What was your most memorable moment in this week’s snowstorm?

The storm that swept through Minnesota and the Upper Midwest transformed the landscape, snarled traffic and changed human plans in untold ways. What was your most memorable moment in this week’s snowstorm?

  • Using multi-modal transportation by using the train and my bicycle to ride to work and beating most of my team members commute times.

  • Anne

    I offered to do my children’s kitchen chores if they did all of the shoveling. They were dressed and out the door; I cleaned the kitchen and did laundry.

  • D Moss

    Just moved to MSP from Phoenix, Arizona. This was my first major snow storm in well over 12 years. I was nervous at first, but then was extremely impressed at how people slowed down & became very courteous & well mannered during drive time. Neighbors snowblowing each others sidewalks. What, at first, seemed like the end of the world to this desert dweller became a soul replenishing, heartwarming experience as he saw the true nature of his new community.

  • Sieglinde Gassman

    Having the predictions come true! As a Winter and snow lover am often disappointed when meteorological hype fizzles or the storm bypasses the Twin Cities. Stay warm and safe!

  • Andrew Rahaman

    I had my first spin out on my way home Tuesday First when I left work before I got on the freeway, my wheels kept spinning while I was stopped at a traffic light. My car was moving an inch at a time while I was gunning the engine. After I got on the freeway, the road didn’t seem slippery since it was plowed, but I was in the far left lane and going about 50 and hit the brakes, and my car spun out to the right and cut across three lanes of traffic. I feel really lucky to have made it home safely yesterday. The other cars seemed to be braking ok. I’m hoping I don’t need new tires which I can’t afford right now.

  • Biking into work at 7 AM on Wednesday when it was still snowing and blowing winds and the residential roads in Como (not Como St) were not plowed but I had fun plowing through them myself.

  • jlbk

    it was the crashing, banging, screeching death throes of the snow-blower when it was but half way through its work!

  • Mike Hardy

    As I slid through a red light, I waved to the driver I would have hit if he hadn’t slowed down at my frantic horn blowing.

  • Amanda Kelly

    I opted to work from home yesterday to avoid my 30 mile drive to work. In between emails and deadlines I was able to spend some time baking Christmas cookies with my kids. It was a fabulous day.

  • stu klipper

    One big thing I do so love about Minnesota especially after a big blow like we just had is that today with the air temp. holding at a sunny 0°F, at midday I left my elementary school where I do volunteer work it was recess time for the lower grades and all the kids were outside in the playground running around like crazy. Ditto with the parochial school just down the block. We breed no weather wusses here. Storms and frigidity only help to emphasize this joy of the cold.

  • Kevin M

    I love the first time I go out into brutal, God’s Wrath style winter, and have to spend twenty minutes getting ready – putting on the knee-high socks, long underpants, jeans, boots, two shirts, sweater, long wool overcoat, big fur Ushanka hat, scarf, gloves, grabbing a cigarette and an iPod full of christmas music. By February my answer may be different, but for the moment I love being a Minnesotan.

  • beryl john-knudson

    Singing the Snowstorm Blues:

    Snow comes tumbling down

    No body around

    White silence too profound

    Can’t find my way

    That’s okay

    Snow comes tumbling down

    beryl k