Does the approach of winter fill you with joy or dread?

Daily forecasts have begun to call for flurries. Does the approach of winter fill you with joy or dread?

Comments texted to MPR:

Driving and rush hour plus snow equal mess in the Twin Cities. -Josh, Brooklyn Park, MN

I’m indifferent to the coming of snow, it’s a part of living in Minnesota and the seasonal change. But, if it’s going to be cold outside, it might as well be white. -Kari, Newport, MN

Both. And winter is never as bad as I dread, and always brings more joy than I expected. The only thing truly dreadful is a too late Spring. -Robert, New Brighton, MN

While there is no joy in snow-snarled driving, there is much joy in gliding through the woods on skis. -Steve Roberts, St Paul, MN

JOY JOY JOY! Hockey, Cross country skiing, ice fishing, sledding, beautiful white blankets of snow! What’s not to like?! -Robert, Minneapolis, MN

Absolute joy, bring on the hot chocolate! -Mike, Morris, MN

The joy of the first snowfall will gradually turn to dread over 90 days kinda like a horror movie where the fun turns to dread over 90 min. -anonymous

Comments from “MPR Public Insight” Facebook page:

With much dread, since I hate winter driving, especially at night,with all the crazy speeders out there looking to kill themselves and take others with them. -Michael Kenneth Ireland

Dread. I missed the last two Christmases with family because of snow and bad roads. I’m not hoping for a White Christmas from that mean old song. -Kristin Troska

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