How careful are you to protect your identity online?

Last month the FBI made arrests in a fraud case that allegedly involved tricking people into revealing their Internet passwords or other information. How careful are you to protect your identity online?

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Protect my identity? Secure server at our house, not accessing anything important on a public computer or open connection. Question every email that i don’t recognize. Play it smart! -Julie, Howard Lake, MN

  • Jonathan Thomas

    I can’t understand how people fall for Phishing attacks. I mean c’mon it is so obvious! If a company is asking for personal information via email, don’t respond. I got a Mac, but I still have virus software; even with a Mac I still see attacks.

  • kt

    Does it even matter? All of our data is out there in giant legal private databases that track everything from every address you’ve ever lived at, to your Internet Traffic, and the names of your Pets.

    Along with that goes the fact that every year there are hundreds, if not thousands, of breaches of security into major Banks, medical facilities, Big Box retailers, etc… And only the State’s that have laws stating that those companies have to inform their users of those events ever have knowledge of it.

    All of your info is out there for the taking, a minor phishing scam sent to your email account is nothing.

  • kennedy

    Only shop at trusted websites. Don’t reply to suspicious e-mail. Don’t forward chain letters.

    Keep software up to date. Install security (anti-virus) software.

    Enough to thwart trolling hackers. Not enough if someone really wants to get my info.

  • ryan

    I have worked at my university in the iT dept for 4 years, it is amazing how many people fall for the most obvious phishing attempts. These are ones with mis-spellings and that ask very weird questions to keep their account “active”. This is despite the number of alerts and the warning on the log in page that says we do not ask for your password in an email, because we would never need to get it from the user.