to be a safer place for my partner and me. Plus we already knew some people here. I stay because I have a good job and, generally, I feel that Minnesota is a progressive state with many cultural and educational opportunities. Although I have lived here longer than I have lived anywhere else in my life, my heart still belongs to my home state of Wisconsin.

  • Bruce

    Warm hearts can melt the coldest ice.

    And I BELIEVE in Minnesota nice.

    Summer’s may heat and winter’s may frost.

    But without my MPR, I’d be lost.

  • Al

    It sure beats Milwaukee! Don’t forget the summer weather is great. I hate extreme heat.

  • Peggy

    It is the farthest you can get from Mexico without going into Canada:-)

  • david z

    Davanni’s white pizza. Nothing else like it anywhere that I’ve found.

  • John

    Fantastic local music scene has been the main reason for staying in Minneapolis, and having family in the state.

  • Marie

    my Midwestern martyr complex which makes it possible for me to brave the tundra and stay near my family. alas!

  • Last Friday night, I went for a midnight skate on Lake of the Isles under the brightest full moon of the year. There is something truly extraordinary about moonlight in Minnesota.

  • Sue Schroeder

    I live here because winter is fun!!!!! There are few places to live where you can enjoy outdoor winter sports like skiing, ice skating, and sledding with a beautiful snowy backdrop like here in Minnesota.

    The City of Lakes Loppet is here in Minneapolis this coming weekend, come out and learn how much fun winter can be! Try the Luminary Loppet… a short evening ski around Lake of the Isles… lighted by hundreds of candle-lit luminaries. I bet winter will seem magical rather than interminable!!

  • Stephen

    Moved to MN from Indiana in 1995, and have loved it ever since. It’s rich and diverse and has endless opportunities for entertainment. And remote enough to get away from it all up north.

  • Joanna

    moved here for a job 20 years ago. Stayed because I can live better here on my salary than I can where I’m from (SF). In spite of the erosion of public services under the last two governors, they are still better than elsewhere, and the arts, culture, and intellectual life here is second to none. I miss lots of things about my home, but unless I earned three-four times what I earn now, I’d never be able to be a homeowner where I used to live. I’ll accept a few mosquitoes and sweaty summers in return, and winters are still exotic to me, even after so long.

  • Gregory of Anoka

    In my life I have lived many places, from Europe to Japan to various places in Canada to several States in the US. I always have returned to the place of my birth, Minnesota. Indeed, I was living in Germany when I interviewed for a job in Minnesota to return here. The easiest answer would be that I am returning to place of the family home fires, but I think that begs the question. In reality, the quality of life in Minnesota is second to none. There is a sense of community that does not exist in any place I have lived in the US. I did find it in Europe and Canada, and also Japan, although I never got beyond being the outsider there. So, from that standpoint, Minnesota has some of the good parts of European locations. We still are communnal enough that we can care about one another, yet we are cosmopolitan enough to have 4 major league sports teams (Build a new Vikings stadium NOW!), world-class theater (Bravo the new Guthrie) an excellent Science Museum that brings amazing exhibits to us, centers for the arts, both a Minnesota Orchestra and an SPCO, outstanding educational opportunities and a reasonably honest political system. MPR and TPT are part of that mix, and I even once turned down a job because I could not get MPR there. (That was before advent of the web cast.) The only down side is that we now are attracting enough “outsiders” that they are bringing their problems with them. I am NOT talking about immigrants like the Asians who are now a part of the mainstream of our culture, or the Somali who are busy working on their version of the American Dream, or the Latins who have been part of our culture since before I was born. Rather I am talking about people who come here from New York, for example, who bring with them their snootiness, or the Oregoneans in my neighborhood who insist we don’t need the Twins, Vikings, Wild or Wolves, since they didn’t have any pro teams where they came from and they got along just fine. I am proud of what we have here and long to maintain it. My father told me when I was a child that our winters keep out the riff-raff. While I don’t know if that really is true, the winters give us “survival bragging rights” that probably only can be matched by Alaskans. And our summers are made all the sweeter by the experience. Minnesota truly is a four-season State where one can hear a Bach performance, go hunting, go to church, and see a Vikings game all in the same weekend, and it is not an internal contradiction. Minnesota cares about its citizens in ways I have not seen elsewhere, caring for even those whose contribution to the larger society is marginal. That is the way it should be, and we have been doing it for generations. Finally, Minnesota cares for its handicapped. I use a wheelchair and work full time. I get around even in the winter, in ways I could not do anywhere I have lived or visited. Personally, I am shown that I am valued here in ways that my counterparts in other locations can only imagine. I’ve been long-winded, I know, but I really love Minnesota. Thanks for asking. And yes, I have been a Member of MPR since 1982, and those who listen without being a member need to wake up and get with the program.

