Will you and your family get the H1N1 vaccine?

A recent poll reported that more than a third of parents would decline to have their children immunized against the H1N1 flu. Their reasons included a fear of side effects and skepticism about the flu’s severity. Will you and your family get the H1N1 vaccine?

Comments texted to MPR:

I’ll get vaccinated when vaccine makers are made legally responsible for the deaths they cause. -A. Kimball, Fergus Falls, MN

We will all be vaccinated as it is the right thing to do. -Lindsey

Been getting seasonal flu shots for 13 yrs; my kids for the last 5. Only got sick the years I didn’t get a shot, so I plan on getting both. -Jeremy, Shakopee, MN

As a nurse midwife, i feel that it is my responsibility to be vaccinated in order to protect my patients, my family and myself. I am also a temporary single mom due to my husband currently being deployed to Iraq; i will vaccinate my daughter largely out of work absentee concerns. If she is ill, i am the only person to take care of her. That trickles down and impacts everything at my workplace. -Jen, St. Cloud, MN

I will not. Every year people get flu vaccinations. Every year a new flu virus appears. The one year i was vaccinated, because it was free, i got the flu. -Tammy, Minneapolis, MN

My partner and I do not get vaccines unless required to for travel. We boost our immunities by eating well and taking dietary supplements. -Andy, Minneapolis, MN

Yes we will get the flue shot. We will get all the flu shots. -Tim Brandon, Minneapolis, MN

I’ll be happy to get an H1N1 shot if the pandemic hasn’t killed me by the time the vaccine becomes available. -anonymous text message

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