Which recession habits will stay with you after the economy improves?

The recent recession prompted people to change some of their habits. Listeners tell us they’ve been spending less, deferring large purchases and eating at home with their families more often. Which recession habits will stay with you after the economy improves?

  • D Mox

    I hope people see the value in living simply & eating more homemade foods. There are some values from the Depression Era that stand the test of time.

    I say this as I sip my french pressed coffee & type it on my laptop. So much for that…

  • Cindy V

    What I have come to realize is that instead of thinking that my income will increase with time, therefore allowing me to prepare for my kids’ college, retirement, etc., that we don’t make enough money, nor will we ever, to be able to save enough to meet those overly emphasized goals as published by … “them”.

    Instead I am going from new debt to new debt. Once I forego daycare, then I have kindergarten expenses for full day kindergarten, then after school care, then car payment, then appliances break down.

    It is wearing.

  • Terry G

    We have always been pretty frugal. I was lucky to marry a lady who is happy with the simple things in life. I guess I will continue to not compete with the consumption habits of the neighbors and be happy to stay home knowing I have a few spare bucks on hand in the case of an emergency.

  • Kevin M

    Driving less, busing more. Buying less, growing more. Ordering less, cooking more. Appliancing less, line-drying more. 2000’s lifestyle magazines less, 1940’s lifestyle magazines more. Never did I think my grandmother’s tales of the depression would come in so handy – they’re more relevant than algebra… Boy is my face red.

  • Robin

    One of the habits I’ll keep is one I had forgotten – curb the holiday spending. We cut way back on what we spent this year and guess what, nobody cared! We asked others to cut back on what they gave us and guess what, we didn’t care either. So it was a win-win situation for both the gift givers and the recipients