  • From facebook:

    Job/family/house/pets are in MN. We tried New Mexico for a year, Minnesota is way safer and healthier, but winter is the monkey on my back! -Kristin Troska

    Texts sent to MPR:

    I just moved back to Blaine, MN, after a decade away in a great city (Madison, WI) to be near my aging mom and sister’s new baby. I look forward to the day when my kids are grown and I can move again to try somewhere new. It was hard to move back knowing I had already lived here before. -Jenifer Weier

    I live in MN because we have decent soil and more importantly adequate rainfall to grow crops without irrigation. Essential things to dairy farmers. -Tim Zweber, Elko, MN

    Family and high taxes – I love high taxes keep me here – bbrrrrr! -Gregg, Golden Valley

    I thought I might have a chance at a future with someone here. -anonymous

  • Elissa

    Family! I moved from Minnesota to Los Angeles for college and stayed there for the next 12 years- I loved California and thought I’d stay there permanently. My sister and I are very close, however, so when she started having kids a few years ago I moved back so I could be a part of my nephews’ lives. I still hate the snow, but building snow forts and sledding with the kids makes it worthwhile.

  • Jen

    Two words, Minnesota Culture

  • Haddayr

    It’s hard to live so far away from family (both my husband and I are transplants), but I love Powderhorn Park which is the best neighborhood on the face of the EARTH. I love the local fantasy/science fiction writers community, which is enormous and supportive. I love the Twin Cities Irish community — I am fairly certain this is the only place in the U.S. where you can take free Irish Gaelic lessons for as long as you want (Gaeltacht Minnesota); and if I wanted to, I could go to an Irish folk dance every single weekend. I love Minneapolis public schools — even though they are underfunded, they work so hard to do right by our kids. Although the past two governors and certain legislators have begun eroding the safety net, I love living in a state where the majority thinks taking care of each other is a necessary part of life. And yes, I love winter.

  • Heather Mathews

    Living in Minnesota keeps us from becoming complacent. We can’t take the weather for granted, because of the radical shifts through the seasons. We can’t change or control this most uncontrollable element of our lives, so we must learn to accept it and find the beauty in every season.

  • Monica

    I love Minnesota winters because I can brag about my broomball bruises!

  • Deen

    I live in Minnesota because 18 years ago a company was willing to transfer me so I could escape Nebraska.

  • Gordon from Two Harbors

    My family has lived in Minnesota since 1874. I love all the public land and good opportunities for hunting, fishing, canoe tripping, skiing, etc. Variety with every season. Very good government, when compared with other states (you get what you pay for). Good schools. Clean environment.

    What else do you need? Maybe even longer, colder winters to keep out the rif-raf!!

  • Nina

    Grew up here. Left. Lost my job last year. The only place I could find a job. Moved back. Not my first choice. Forgot how long the winters were.

  • Paul

    Inertia keeps me here. Most of the time I hate it but it takes too much work to get up and leave.

  • Jamie

    I get asked this question all the time when I tell people I moved from Texas. The answer is all about the attitude of the Minnesotans, and the beautiful landscape. The winters are brutal at times, but that just makes us tougher and I think gives us a great sense of humor. And there is nothing better than a MN summer, the temp is perfect and there is so much to do and see. I love it here, and my husband would never in a million years move back to Texas after his experiences here.

  • Rosemary

    We moved to Minneapolis from Chicago for the affordable, safe city neighborhoods. We are staying for the great friends, progressive politics and good schools that we have found here.

