Does the approach of winter fill you with joy or dread?

Daily forecasts have begun to call for flurries. Does the approach of winter fill you with joy or dread?

Comments texted to MPR:

Driving and rush hour plus snow equal mess in the Twin Cities. -Josh, Brooklyn Park, MN

I’m indifferent to the coming of snow, it’s a part of living in Minnesota and the seasonal change. But, if it’s going to be cold outside, it might as well be white. -Kari, Newport, MN

Both. And winter is never as bad as I dread, and always brings more joy than I expected. The only thing truly dreadful is a too late Spring. -Robert, New Brighton, MN

While there is no joy in snow-snarled driving, there is much joy in gliding through the woods on skis. -Steve Roberts, St Paul, MN

JOY JOY JOY! Hockey, Cross country skiing, ice fishing, sledding, beautiful white blankets of snow! What’s not to like?! -Robert, Minneapolis, MN

Absolute joy, bring on the hot chocolate! -Mike, Morris, MN

The joy of the first snowfall will gradually turn to dread over 90 days kinda like a horror movie where the fun turns to dread over 90 min. -anonymous

Comments from “MPR Public Insight” Facebook page:

With much dread, since I hate winter driving, especially at night,with all the crazy speeders out there looking to kill themselves and take others with them. -Michael Kenneth Ireland

Dread. I missed the last two Christmases with family because of snow and bad roads. I’m not hoping for a White Christmas from that mean old song. -Kristin Troska

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  • Jim

    Joy! I can’t wait to go cross country skiing. It’s nice to know with all the global warming observations being made that winter still happens at all. Whether we choose to like it or not, life requires 4 distinct seasons.

  • mark

    True Minnesotans embrace our winter cold with respect and appreciation. Winter is one or our 4 beautiful seasons. But that is not to say a true Minnesotan can’t wish for a late fall or early spring.

  • allochthon

    Dread – of the shoveling-induced back-aches, chiropractic bills…

  • Lee

    Let it snow! I am a native Minnesotan and I can easily spend the entire day in the snow. What’s with these meteorologists and newscasters who moan about snow? Where are they from anyway? Don’t any of them ski, snowmobile, or snow shoe? Do they not have children or grandchildren eager to build snow forts? Winter is one of the reasons why Minnesota is such a marvelous place to live. Let’s all think snow and enjoy!

  • Eric

    Old, drafty house, wife suffers from allergy to cold temperatures (cold-induced hives), small children that regularly lose mittens – what’s not to feel joyful about?

  • Jean

    Truthfully, with dread. Deep dread of the icy parking lot I have to traverse to get into my workplace or other businesses and stores. Dread of the icy, snowy roadways and other drivers who won’t slow down or take extra care. Dread of the cold air and what it does to my asthma. I love Minnesota. I just hate falling down (fear it more as each year passes) and can’t wait for retirement when I can go the window, sigh over the beauty of drifting snowflakes and white landscapes, and know nothing is so pressing that I can’t wait until clearer conditions before going out!

  • Peter McClelland

    Winter is Great! All season’s are special and fantastic but winter is magical. It also keeps the rif raf out.

    If people do not like winter the hwy’s are clearly marked.

    By the way it is time for MPR to become unbiased towards winter. I am tired of hearing reporters complaining when winter is coming when others are so happy about it.

  • Karen

    Joy! The special light brought on by the angle of the sun to the earth, the reflection off the snow (hoping we get some); wearing sweaters; the silence in the morning (that you hear even before you get out of bed) after a new snow; walking and driving in new snow; skiing!

  • jj Helm

    It awesome, I can’t wait to hit the slopes with all of my ski patrol friends, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

  • Sarah

    As long as fresh clean snow covers the landscape, I am happy – it’s too beautiful outside not to smile! But the brown at the beginning and end of winter are no fun. I wish it would snow 6 inches the day the colorful leaves dropped in the fall.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Winter: one more controversial issue for people to get polarized about!

  • Barbara

    Dre-ad, dre-ad, dre-ad [said with a southern accent-dread is a two syllable word!].

  • Amy

    I’m excited for it! Hope to have good ice skating weather this winter. Nothing is more peaceful than mornings like today, watching the snowflakes fall.

    That said, come February, I’ll be ready for spring 😉

  • Empie Aahr

    Twenty below keeps the riff raff out.

  • bsimon

    When the unseasonable cold arrived earlier this year, I was full of dread. Now the joy has returned.

  • annie

    I am filled with joy! Winter represents freedom from insects and humid heat. The days may be shorter, but they are so often clear and beautiful! And we get to see sun dogs and northern lights.

  • jennifer

    Joy, joy, joy! I was smiling as I drove to work this morning in the swirl of snowflakes. It’s not even a conscious choice for me – I just relax, smile, and feel GOOD when the snow is falling!

  • Joe

    Not dread really. Cold and snow doesn’t bother me, but the extremely short days do. Some days it seems you go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. Very important to get outside and get some sun.

    Winter is much more tolerable when there is a lot of snow.

  • Josiah

    Dread. I have set my computer location to Aruba so the weather that shows up on my homepage is warm rather than freezing. It’s good to know that the weather is nice somewhere.

  • Cray

    Dread! If I could transport all of Minneapolis to a more temperate state I would. But of course that is impossible. Some say our weather has something to do with the quality of life we all appreciate. I think that may be a small part but I believe Minnesota’s historic pursuit of education is the largest factor.

  • Sue

    Joy, if I can look out the window with a cup of hot chocolate and appreciate the beauty. Dread if I am at work as the snow begins, knowing that my commute home (almost 35 miles) will take over 2 hours (assuming the other drivers take care as well).

