How would you grade President Obama’s first year?

Barack Obama took the oath of office one year ago today. On a scale of A through F, what letter grade would you give President Obama’s first year in the White House?

Comments texted to MPR:

I would give President Obama an A. An A for effort, A for diplomacy, A for doing his homework, and studying issues in depth. Obama has passed the test. -S. Melloy, Minneapolis, MN

I give Obama an F-. Plenty of room for improvement, quit spending so much of our tax dollars. Focus on jobs, and the economy. The liberals are a vanishing breed! Whoo hoo! -Leo, Prior Lake, MN

Overall a B, but why do we expect results in such a short time? And by the way, I’d give Bush a D-. Thanks. -Judy, Litchfield, MN

A for President Obama – he has pursued many of his promised initiatives and moved forward many pieces of legislation. An F for the rest of us – Pres Obama was elected to lead, not do everything by himself! -Chuck Linderkamp, Minneapolis, MN

A-. Given everything President Obama was handed from the last administration — well to move things forward will take time. People need to have more patience. It’s only been a year (says an unemployed MN). President Obama has also put us back in good stead with the rest of the world’s nations. -Jean, St. Paul, MN

A! his humanitarian and diplomatic efforts have restored much of the country’s global respect. -anonymous

The president’s grade: B The grade for congress: D. -anonymous

F. Change promised, not delivered. -anonymous

F. For failing to tell truth regarding transparency, frivolous spending and reckless bank bailout policies. -anonymous

I would give the President an A. He is trying to right our jumbled country. He just needs time. -anonymous

A- for Obama! He has had tough opposition that’s main concern is party politics, the economy which preceded him, people who can’t stand to see a non-white person in power and those who just don’t get that this is about a change for everyone, not just those who have had privilege. -anonymous