  • Marcus

    I don’t choose to live here. Thanks to the idiot bankers destroying the economy this was the only place I could find employment. Living here is only a matter of survival, I need a paycheck to eat. Once the job market truly recovers, I am out of here. With the mosquitoes in the summer and the bitterly cold winters, this place is as close to hell on earth as any man can get.

  • Melina

    We live here because we love MN! The weather is never boring. Our family is here. There is a small town feel to the state that makes you feel apart of a community. Values, appreciation of art and education, MPR, are all reasons I would never leave!

  • Jay McKibbins

    I moved to MN because I loved the cold and snow as a child and was living in the hot and muggy state of Maryland at the time. I wanted to move to somewhere more like home. MN had social service agencies that were progressive and had jobs for us. Now, I am thinking of moving. The cold is really getting to me when it didn’t used to bother me at all. I guess I am just getting old.

  • P. Joesph

    The Minnesota welfare state provides education, housing, sustenance, health care, pensions, unemployment insurance, sick leave or time off due to injury, supplemental income in my case, and equal wages through price and wage controls. It also provides for public transportation, childcare, social amenities such as public parks and libraries, as well as many other goods and services like food stamps. Some of these items are paid for via government insurance programs while others are paid for by your taxes. I love the security knowing everyone is behind me to help.

  • Tom

    I love the landscape from the prairies of the southwest where I live to the bluffs of the Southeast and up to the Northern lakes and North Shore. The seasons just make everything more fun. And you can’t forget Gophers Hockey and of course MPR.

  • Mike Chum

    One word: WINDSURFING! With all of the lakes in and around the twin cities, and with the above average wind, it is PERFECT!

  • Dana Reynolds

    Born in Ohio, I first moved here in 2001, met and married my wife in 2002. Later that year, we went south for the next six years and happily came back to Minnesota in 2008. When people “down south” asked me, “how can you stand the cold up there?,” I said, “the weather may be colder, but the people are warmer.”

    I stand by that comment. In the South, there is a lot of not-too-subtle pressure to conform your thoughts and your life to the prevailing culture. If you are a free-thinker, you learn quickly to monitor your responses in society and keep quiet, until you find another free-thinker, which is rare.

    One more thought – The cold weather here these days is about the same as it was in Ohio when I was growing up. Several ski slopes I went to in my youth are now gone.

  • Barbara Olson

    Why I Love Minnesota …

    It’s winter in Minnesota

    And the gentle breezes blow,

    70 miles per hour at 52 below!

    Oh, how I love Minnesota

    When the snow’s up to your butt.

    You take a breath of winter air

    And your nose is frozen shut.

    Yes, the weather here is wonderful,

    I guess I’ll hang around.

    I could never leave Minnesota,

    ‘Cause I’m frozen to the ground.

  • Lori

    I love the breath-taking cold on a moonlit night with fresh snow, the singing of the spring peepers, the soft warm breeze on a relaxed summer evening, and the autumnal fade to gold, red, and brown. Minnesota is never boring.

  • Cold weather is a small price to pay for the great schools, efficient health care, environmental quality, and low unemployment (relatively speaking) that Minnesotans enjoy. On top of that, staying warm in the winter is a shared struggle that has a way of bringing us together.

  • This is a question I often ponder in frustration when I step outside, but my rational side recognizes that cold weather is a small price to pay for the great schools, efficient health care, environmental quality, and relatively low unemployment we enjoy here. On top of that, staying warm in the winter is a shared struggle that has a way of bringing us together.

  • ginny

    One reason: an 8 month old grandson whose first year I didn’t want to miss! No more winters after this one, though. You won’t see me in the upper midwest after Thanksgiving and before March any more!

  • Erin

    Because I’m trapped.

  • annelie

    we don’t get schistosomiasis.

  • Jim

    Because wife, dog live here.

  • Jesse dahl

    ICE FISHING!!!! I wish it was always winter!

  • Charlie

    I came here from New England to start a new life and after all the address changes, I’m done moving! Besides, I wouldn’t live in a state that didn’t share it’s northern border with Canada, otherwise it’s just too hot.

