What’s your best cold-weather survival tip?

Anyone who’s lived here a few years has plenty of strategies for getting through the winter. But days like these call for fresh ideas. What’s your best cold-weather survival tip?

Comments texted to MPR:

A hot bath followed by a blanket and a book. Never fails. -Ellie Hutchison, Shoreview, MN

My best cold weather tip is to always have a spare blanket or sleeping bag in your trunk just in case. A good shovel too if you have room. -Alan, Ham Lake, MN

If you wear enough clothes, like 3-4 pairs of shirts and pants, you can’t even feel the cold. Wear gloves, etc. too! -Shaun, Moorhead, MN

Dress warmly and enjoy the cold, hang out in the fish house! -Kathleen Kallis, Lake Bronson, MN

Wear headphones and a hat! -Katie Banken, Saint Paul, MN

Winter survival tip: Get outta Dodge! Mexico is nice. -Jeremy

A vacation planned to a warmer climate to look forward to in February. -anonymous

Eliminating cotton and replacing it with wool and high tech synthetics. Add a down coat and you’re bulletproof! Mom always said: “there’s no bad weather, just bad clothing.” -Ann, Cottage Grove, MN

Mukluks are my cold weather survival must. -Lynley, Minneapolis, MN

Two words: long underwear. -Cindy, Arden Hills, MN

Tucson, AZ or any winter escape that allows me to see grass for even a week is my mental relief! -Leigh, Plymouth, MN

Bundling. I still walk the half hour to work and its beautiful. -Sunny, Lauderdale, MN

My strategy is to forget fashion. Go for Carhartts and polar wear! -Christine, Isanti, MN