  • Jessica

    Too, funny! I just posted this sentiment on my facebook page, “Woke up to beautiful snow cover. Everything is a little brighter! Come on (even if you hate it) you have to admit I’m right.” The season of dull brown/gray is finally over and now the Blue Jay and the Cardinal and the Black Capped Chickadee are really going to pop against that bright white background. The composition and color pallette of the natural world just got twenty times better. Time to get the cross country skis out. 🙂 JOY!

  • carolyn kaehr

    Joy !!

  • Mary

    Until a decent snowfall occurs, I’m not happy. Once the snow flies, winter is in good with me.

  • stu klipper

    Winter hands (gloved) down!

    The crispness of the cold brings me to life.

    The winter light speaks to my soul.

    In fact, I took a break from the summer this year and spent part of July ay and near the North Pole.

  • RadioNed

    Love the winter, although here in NJ we have it much easier than you folks. We’ve had rumors of snow this weekend, had to believe as it was 65+ just yesterday.

  • Anne

    Joy! I love the snow. I enjoy ice skating, and rhubarb needs this cold to germinate in the spring. We also need the cold to keep a snow cover that will renew the water table in the spring. Winter is our dry season. Without the cold and snow, this would not be as fertile an area as it is.

  • AG

    Dread. Absolutely. Starts with Labor Day and just gets worse and worse until days like today, when it’s so cold out I cannot stay warm and I remember exactly what I was dreading! Winter and being uncomfortably cold for the next 9 months! (yes, I am planning on moving out of this state!)

  • Chris

    I absolutely abhor the freezing cold that comes with winter, but the occurrence of this fourth frigid season provides a time for reflection, reading and planning for the next year. It marks the passing of time, allowing me to fully appreciate life and the glorious warmth of summer. The beauty of winter, for me, is best observed through a window from the warmth of my home with a hot drink in hand. Or, perhaps, from somewhere warm through a TV broadcast.

    Judging from the comments above, I may need to find a winter sport.

  • Wes

    I like snow and winter up until January 1. After than, I’m ready for it to be over.

  • Courtney

    Joy! I love snow, skiing, skating, hockey, hot chocolate, wearing ridiculous amounts of clothing! If you don’t like the snow, you shouldn’t live here (or at least not complain).

  • Charles

    Both, I am not a fan of plugging in the car overnight for those -25 mornings in January, snow is good when there is a large amount of it.

    I appreciate the dark, cold days as it makes me able to enjoy the inside activities as well as outdoor activities. The MN History Center, SPCO at the Ordway, and Minneapolis Institute of Arts are more enjoyable in winter.

  • David Weisser


    I grew up in N. D., and moved to MN. I appreciate the calmer climate, but I still hate the cold mornings, long nights, and the people who still drive like it’s June and they are the only ones on the road.

  • Dale Larsen

    In the remote and rural areas of Minnesota, winter is like a long awaited day off.

    The garden is put to bed, the canning season is over, and the field work is either finished or put off until spring. It’s a time to sleep late, nap in the afternoon, and finish that book.

  • bob

    Dread. The season itself is bad enough, what with the cold and snow, shortened daylight periods marked mostly by cloudy skies, and the bereft-looking landscape.

    Add in the fact that our state, and the country as a whole, seem to be in an irreversible, politically polarized state of decline marked by two unfunded wars that will generate nothing but more body bags, and the Winter of ’09 promises to be even more onerous.

  • Chris Schneeman

    The snow this morning is wonderful and inspiring, and I cant wait to get down to the business of Winter Fun!

    Boreas Rex LXXIII Chris Schneeman

    PS – St Paul Winter Carnival button unveiling is Saturday morning at Salute on Grand Ave.

  • kennedy

    I have lived in the south where the temperature was rarely below freezing. I missed the punctuation that winter provides to mark the passuing of time.

    Ask again in February and the answer will be different.

  • Mary

    I love winter!!! I was able to get out cross-country skiing today for the first time this season. Now, am just waiting for the lakes to freeze in hopes of skating on them before we get too much snow.

  • Jen

    JOY! Aside from the obvious, Minnesota’s winters are why we don’t have the poisonous spiders and snakes, diseases, viruses and other harmful pathogens warmer states endure. Given the option, I’m taking a fourth season – one in which I can snowshoe, ski, ice fish, make snow angels, and yes – fish tail with my car on an empty road or parking lot (I love it).

    My only winter dread is hearing whiny weather forecasters who present anything other than 80 and sunny as a bad thing.

    I am THANKFUL for Minnesota winters! (and springs, summers and falls)

  • Bonnie

    Dread. No matter how many layers I don, I am always freezing — even inside! And it takes so much longer to do anything; I can’t even leave my home without jacket, boots, gloves, scraping car windows… Summer seems so easy and so far off.

  • Dan


    I am not from here but live here in retirement. I love winter.

    I have noticed that those who complain the most about winter are native Minnesotans. I often ask, “If you don’t like winter, why do you live here?”

  • Darren

    After living in the Twin Cities for 15 years and growing up in North Dakota, I am ready for a change. I dread winter now, and would like to find a new city with a less extreme winter.

  • Gerald Myking

    You wacko’s who like winter should be punished and sent to Aruba in the winter……….oh wait a minute I’m the wacko send me instead.

  • Anne

    The start of winter brings me joy because I enjoy hiking in the woods with my dog, the sparkle the snow gets when it is sunny, and the Christmas season.

  • Ross DeSautel

    Dread because we can have anywhere from 3-6 more months of cold weather, and it could extent beyond that. The thing that keeps me going is the thought that it normally doesn’t last beyond the end of May, though North Dakota has had abnormally cold summers more frequently over the past few years.