  • Bob

    I was moved by my employer two years ago. I have lived in many different places around the country and must say that this is far and away the worst place I have ever lived. I can’t say that it is the worst place in the country but it is hard to imagine anywhere that could possible beat this. The winters are horrible, summers are middling, people can’t seem to drive anywhere without tailgating (really is it that important to be able to read the speedometer of the person infront of you). I have to spend three years at least in frozen wasteland and then I will leave and like a veteran of a far away war probably be in theraphy for the rest of my life trying to forget.

  • dennis

    We love you too Bob

  • Khatti

    It’s home Babe, what else is there to say

  • Sam

    I’ve been around and lived in places that are supposed to be wonderful and exciting and busy, but I can’t find any place other than this in the U.S. where culture is so mixed. We have great food of all kinds all over the place, a music scene that competes with any city in the nation, and a theater community that’s second in volume (and quality) only to New York. Plus, the city is absolutely beautiful. The cold winters are hard, I’ll admit, but it’s a small price to pay for culture.

  • Karen

    I live in Minnesota because of the culture which is more aware, more compassionate, more educated than the many other places I have lived. This is a big sacrifice as I have no family here. Nothing beats this open mindedness within the general population. It creates a sense of well-being and courage in everyone. I love seeing the tax dollars working for people. People know better and even act on it. Amazing.

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  • Steve

    I left Minnesota when I figured out all the talk about compassion, friendliness and down home goodness was a lie. I live in Texas now, and people here are far more compassionate and friendly. It is obvious to anyone who doesn’t want to believe otherwise. Neighbors here care about each other. They just help when help is needed. In Minnesota, they called the authorities for help. It was their job, after all.

    No, I will never live in Minnesota again. I’m glad you folks love it so much. It was the meanest, nastiest place I ever lived.

  • Mare

    I never realized how wonderful Minnesota is until I moved, awful! Dallas is a large city plopped in the middle of flat nothing, no green grass- it burns off, Oregon? Desolate, the people are kind of odd, no sports, very boring. New York? Ugh! Awful people. Moldy old buildings, it stinks and then I came back to Minnesota! Heaven on Earth!!!! Clean, safe, good schools, fantastic people, I missed the winters! I love winter, real winter. When the wind is howeling, snow is blowing and you are cuddled in the house, fireplace blazing, the family dog sleeping by that fire, watching a movie with the family, or playing cards, reading what ever. Knowing there will be no school or work the next day. I missed those wonderful powerful snowstorms. I love Hockey, I love the lazy days at the cabin in summer, the explosion of color in fall, and Spring, as the birds and ducks return, horses are running and bucking in Pastures, Minnesota is a dignified, well educated, great health care, perfect place. I’m glad to be home.

  • Don

    I left the overtaxed frozen tundra in 1991 just before the Halloween storm and moved back in 1995 to own a business. I plan on moving out of here when I retire – the weather is too cold and the taxes are too high.

  • Lyn

    Well lets see here. I had many friends in Colorado, and have been out in this frozen wasteland for three years and have yet to make one friend. Unless you grew up here and have known someone from college, no one will let you in their “inner circle of trust”. The people are just as cold as the Winters ,and the passive aggressive is the MN “Nice”.

    The humid summers, and mosquito’s the size of Texas makes the weather out here suck. Flat boring land. A cold in the winter that sends a ice knife right through your bones. It lasts 8 months. MN is a cult that sucks people in here, and if you are born here you have a 93% chance of kick’n the bucket here. Good thing I was not born in this frozen ice pop.

    I can’t wait to move from this awful place. Don’t move here.

  • Barbara

    I lived in MN for the two worst years of my life. There is no Minnesota Nice. The state’s political and liquor laws are very backwards. It reminds me of Mississippi.

  • Claire Van Apeldoorn

    I moved to Minnesota in order to be close to someone dear to me, and for that every minute of time here has been worth it.

    Safe to say, I can’t wait to leave in just a few months and go back to the east where I came from, with both fond and not-so-fond memories of a state whose role in my life will become nothing but a series of memories.

  • Mason

    I moved to the twin cities to escape the ice box known as North Dakota. If you think winter is bad here, you have no idea how much worse it could be.