Would you go deeply into debt for a college education?

Graduates from Minnesota’s colleges and universities in 2008 carried an average student debt of more than $25,000. That put Minnesota among the states with the highest student debt. Would you go deeply into debt for a college education?

Comments texted to MPR:

Yes, I have gone into debt for education. I work in the public sector and have found that it is difficult to get an entry level position in Community Development without the backing of an advanced degree. Without my degree I could quite possibly be waiting tables, I’m grateful to have a good job. -Alisha, Minneapolis

I am a sculptor, and I went to MCAD. I never completed a four year term or 120 credits. Currently, I am drowning in $60,000 debt. I’m going to consider moving back to Balkan’s in order to avoid repaying that money which never probably existed. -Aleksandar Maric, Minneapolis

I am a student and I go to a community college to get my generals done for less $. I love it and highly suggest to everyone. -anonymous

Comment from Facebook (MPR Public Insight):

I am glad we didn’t and our kids didn’t. Our kids didn’t because we planned ahead. But as a friend said, it is one thing to go into debt for an education and come out a nurse or a doctor and another thing to come out a social worker, knowing you’ll never get out of debt. And a couple of women I know got caught up in getting their masters degrees, but could never get jobs in their field because they became “too expensive” to hire. -Lois Anderson Garbisch