Do you plan to vote tomorrow? Why or why not?

Many cities in Minnesota will hold local elections tomorrow. Do you plan to vote? Why or why not?

Comments texted to MPR:

Yes. looking forward to using IRV for the 1st time. -Carina, Minneapolis, MN

Yes. Democracy isn’t a spectator sport. -Jesse, Minneapolis, MN

I’m voting for American Idol as Minneapolis mayor. -Nate, Minneapolis, MN

  • David Finke

    I plan to vote in the Mpls election to vote NO on the scheme to get rid of the independent Board of Estimate and Taxation. The board has had a role in keeping our bond ratings strong and ensures that we have clean government by overseeing the internal auditor. The campaign against it’s been unusually dirty.

  • Janet

    I plan to vote to initiate instant runoff voting and to vote against having the City Council take over the Park Board.

  • Shane

    I am not sure if I will or not. I had no idea there was a vote of any sort until this weekend, and i’m still not sure exactly what the vote is for. I am not informed enough to make a decision, whatever that decision may be. So, if i am able to gather enough information and able to base a decision off that, then, yes, i will vote, however, if i’m not able to gather that information, no, i will not vote.

  • will hommeyer

    Of course, I plan to vote. Instant runoff voting, school board, democracy and citizen responsibility are just a few of the reasons.

  • Al

    Of course! But it is not easy to find good information on most city council candidates. It is a pick 2 of 8 candidates race and so far I have one person to vote for and one person not to vote for. I wish there was a good way to find out more without investing too many hours.

  • Joanna

    I plan to vote. Local elections hit us in our wallets, they affect our streets, our parks, our schools, our quality of life, just as much as state or national elections, if not more. Tomorrow, control over who sets property taxes in Minneapolis is on the ballot and I’ve heard strong arguments by both sides of who should control the Board of Estimate and Taxation. Will keeping the current system ensure better auditing and indepenence or will making the City Council ensure more transparency and public accountability? Frankly, I’m going to have to do more homework because I don’t believe the local press has paid much attention or covered these elections well at all.

  • bsimon

    Yes, but will have to spend some time tonight researching candidates. I have seen & heard more coverage of next year’s governors race than this year’s city elections.

  • Susan

    No – because I’m stuck at home with H1N1 flu and going out in public (like to a polling place) would be be a bad public health decision! I guess I’ll have to leave it up to my neighbors to make the decisions this year.

  • Robert Moffitt

    I will. It’s just a school referendum, but I don’t like to miss any chance to vote. It’s too important.

  • Mary

    I’ve never missed a chance to vote yet. For my community (Hopkins) it’s a city wide election. I think our city council and Mayor have done an outstanding job and I want to make sure they get the chance to continue doing a great job.

  • Jen

    I will definitely vote. I do not ever take for granted my right to vote; as a citizen of my community, I feel it is my duty to be involved in every election. When voting, I am always moved to remember the people who fought for my right to vote. If you have never seen the movie “Iron Jawed Angels,” I would highly recommend it—the women’s suffrage movement was amazing and (sadly) not all that long ago. VOTE, PEOPLE!

  • Jennifer

    Yes, I plan to vote, even though the only election on my ballot is for the local school board. Small local elections may not get all the hype and coverage of their national counterparts, but they have the most direct effect on our local communities.

    For those who don’t know where to vote, who your candidates are, or what they stand for, I’d recommend checking out the voter guides on the Minnesota League of Women Voters’ website. Simply enter in your zipcode, house number, and street name and it will provide you with all that information.

  • Mike in St Paul

    Of course. Voting is not only a right, it’s a civic duty. If I did not vote, I wouldn’t have any right to complain about the officials who govern in my city, state, and country.

  • Sheri

    Yes! I plan to vote! I believe it matters who holds office in our community. I also like showing off afterwords by wearing one of those little red “I voted” stickers.

  • Christopher Long

    I would never miss my chance to vote for ANY non-incumbent for St.Paul School Board.

  • John Sherman

    Yes: I haven’t missed voting in any election since I was forst eleigible in 1973. My Dad told me that if you don’t vote you don’t desrve a chance to bitch about the outcome.

    If you the comment please feel free to substitiute an equivalent word for b***h. I just wanted to quote my father accurately.