How can the United States and China best cooperate in world affairs?

During his current visit to Asia, President Obama has said that the United States does not fear a rising China and seeks stronger ties with the developing superpower. How can the United States and China best cooperate in world affairs?

  • James

    The Peoples Republic of China can choke on there cheap poisonous products.

    How about we get back to making quality products here and put some of our people back to work.

  • Shane

    Holy cow, James. I have been really outstanded by every comment you make. Not in a good way either.

    I think that the US and China can use their economic stature to influence how other countries develop and grow economically. There are many things that China needs to change before we can go into such a collaboration (human rights, polluition, etc.), but i believe the partnership with the growing country is required if we as a country want to be able to make changes for good around the world.

  • Shane

    Correction of previous statement – I have been really amazed by every comment you make.

    I apologize to my english teachers.

  • James

    Why thank you Shane!

    I’m an engineer,,, I see things for what they are with as little PC/politic slant.

    We as a country are a capitalist democracy.

    PRC is a suppressive communist country.

    We need jobs, they make low quality, undervalued, proven poisonous / defective products.

    The solution seems rather straight forward.


    Yes, I contribute to Minnesota PUBLIC radio.


  • Joel

    I’m not too keen on cooporating with a country that is fundamentally destabilizing our economy by linking the Yaun to the Dollar.

    Sure we can cooporate, but fundamentally we need to reevaluate our policy toward China to stop giving them the benefit vs our economy.

    I think it would be useful to have a discussion on the subject. American companies are stampeding to China and the Chinese are benefitting from the advanced technology we bring. I don’t think the benefit of cheeper washing machines, corporate profits, etc., is worth the loss in jobs, investment and economic stability.

  • Steve

    It might sound cynical, but a third party will need to profoundly agitate both the U.S. and China enough to facilitate the “an enemy of my enemy is my friend” phenomenon. Nothing brings people together like a common enemy.