What would make your job more satisfying?

An annual survey has found that the number of Americans who are happy with their jobs has fallen. Workers say their pay is too low, their health costs are too high and their jobs are uninteresting. What would make your job more satisfying?

  • Dmox

    Doggy daycare. If I could take a break for lunch, go hang out & play with my pup, then go back to work, I think I’d be much more relaxed & ready to take on the day. I read once that 70% of people would take a 10% pay cut if they could bring their dog or cat to work with them.

  • Paul

    The book “Driven” seems says work satisfaction is as easy as A B C D. You need a chances to Aquire, Bond, Conquer, and Defend.

  • Brian F

    Better pay would be nice, but what I really look for in a career is a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. For me, that would require a job that allows me to make a lasting contribution to the community.

  • Jessica Sundheim

    I love my girlfriends, but I’d rather work with men. They are not as understanding when it comes to childcare issues, but in my experience, men tend to be more professional. I also appreciate work that involves communication, collaborating and innovation.

  • Kirk

    Recognition, recognition, recognition.

  • Nissa

    My job would be more satisfying if it required more interaction with other people. I sit in my cubicle all day feeling lonely and unmotivated because there are no people to help hold me accountable for doing quality work.

    I also would be more satisfied if I could see concretely how my work positively impacts the community around me.

  • Noel

    More vacation and a 4 day work week!

  • Jenny

    I would like the opportunity to tele-commute a few days a week on a scheduled basis. All of the infrastructure is already there, but the “corporate policy” doesn’t allow it to be part of the scheduled work week.

  • Peter

    Having one.

  • Michele

    Today: sleep. But mostly, I love my job.

  • Patrick

    The knowledge that my hard work is not supporting the fat-cat CEOs.

  • Heather

    I really like the work I do, but it sure would be nice to have benefits — health care and paid time off.

  • JenW

    I am lucky enough to truly love my job. The work is challenging and interesting and I have the wonderful opportunity to work from home 80% of the time. The one thing I would improve is to have clients with more reasonable expectations. The deadlines that are often imposed can lead to a hellish week or two. Its as though they have no respect for us contractors sometimes.


    I really love my job–I have a lot of responsibilities and a lot of autonomy, and love my bosses. I work for a small business and wish they could pay me more (or enough to establish a savings account) and offer any benefits.

  • James

    Cost of living + an actual pay raise …. how many Lake Homes, Corvettes and Hummers does the owner actually need?

  • Tony

    To be able to bring my dog to work; she is so well behaved and would relax in my cube or under my desk.

    More learning opportunities


    Social events at work (@ Christmas everyone brings a treat and we have about 5 different board games; we play a round and then rotate to the next game.

  • Mari

    Mandatory stay-at-home for sick co-workers:

    My one co-workers ‘s kid gets sick ALL THE TIME, then he (the co-worker) comes to work while he is still contagious and I get sick every single time (and yes, this co-worker is married and his spouse is home full-time). I woke up this morning with the cold this co-worker gave me. This person goes around coughing up a lung and does not cover his mouth and tells everyone that he is not contagious. BALONEY!

  • Deservingly Anonymous

    Competent co-workers.

  • susan

    I do like my job, it is hard on my body (lunch lady), it’s is a very physical job. a lot of lifting, turning and such. And the one thing is there is always seems to be one person I don’t like, no matter how much they may try, it makes it difficult when someone seems to be in cahoots with the boss, argghh! The boss is too micro managerial. The only vacation we get paid for is one week at Christmas, otherwise when the kid’s are off were off, no pay! We do get medical that is a pretty good deal. Thank Goodness for our health insurance!

  • Nancy Dahl

    To not feel like a instantly replaceable tooth in a giant cog in a dysfunctional corporation.

    Never knowing if I’ll have a job tomorrow or whether it will be going to India makes work very unsatifying. Executives that care more about the employees and than money, money, money.

  • Scott

    Better pay. With a college degree, a good work history and solid skills I ought to be able to make a real living wage. That simply hasn’t been true. I’m not talking big bucks, but 25,000/yr with benefits would be great.

    Some stability, getting laid of 3 times in 2 years is too much and is getting old. Workers aren’t expendable in the way people pretend we are! Turnover has a huge cost that most organizations seem to ignore.

    A boss who understands that micromanaging and back stabbing doesn’t make they a strong manager who is in control, it shows weakness. I do good work and want to be treated with respect.

    As for tangible benefits a locker room and indoor bike parking would be great. I bike commute all year and these would be great amenities.

    On a larger level on want to be part of an economy that pays people living wages, provides decent working conditions and doesn’t support a system of casino capitalism that is destroying the planet. I don’t want to feed into a system that is robbing us of our collective future.

  • robin

    Respect for the job that all employees (not just me) do in the face of pay cuts, layoffs and lack of product to do the job properly. Some well thought out and well placed words in certain workers’ ears to make them “straighten up and fly right”. Giving back the pay cut would be great, but just a little respect is much cheaper for the company to give and I think it would improve morale all around.